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Financial Records Subseries D. Moreau Delano Papers Subseries E. Lovett Papers Subseries E. Assorted Visual Material , Subseries B. Walker Evans Portfolio , Subseries B. Correspondence and notes , Subseries B. Prints and captions Subseries B. Contact sheets and negatives Subseries C. Audio tapes , undated Series IX. Artifacts and Memorabilia Subseries A. Artifacts and Displayed Items s Subseries B.

Container List Series I. Historical Files , Bulk, Historical Note In compiling the Historical Files, Kouwenhoven and Brown consulted existing published and archival records, visited Brown ancestral properties and company facilities, and interviewed current and past Brown Brothers Harriman partners, managers, and employees. Scope and Content As well as original and photocopied research materials, the subseries includes cross-reference sheets pointing to relevant information organized elsewhere in Subseries B. Arrangement The subseries is arranged chronologically but, within this order, some materials are grouped by subject.

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Bound volumes are listed together at the end of the series, in chronological order. Robert Abercrombie , Roosa, Robert V. Lower Manhattan New York, N. Scope and Content The subseries documents Brown Brothers Harriman and its predecessor companies' internal and external connections with correspondent banks and branch offices, as well as with organizations, investors, and individuals worldwide. Arrangement The subseries is arranged alphabetically by name of person, place, event, or other appropriate subject heading.

There is some variation in the box order of these items because they are housed in different sized boxes Various oversize photographic materials found organized separately in the Records but originally marked as belonging to the Subject files are now included here. Scope and Content The subseries includes original and photocopied material specific to former and current as of employees, partners, clients, as well as genealogical information about various branches of the Brown and related families.

Arrangement The subseries is arranged in its original six components: Various people Subseries iii. Famous clients Subseries iv. Brown family Subseries vi. Partners Three account books from the commercial credit department have been removed from partner Ellery Sedgwick James's file and included with the oversize materials at the end of the series. Subject Names Adams , William, Rev. Family Name s Delano family Harriman family Magoun family. Arrangement Names are arranged alphabetically either individually or grouped together in one folder.

Scope and Content The subseries includes material generated by Kouwenhoven, Hoban, Brown, and others related to the research, writing, and publication of Partners in Banking ; associated exhibitions; and answering general queries by the Historical Files office. Arrangement The subseries, including foldered materials and a card catalog of some resources used in the writing of Partners in Banking , were originally housed separately in the Collection without a designated title. Chronological Files , Bulk, Stock account book of Alex.

Imbert image in collection of Museum of the City of New York. Announcement of Brown Brothers partner Samuel Nicholson: Research on ship Walk in the Water , Brown record book of shipping, consignment ledger: Memorandum for charter Israel ; letter to Shipley about shipping: Shipley correspondence; claim against ship Israel: Alexander Brown; view of High Street, Belfast, from the town dock. Outstanding risks of Alex. Brown and junior partners: Statements of condition presented by Shipley to Bank of England; notes from Governor: Brown financial condition; note from Governor to Jos.

Letters from William E. Bowen to Joseph Shipley re Panic of Joseph Shipley letters re Panic of Hill view of "New York from Brooklyn Heights": Net earnings of partners W. Receipt for shipment by W. Brown, Liverpool, aboard Josephine: American manufactures the Henry Clay "coon". Letters to Joseph Shipley, Liverpool: Year-end accounts, private ledgers, other accounting: Ship William Brown , trial: Letters from Brown Shipley Co. Correspondence to and from Joseph Shipley: Pauls and the Astor House", "Trinity Church": Bill of exchange drawn on Brown Shipley Co.

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View of Wall Street; tugboat Panther. Boston Agency Thomas B. Curtis and Brown Bros. New Orleans agency correspondence: Correspondence to Joseph Shipley: Graham and Brown Bros. Estimated value of property in Brown Bros. Journal of Townsend Harris: Union Square and Washington statue; "Wall St. Curtis to Brown Bros. Curtis policy during Panic of George Stewart Brown; exterior view of C. New York, Liverpool, Boston, Philadelphia - originals and letterpress copies. John Crosby Brown, James M. Brown, Herman Hoskier correspondence re partnership: Edward Ketchum"; Cyrus R.

James Brown letters to Howard Potter: Looking down Wall Street from Trinity: London private letters to Brown Bros. Ornamental title page, Great Trans-Continental P. Private correspondence from Boston and Philadelphia offices: Advertisement for "Belt of Life": Stewart Brown and trustees of Sarah Benedict Brown vs. James Brown, Sarah Benedict Brown, and others. Phosphate works near Charleston, S. Robert Lenox Kennedy; loading cotton on shipboard at Savannah levee; cotton bales descending a chute; Up-country cotton press, Georgia: American and English partners: Letters and cables re problems arising from James Brown's will: Certificate for continued use of name; co-partnership advertisement.

