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Same puppets dancing, same old Devil pulling the strings. Blame the Devil and the Devil is and always has been us. Michael John Scott Reply. The president of the United States of America, land of the free, home of the brave, and etc.

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I have spent more than a half century working, teaching, writing, and consulting in and on the criminal justice system. As I pointed out in an earlier comment on another post I have always tried to approach this with an objective view of things because that is the way the law is suppose work, you know, the blindfolded lady Justia and all. I can not count the number of times people of various educations, economic status, race, religion, or creed I have had to explain this rights thing too.

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The rights are for everyone, but they are most useful to the innocents. The right to a hearing does little to protect a person who has committed a crime but it does a heck of a lot for a person who has done nothing wrong and is simply because and officer thought said citizen had nothing better to do than be drug off to the jailhouse. Even then they are entitled to certain human rights because this country was built on a foundation of civilized behavior, or at least it was. It is becoming increasingly evident the majority of trumpanzees are willfully, and apparently blissfully, so.

The only way out of the tRump madness is 1 impeachment followed by turning rebubs out of office, 2 leaving the USA, or… 3 something Americans did all those many years ago.

galloping downhill

What I want to know is where are the fucking goopers and why are they not reining this asshole in. There are no good Republicans anymore, not sure there ever were, liars, manipulators, corrupt pigs. The Republicans have left the building.

Aufbruch nach Deutschland, um vom Faschismus wegzukommen? I had to cheat and use google translation. Not really a nice word to use with humans, but Puerto Rico is under the thumb of the Beast. Still since that was once an accusation that could get you sent to the camps I would avoid it. I am not sure about galloping downhill.

I find even trotting downhill difficult. I think you do have to lean back though, its all about balance. I fell off my youngster trotting down hill as she was unbalanced and fell on her knees. I am sure with some persuading your girlfriend will be fine, just go back a few steps.

By head shake you mean concussion I think! Sorry I am not much help. About your girlfriend dilemma - I think that 2 weeks in Paris could heal all subsequences, even concussion…. Log in or Sign up to hide this advert. Dec 30, Messages: I hope you're both ok and back in the saddle soon! Falling off is not fun - especially when the horse bolted as yours did. I've never been bolted with on a downhill slope before, but I imagine it would be more of a case of giving the horse it's head so it can get its balance, and interefering as little as possible, the regain control on the flat. Jun 25, Messages: When galloping or cantering down hill I find it easier to lean forward.

Keep you body straight and upright.

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Let the horse have his head and do a two point position. Just try to stay in balance. Laura Ashton New Member.

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America: Galloping Downhill In A Frenzy

It takes a while to really master galloping down hills. Tweet Share Plus one Pin It. Olivia Loiacono After years of training, riding, and competing all over the world, Olivia decided to bring her knowledge and experience back to the Southern California eventing community. Visit Olivia's website for more information: