Guide Coastal Wetlands: An Integrated Ecosystem Approach

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Coastal Wetlands

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Pentandria 1,piece Jigsaw Puzzle Participatory principles are crucial for the implementation of successful management. It is also essential that any on-the-ground coastal wetland conservation and restoration activities are integrated with, and supported by, policy measures such as relevant laws and regulations, e. United Nations Environment Programme.

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About Us Join Us. Common on-site approaches to wetland conservation and restoration Across all wetland areas, establishing protected areas to safeguard wetland ecosystems should be one of the primary considerations because it results in more effective ecosystem function ref.

Coastal Wetlands: An Integrated Ecosystem Approach

Coastal wetland conservation and restoration as an EBA measure Wetlands have been widely recognised as providing a range of valuable ecosystem services ref. Additional benefits Coastal wetlands also provide a variety of other ecosystem services, including breeding and nursery grounds for a variety of birds, fish, shellfish and mammals, as well as water filtration functions and ecotourism opportunities.

Key issues that can affect success Restoration techniques and their degree of success are highly dependent on wetland type and local specific characteristics ref. Through publications, expert databases and case studies, it promotes the successful restoration and conservation of wetlands worldwide by developing networks and by encouraging information exchange and cooperation.

A practical and easy to use manual for wetland restoration and conservation of diverse animal species. A Practical Guide to Restoration and Management. US Environmental Protection Agency. Written for the public containing 1 background on wetlands and restoration, 2 information on project planning, implementation, and monitoring, and 3 lists of resources, contacts, and funding sources.


Waikato Regional Council, New Zealand. Presents a simple flowchart to find out more about each step in the restoration process and allows the users to create their own Wetland Plan.

Describes what it is that needs to be managed and aims to help develop an understanding of how to evaluate the need for management intervention and the form that intervention might take. Heat energy balance in coastal wetlands, in: Hydrodynamics and modeling of water flow in mangrove areas, in: Mathematical modeling of tidal flow over saltmarshes and tidal flats with applications to the Venice Lagoon, in: Geomorphology and sedimentology of tidal flats, in: Biogeochemical dynamics of coastal tidal flats, in: Productivity and biogeochemical cycling in seagrass ecosystems, in: Ecosystem structure of tidal saline marshes, in: Salt marsh biogeochemistry - an overview, in: