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Rebels with a (Biological) Cause

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The ghosts of nearly two dozen icy volcanoes haunt dwarf planet Ceres. A recount of human genes ups the number to at least 46, Confused mayflies wreak havoc on a Pennsylvania bridge. Nuclear pasta in neutron stars may be the strongest material in the universe. A new map reveals the causes of forest loss worldwide.

This flying robot could reveal secrets of the aerial world of insects. Om boka This book is the first devoted to modern biologys innovators and iconoclasts: The stories of these stubborn dissenters are individually fascinating. Taken together, they provide unparalleled insights into the role of dissent and controversy in science and especially the growth of biological thought over the past century.


Each of the books nineteen specially commissioned chapters offers a detailed portrait of the intellectual rebellion of a particular scientist working in a major area of biology--genetics, evolution, embryology, ecology, biochemistry, neurobiology, and virology as well as others. An introduction by the volumes editors and an epilogue by R.