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We plan to take listeners on a journey that starts with psychedelic soul and jazz though funk and philly soul,on to disco and then to street soul, pop dance and electro. This really is a label driven by fans requests so please do let us know of any releases you would like to see out on this imprint.

Please contact ideas cherryred. This has proved to be a very popular and successful series. We are now up to over 50 releases and we keep finding more and more clubs who are happy for us to build a release around them. All releases feature sympathetic artwork, rare photos, detailed liner notes and from-the-masters sound quality. Cocteau Discs Cocteau Discs came into being in as a home for the catalogue of the music of Bill Nelson between and This legendary composer and guitarist recorded a series of classic works as both a solo artist and as founder member and visionary of Be Bop Deluxe and Red Noise.

We think of it as a public service. Croydon Municipal is an attempt to make sense of the analogue pop era in a digital world. Doctor Bird el Across a broad panorama of eclectic taste, the new el combines a sensual, but serious-minded look at history, seasoned with the bravura style of the original label. Esoteric Recordings Established in and label managed by Mark Powell, Esoteric Recordings is the home of Progressive, Psychedelic and Classic Rock, with all releases finely packaged and remastered from the best possible sources to ensure the highest possible audio quality.

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Our releases cover both catalogue reissues and inspiring new works from artists with a fine history and heritage. Exotica Welcome to Exotica, a label quietly obsessed with the strangest, craziest and greatest cover versions of Beatles records ever made. FiveFour Welcome to FiveFour. Giant Steps Giant Steps is an imprint dedicated to classic Jazz reissues. Hot Milk Hot Milk, a reggae re-issue label bringing lost classics back to life. IronBird The IronBird Label offers Rock, Hard Rock and Metal releases that have not been around for a while or are difficult to find, with great re-mastered sound and new packaging.

We are always happy to receive suggestions from you of music you would like to hear. Machinefabriek composed 'Sol Sketches' for a documentary about Sol LeWitt, an American artist linked to various movements, including conceptual art and minimalism.

Tangerine Twist by Suzie Carr

Rutger Zuyderveldt has written the following description to tell us a bit about the turn of events that lead to this really rather beautiful set of four 10"s coming to fruition. I had seen his wall drawings before, but never knew the name of the artist. You're never too old to learn. Chris and I agreed immediately that work should start on both the music and filming concurrently.

Perhaps they would even inspire him during the filming process.

Here, Tyrant Death

For me, these pieces connect well with the works of LeWitt. Sustained piano tones, repeated motifs, lots of silence with subtle electronic elements interspersed. That's the direction I wanted to go. So I went to the public library, studied some books about LeWitt and started improvising on the piano. With the books opened out in front of me, I just pressed record and played whatever came to mind.

These improvisations form the basic structures for the sketches contained on this inch set. Some of these pieces might end up being used on the final film edit in some form or another while others may not be used at all. But as they are now, these short tracks seem to work well as standalone pieces and as an interesting insight to a work in progress.

Telekaster's long awaited vinyl follow-up to 'The Silent Anagram' finally arrives and sees an amazing development of sound. With the suspenseful 'In Our Dreams We're Always Running On Ice' he builds on the ideas of the first track with organic detailing and a wonderfully attuned sense of arrangement, making the piece seem blissfully effortless. Versions Of Home 2. Pushing into new realms, which includes sinking ever deeper into the sonic depths of minimal techno, Team Built Remote returns with their 'Signals' 7" release, a tireless electronic hallucination of steady movements and skittering percussion that's beautifully spacious and slow.

Minus Pilots return with 'Signal Error', a pensive experiment that's beautifully low fidelity with quivering drones and fractured sounds. For this wonderful 7" Taylor Dupree restricted himself to a minimal selection of tools comprising just one synthesizer, two field recordings and, for the first time ever, his voice. Like two dusty old reels found in an attic, both tracks quietly reflect age and missed opportunities, worn and weathered like memories that never happened.

But after drawing a 'Bad Fortune' card at a Buddhist temple, fate, or the gods, decided otherwise. Broken equipment, a power cut, rubbish sound systems and a malfunctioning recorder ruined this plan. Luckily, however, one of the performances was captured on film. The fractured lo-fi sound of that recording has been used for the wonderful ten minute edit 'Ringoya, Tokyo' contained on the A side of this release. So in the end, not all was lost, and the other live edit, 'Aether, Rotterdam', just seemed to fit perfectly with this cut.

The A side of 'The Dead Space Frequencies' opens proceedings with the utterly bewitching 'Bit Flipping', a dark, minimal, echo-heavy atmospheric pulse with a well defined efficient function that sucks you in. Up next is 'Rotation 33' which features more minimal rhythms with sliced loops that gradually guide the track into a recurring and intricate whacked out ambient fuzz. Then flick over to the B side for 'Phoenix Detect' that starts off with a lighter and more laid back feel meandering along with finely layered rhythms and deep drifting tones. This 10" closes with the swirling static elements of 'Recogniser', an abstract and submerged ambient cut that transports the listener to another world.

Ultra minimal, ultra extreme and ultra limited. Static magic from beyond the realm of natural sound.

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Chaos reigns over auditory senses. Here we've got 'Towers Match These Patrols', a track that's been composed, rehearsed, recorded, edited, mastered, re-edited and then split into the two recordings included on this limited edition white 7". It's a mind expanding gem of post-krautrock dirge with fragmented looping guitars, drone bass, tapes and subtle undertones masterfully woven together and submerged under some beautifully choreographed drums.

