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Dec 06, Consuelo rated it it was amazing Shelves: A easy read; it was a good book. It is a really good book for elementary students. In-class use Appropriate grade level: This can be used when we are discussing historical figures that helped us to be where we are today. It can also be used for when they are doing assignments and readings during the week of presidents day. May 17, Marina bender rated it it was amazing. This book talked about George Washington, what he was like and what exactly he did.

I liked this book very much which is rare it was really interesting to almost get to know our founding father and I liked how simple everything was written. I read this in one day for forty five minutes straight, which didn't even feel like 45 minutes but more like I could clearly comprehend what the author was saying and I enjoyed that very much I would recommend this book to anyone of all ages, but for fun, mainly younger kids because of how everything is put together.

This book is great if you need to learn about George Washington quick or just want to know about him for fun. Apr 28, Hayden rated it it was amazing. It showed how he led the US during the revolutionary war. It also showed how he was America's first president.

I liked reading the book because it was interesting to learn about one of America's most important men. I enjoyed reading about all he did for the US and helped us become and independent country. I would recommend this book to 6th to 8th graders. If you like other Who Was? If you are interested in the American Revolution you will like this book. May 26, Lindsay Niebuhr rated it really liked it. This book was written as a biography for children.

It chronicles the life and accomplishments of George Washington. I would give this book four out of five stars for it's historical relevancy and interesting facts about our first president! Loved reading this book aloud to my children. It's very well written and hit all the important things. Mar 05, Emily Holbrook added it Shelves: This book talks about who George Washington was. This is a great book to give to children for them to read about the significance of George Washington in a way they can understand.

Jun 13, Micaela Lees rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jul 05, Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: There is reason that we remember our first president with so much reverence today. We could use someone like him today. Mar 13, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 30, Lindsey Duncan added it Shelves: This book tells about George Washington in a fun way. I thin students would really enjoy this book and learn a lot. Jul 10, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: Such a famous guy. I think I may finally be reaching my limit on this series of books.

I still have about thirty to go, though. I'm finding it harder and harder to focus, especially the books about people I already know something about. My favorite thing I learned in this book was that when they asked Washington to lead the Continental Army. He said yes, but also turned bright red and ran out of the room.

Joseph Campbell said that it's faults that make people lovable. I love learning about the foibles all these famous people had. It makes them relatable. It's hard to love a perfect person. I admire that even though he didn't want to, Washington stepped up to the plate and led the country. His fame and admiration was needed to unite the States. I do have a hard time when I read about some of our most famous founding fathers because of the slaves. I can't disconnect that in my brain. Honestly, Washington, Jefferson and others might not have even been on the scene if they hadn't been wealthy from the work their slaves did.

It makes me feel ill. I suppose that's why when I think of my heroes, I never think of George Washington. I admire him, sure, but he's not someone I spend a lot of time learning about. I greatly admire the founding fathers of the era that worked hard and made it on their own. Jul 29, Lauren Rizzo rated it it was amazing Shelves: None Grade Level s: George Washington did great things in his life and for our country. This book takes you on the journey of his life from childhood to death. This is a great book to learn about our first president's family, marriage, time in the military and so much more.

This book is great to have in any classroom. Students can learn a lot about our first president and his life leading up to his presidency.

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The illustrations and facts keep students intere Awards: The illustrations and facts keep students interested from start to finish. Lesson on different presidents and the early history of our country. Creating the timeline of a famous person's life or their own life. Teaching students about George Washington. Sep 21, Cole Bearrow rated it really liked it Shelves: Summary Written as a book of quick facts about our country's first President George Washington. Evaluation Very informative book filled with interesting and important facts on George Washington.

Wacky pictures litter the pages to provide both content support and entertainment for the reader. Teaching Ideas A must have for a beginning reader library. Could be used as an aid for a unit on presidents or our countries history. Oct 15, Mickayla rated it really liked it. Biography I love how this biography was set up more like a novel read.

It went through Washington's life and told about him as a child, adolescent and an adult. I found this very interesting as I didn't know this much about his life. I think students will really be able to get into this book, especially as it has facts in it! This was a great read and I really believe students would love it! A short, heavily illustrated biography of the father of our country. In these pages, I learned that the children of Washington's wife were sired by his wife's first husband. It's supposed that they George and Martha didn't have kids together because he may have been sterile because of Smallpox.

These and other tidbits form a quick and engaging overview of his life. Apr 04, Zak rated it really liked it.


George Washington Carver

May 28, Patricia Gower rated it it was amazing. Apr 24, Sierra Salyards added it. Who was George Washington? After seven long years of fighting, the war was finally over. As one piece of the wildly popular "Who Was? The book takes the reader through Washington's early Title: The book takes the reader through Washington's early life, his family affairs, his time in the war, and of course, his presidency.

Deborah Zink Brooks Children's Literature Taking youngsters beyond the cherry tree and wooden teeth myths, this well-written chapter book explores the life of America s first president. The biography, part of an excellent list of books for young readers called the Who Is? Moving chronologically from his birth to his death, the author weaves Washington s days with notable and lesser known anecdotes to paint a complete picture of the family and environment that shaped the future leader.

Born in Virginia to Mary and Gus Washington, the baby who would be president was the oldest of five children. He would grow up with a passion for farming and horses.

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Owning a sense of adventure, he took a job as a surveyor, learning every inch of Virginia and the lands to the west. It was a skill that would serve him well as life quickly took him to the military. Readers begin to discover aspects of Washington s personality and work habits, his relationships and goals, taking the man from a cut out on a school bulletin board to one who still has something to teach young Americans today. Simple black-and-white drawings punctuate nearly every page to add information and further explanation. The chapters are interrupted occasionally with illustrated information boxes that contain more clarification about difficult concepts of history--slavery, Tories, or the Boston Tea Party.

Maps give perspective to the layout of Mount Vernon and various battles. Yet, with all this information, the book flows like a very good story, which of course, it is. The celebration of Washington s admirable character influences each section, from his youth and military record, to his contributions to the foundation of the United States, and of course his reluctant acceptance of the presidency.

It was Washington, in his humility, the author explains, who rejected titles such as His Mightiness and His Elective Highness and insisted that he be called simply Mr.

While nicely comprehensive, the book stays on target with vocabulary and details for elementary readers. Ages 7 to Response to Two Professional Reviews: Because this book was part of a popular series, I didn't expect it to be so difficult to find reviews for it, but in fact, it was nearly impossible! That being said, I did come across an audio recording of a short review for the book, which is interesting because I've never seen that before for any book.

I liked that review because it was very short, but still very positive. It still encourages people to read this book. The first review is more typical, although it is very long and gives too many details of the plot in the review.

After all, the goal of a review is to critique, not just to summarize! Evaluation of Literary Elements: This book is a great way for children to get a feel for reading biographies. The text size and the length of the chapters are perfect for older elementary students who are still working through chapter books. The text in the book is intercepted with a multitude of pictures, maps, diagrams, and letters, which give additional information and do not detract from the main story. Additionally, many faculty members resented Carver for his high salary and demand to have two dormitory rooms, one for him and one for his plant specimens.

Carver also struggled with the demands of the faculty position he held. Carver and Washington had a complicated relationship and would butt heads often, in part because Carver wanted little to do with teaching though he was beloved by his students. Carver would eventually get his way when Washington died in and was succeeded by Robert Russa Moton, who relieved Carver of his teaching duties except for summer school.

By this time, Carver already had great successes in the laboratory and the community.

He taught poor farmers that they could feed hogs acorns instead of commercial feed and enrich croplands with swamp muck instead of fertilizers. Through his work on soil chemistry, Carver learned that years of growing cotton had depleted the nutrients from soil, resulting in low yields. But by growing nitrogen-fixing plants like peanuts, soybeans and sweet potatoes, the soil could be restored, allowing yield to increase dramatically when the land is reverted to cotton use a few years later.

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To further help farmers, he invented the Jessup wagon, a kind of mobile horse-drawn classroom and laboratory used to demonstrate soil chemistry. But the method had an unintended consequence: A surplus of peanuts and other non-cotton products. Carver set to work on finding alternative uses for these products.

For example, he invented numerous products from sweet potatoes, including edible products like flour and vinegar and non-food items such as stains, dyes, paints and writing ink. In all, he developed more than food, industrial and commercial products from peanuts, including milk, Worcestershire sauce, punches, cooking oils and salad oil, paper, cosmetics, soaps and wood stains.

He also experimented with peanut-based medicines, such as antiseptics, laxatives and goiter medications. It should be noted, however, that many of these suggestions or discoveries remained curiosities and did not find widespread applications. House of Representatives on behalf of the peanut industry, which was seeking tariff protection. Though his testimony did not begin well, he described the wide range of products that could made from peanuts, which not only earned him a standing ovation but also convinced the committee to approve a high protected tariff for the common legume.

In the last two decades of his life, Carver lived as a minor celebrity but his focus was always on helping people. He traveled the South to promote racial harmony, and he traveled to India to discuss nutrition in developing nations with Mahatma Gandhi.

George Washington Carver’s Early Life

Up until the year of his death, he also released bulletins for the public 44 bulletins between and Some of the bulletins reported on research findings but many others were more practical in nature and included cultivation information for farmers, science for teachers and recipes for housewives. In the mids, when the polio virus raged in America, Carver became convinced that peanuts were the answer.

He offered a treatment of peanut-oil massages and reported positive results, though no scientific evidence exists that the treatments worked the benefits patients experienced were likely due to the massage treatment and attentive care rather than the oil. Soon after, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed legislation for Carver to receive his own monument, an honor previously only granted to presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln: Carver was also posthumously inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

We strive for accuracy and fairness. But if you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. Born a slave on a Virginia farm, Washington rose to become one of the most influential African-American intellectuals of the late 19th century. In , he founded the Tuskegee Institute, a black school in Alabama devoted to training teachers. George Washington was commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and served two terms as the first U. The son of a prosperous planter, Washington was raised in colonial Virginia.

Born to slave parents in Missouri during the Civil War, Carver managed Explore black history milestones and events that shaped African-American history, including the Civil War, abolition of slavery and civil rights movement. Slavery comes to North America , To satisfy the labor needs of the rapidly growing North American colonies, white The March on Washington was a massive protest march that occurred in August , when some , people gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. Also known as the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the event aimed to draw attention to continuing