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Democrats will probe Trump Organization projects in Dominican Republic.

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Trump administration issues final rule banning bump stocks. Nation's capital votes to legalize sports betting. Ethics complaints against Kavanaugh dismissed. Republican who lost midterm election appointed to Arizona Senate seat. Some advertisers leave Carlson show after immigrant comments. With 15K migrant kids in custody, Trump to loosen rules for sponsorship. Ex-Trump adviser Stone admits to InfoWars lies, settles suit. Zinke's exit not expected to mean immediate change at Interior Department: Supporters warn of 'poison pill' amendments in criminal justice reform bill battle.

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Russia targeted African-American vote, made Instagram 'key battleground': Republicans treading cautiously on Trump's potential legal trouble. CBP commissioner calls influx at remote areas of the border a 'new phenomenon'.

Brandon Urie crushes Duck Tales theme song

Children fight, kill and die in Yemen's civil war. Each year there are some interesting finds.

Recently staff were asked to identify plants originating from seeds found in a shipment of bananas from Ecuador. These plants were identified as nettletrees Trema in reference to their superficial resemblance to members of the Urticaceae.

Trema are fast-growing pioneer trees found throughout the tropics and subtropics. Trema species are not currently present in New Zealand but are known to naturalise easily and have the potential to become invasive weeds here. Definitely one to keep out of in warmer parts of the country!

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AgResearch sent in some plant specimens that had been grown in containment from seeds in soil collected from a shipping container loaded somewhere in the Pacifi c region. While it is important to identify taxa brought into the country by accident, it is also important to voucher them to create a permanent record for future reference.

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