A truly awesome 7". The two tracks included on this 7" feature Gareth Davis on bass clarinet and Elliott Sharp on acoustic guitar. Together Gareth and Elliott place an aesthetic premium on altering, extending and breaking down the conventions of jazz by discarding fixed chord changes, structures and tempos. Over the course of 'Axle Stall', a worn-out bass loop is carefully entwined, held for a few moments before vanishing into a condensed mist of broken tape hiss.

Flip over to the B side for 'Staple Gun' where the band have combined more delayed bass chord progressions with fractured textures and subtle clusters. Two pieces of delicate beauty that are ideal for nocturnal listening. Through headphones of course. Glacially layered tones yielding a spectrum of smeared, wide bass and beautifully hypnotic high end discord.

Shepherd Satellites make their first appearance on Champion Version with a warm and ambient 10" suitably titled 'Falling'. The isolated drones and trembling textures of 'Axis Advances' instil while the passive and monotone inversion of 'We Are Titans' closes out the A side. Flip it for the concentrated, incremental modulations of 'Southern Outpost' before the driving minimal momentum of 'Gigantic' completes this little treasure. And so we reach the fifth and final part of this really rather delightful gathering of 7"s starting with 'Inventing The Sun', a beguiling aural excursion into the depths with sparsely scattered bass, extreme analogue delay and battered old looping pedals once again at the forefront.

Then comes the three and a half minutes comedown of 'Title Three Wiretap', a cascading descent of sound that never threatens to belligerently overwhelm the listener. The perfect conclusion to a wonderfully understated series of 7"s. Then the unfettered atmospherics and distant signals of 'A Function Of Geography' is next up offering unobtrusive analogue delayed bass merged into a tape-fed arrangement of intense beauty.

Quite essential for your collection. This 7" marks the midway point in the bands glorious 'I Draw Graphs' set. Both 'Listening For Return Signals' and 'We Are Your Escape Vehicle' bare a wonderfully fragile and carefully layered ambient interaction with their ever present textural bass sketches fused with lots of coarse tape crackle caused by their much-loved broken four-track cassette tape recorder. Listening For Return Signals 2. We Are Your Escape Vehicle.

Then turn over for 'Sketching Out Over Manitoba Skylines' that's similar in arrangement to the less oppressive elements of drone through the development of muted basses, distant rustling and fuzzy processing. Minus Pilots say that all of their recordings are designed for listening through headphones while gazing at the stars. Minus Pilots play 'Left Of The Dial' and 'Transmission Minus The Pilots' as if they have discarded anticipated structure seducing you with their wonderfully extreme minimalist approach. Melodic textures are reserved for dark spaces and cinematic moments only heard in the subconscious.

Each track hits you as if there were no music. Just sound that pushes all the right buttons. On this 7" Machinefabriek produces two tracks of murky splendour. Both 'Toendra' and 'Kreupelhout' have been created using a series of improvised guitar recordings heavily modified to produce an unusual and dreamlike textured serenity.

A peculiar undercurrent of twisted hum, ambient throb and whirring clicks help create impressive potent broken atmospheres, as if another force has taken hold of the sound. The ghost in the machine made audible. The instrumental part can be played by any fast instrument from f f below middle c to c3 high soprano c.

The instrumental part is a sort of automatic transcription from a record of Charlie Parker playing 'Lester Leaps In'. The notch makes room for the instrumentalist's work, which in fact is highly virtuosic. The tempo is M.

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Both are almost completely wrapped into a dominating static noise containing the totality of sounds from the original record, merged into a single monochrome noise colour. Mugstar are the sound of ten thousand suns exploding, pulsing with repetitive beauty, pounding like a supersonic mantra. That immense opener is underpinned by 'Blue Shift', a whacked fuzz expertly stripped down to emphasize a seamless mix of cone-filtered organs, effects-laden guitar glitch, tight drums and an insistent bass line that pulls you into a six minute daze beautifully.

It could go on for sixty and still be entirely engrossing. Headphones are an absolute must and mind altering substances recommended. An epic debut release by Here, Tyrant Death. For 'Tokyo Ping', this underground trio offer up four solemn pieces of densely layered sound movements. They successfully lull us to somnambulant states with the glacial textures and slow strums of 'Champion Lions' and 'Low Lights' while the opaque delivery of 'Final Japan' and 'Blank Antique' is undoubtedly heavy.

An enthralling debut that is just beautiful. The results are two sides of methodically executed improvisation and muted atmospherics. Highly emotive, avant-garde and seductive minimalist textures from England. It starts with the five-part A side which makes subtle but integral use of ringing harmonics and resonant bass. Here, Tyrant Death Title: Enigma Machine Works Vinyl: Enigma Machine Works 2. Transmission Minus The Pilots Vinyl: Cut Iowa Network Title: Projector Gunship Held 1 Part 3 Vinyl: Kill Command Arclight Operations Catalogue: Projector Gunship Held 1 Part 2 Vinyl: Projector Gunship Held 1 Part 1 Vinyl: City Centre Offices Catalogue: Fractured The Stars Catalogue: October 8, et al.

September 5, Catalogue: Alexander Schubert Plays Sinebag Vinyl: A Few Plateaus Catalogue: Team Built Remote Title: Hotel Twenty 7 Vinyl: Hotel Twenty 7 2. Shimmer Height Metallic Ground Vinyl: Bring Me Your Leader Vinyl: They All Love James 2. Gareth Davis x Ian Hawgood Title: Sol Sketches Vinyl: The Dead Space Frequencies Vinyl: Towers Match These Patrols Vinyl: Towers Match These Patrols Catalogue: Gareth Davis x Elliott Sharp Title: