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In the search for more Espresso based drinks? Check this delicious Lavender Espresso Tonic recipe. So, a lot of people caution against replacing breakfast with a cup of coffee or several cups , but there are ways to skirt around that.

Coffee is great with oatmeal or a banana, and a lot of people might put peanut butter on their toast. But imagine a drinkable concoction containing all of these, and you have the perfect solution to the breakfast blahs.

Here are our favourite coffee recipes to get you started -

You can omit the butter entirely if you need to go dairy free, replacing it with additional coconut oil instead. The problem comes with coffee creamer and other additives that give coffee its creamy consistency and fabulous flavor. By making your own creamer at home, you can avoid giving up the taste to steer clear of calories and fat. Be sure to have some of this healthier sweet treat for the holidays, and share it with your family.

13 Coffee Shop Drinks You Can Make at Home

Try a dark-roast flavored coffee bean and, if you want to keep it completely clean of dairy, you can clarify the butter before you add it to your brew. Choose high quality butter, though, preferably from grass-fed cows. It will keep you satisfied for hours! Dump a little pumpkin spice in your coffee grounds and you get the gorgeous fall favorite.

Pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere throughout the autumn and into the winter, but they can be wholly inappropriate for a healthy diet. Try making yours at home with unsweetened almond milk or low fat or skim dairy milk. Make sure to add the vanilla extract — this is the key to bringing out the best of your at-home coffee drink. By making your own homemade coffee creamer, you can avoid some of the food groups and ingredients that lead to nasty results.

This particular recipe transcends issues with gluten, dairy, and soy by using coconut milk. And best of all, it caters to your dietary needs without special ordering and risking a mistake. Coffee is great for energy and good for the soul, but sometimes the ingredients may not be. It can also help you save a few dollars and a lot of time. Besides, you get the added benefit of enjoying whatever you want without having to go anywhere and browse through a complex menu. Take a chance on a homemade healthy coffee recipe, and improve your overall outlook on life! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

It was the perfect drink on the christmas morning. Thnk u so much for sharing. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 2 comments. Whip up an Irish coffee in just minutes and sip away.

25+ Delicious Coffee Recipes - Lattes, Frappes + MORE!

Honest Cooking has a really easy recipe that gives you that bold spiked coffee drink you want. Make one of your own. Around My Family has a really unique mix of flavors up for grabs. Swirls of chocolate syrup and Nutella throughout. Click here to check out the recipe. Jenna at A Savory Feast has a great dairy-free recipe for a mocha instant coffee using almond milk. Just 4 simple ingredients needed. Saveur shares how they take instant coffee and hot chocolate and spike it for a great adult beverage to enjoy after a hard day.

Click here to get the recipe. Diethood shares a cayenne pepper spiced hot cocoa with some instant coffee mixed in. Lots of great spices for a savory and sweet drink. Click here to make one for yourself. The Home Barista Coffee Course lesson video course about brewing consistently amazing coffee at home.

Stream or download the entire course to learn how to make coffee as good as your local barista for a fraction of the cost. Download Now We respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time. Recommended Reading Americano vs Latte: So many coffee drinks to pick from Here's our breakdown of the Americano vs.

You're in luck because we have curated this list of 11 coffee liqueur recipes that YOU can make.

1. Iced Instant Coffee

So it's time to treat yourself and feel a little bougie while you get a little boozy. The trip and the price? Canned coconut milk gives it full-bodied richness and makes it an indulgence. Molly explains that "coconut goes well with chocolate and mint, so it really brings this hot chocolate together nicely. Barcelona Hot Chocolate Barcelona Hot Chocolate Recipe This recipe will have you banishing all instant hot chocolate packets from the house!

Bittersweet dark chocolate is melted on the stovetop with milk, espresso, cocoa powder, brown sugar, and a piece of orange rind. This treat isn't as sweet as American hot chocolate, but it's a deep, dark, and truly decadent drink. Top with whipped cream, sit back, and enjoy.

22 of the Best Homemade Healthy Coffee Recipes

Daniel Agee; Food Styling: Blakeslee Giles; Prop Styling: Copycat Gingerbread Latte Copycat Gingerbread Latte Recipe Who needs to make a trip to the cafe when you can make your favorite holiday drinks at home? Warm Hazelnut Toddy Warm Hazelnut Toddy Recipe This adult beverage, perfect for after-dinner sipping, calls for just three ingredients: Frangelico, hot water, and heavy whipping cream. Developed in Northern Italy, Frangelico is a liqueur infused with the flavors of crushed hazelnuts, cocoa, and vanilla.

The rich, nutty flavor will warm your heart almost as much as that favorite cup of coffee.