Brown guarantee of Wright Co. Morgan syndicate; correspondence re partnership articles; other Brown Bros. Correspondence re partnership matters: Correspondence re partnership agreement; partners' wills, hiring decisions: Correspondence of Howard Potter, F. Hamilton, Fred Chalmers, James M. Brown re Liverpool office: Hamilton resignation, power of attorney, etc.: Dickey, Thomasson power of attorney, interest reduction, etc.: John Crosby Brown letters and telegrams: Second of exchange to order of William S.

Clippings on decisions favoring Brown Bros. Dickey correspondence re supplemental arrangements: Powers of attorney to Brown Bros. New York Lawrence H. Emma Florence Holland, George W. Correspondence on partnership matters and new articles: Correspondence on effects of Howard Potter and Charles D. Dickey deaths; other business matters: John Crosby Brown and three sons; postcard sent to Moses Paniente; appeal for contributions to India famine relief: Sir William Richmond Brown, Bart.

Nicholas a lift with an Oldsmobile": James Brown's European trip in the fall of ". James Brown correspondence re establishing a representative in Paris: Sir Alexander Hargreaves Brown and family; E. Harriman's plan for reorganizing the railways of the country": Correspondence re bank committees, New York, Boston, Philadelphia. Power of attorney by Brown Bros.


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Memorandum re reorganization and resumption of Knickerbocker Trust Co. Brown letters to his mother from European trip: The Nation , May 31, June 7, Nicaragua: Summaries of information on and approaches to Nicaragua episode. Excerpts, diary of James Brown Caley, Manager, National Bank of Nicaragua: The Outlook , January 3, , February 22, Linton Wells memorandum on Brown Bros.

Seligman involvement in Nicaraguan affairs: Committee on Foreign Relations, U. Correspondence re partnership issues, credit position, committee system; death of James May Duane. Power of attorney to W. Gerard Vermilye; analysis of assets and liabilities; partnership correspondence. Gold Pool of Article on real estate at Hanover and Beaver Sts.

Clippings from Thatcher M. Correspondence, side agreements, memoranda, legal arguments: Cables between London and New York about partnership agreement. Brown from Marcus Wallenberg; letter T. Lovett report on distribution of expenses and analysis of deposit accounts. New offices at 59 Wall St.: Memoranda on vacations, salary curtailment, Saturday work, working hours. There were also instances where you could see her personalities changing right in front of you. I really need more of this series! If you love dark erotica with elements of psycho thriller and erotic romance, you HAVE to read this one.

So first of all: Depending on the episode London Brown falls under the following: This story is so messed-up I don't even know what to tell You. Well, first of all this is for adults only. So if you're a youngster still, go read Harry Potter or something. This is some heavy stuff! When I started to read it, i thought maybe this will be something like by Paulo Coelho.

I loved that book. And it was about a prostitute. This book however is not about a prostitute, who struggles with life, this book is about a whore. You heard read me right. Not that I'm complaining. My masochistic side was very pleased by my choice to read this book, so all is well. Back to the book. I don't know what to say.. Not bad different, it was just not your everyday erotic novel. It's packing some heavy stuff. Like child-abuse and what's happening to people after that. Some parts of this book made me feels very very dirty, and not in a good way.

There's just so much reality, that we already know - sucks. I felt sorry and respect for Des,our heroine, so many times I can't even decide what do I feel for her now. But one thing is for sure. Books with BDSM always makes me wonder. I'm very eager to learn new things, so it's interesting for me - how people can totally submit to another. Depend so much on the other person. I think they're really brave or stupid , I couldn't do that. But I'll gladly read about it though: So, read it while you can. I have a suspicion there's more to come, and honestly I can't wait! I feel a bit frustrated actually, to not know how this story will end.

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You can find this review and more Oh how I enjoyed this book! It's filled with lies, cover-ups, betrayal, grief, heartbreak, breakdowns, and more. This is the story of a soul torn apart. Desniah Williams was a bright and beautiful fun girl. She grew up in a wealt Overall: She grew up in a wealthy and prominent family and never wanted for anything except maybe the attention of her adopted father. Her life changed when her best friend's father Caden Currington 4th took advantage of her over the course of several year and continued to until caught by his wife.

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It was after these events that with Mr. Carrington that Desniah began to withdraw from life, from her best friend Caden Currington 5th. Caden has falling for Desniah and wants to be with her but doesn't understand her negative response to him. Things only get worse when she learns that he's leaving her and going overseas to train for the family business.

This particular event sets in motion the end of a long friendship and the creation of London Brown. When Caden leaves Desniah has a breakdown. Realizing her continued downward spiral London Brown is created to maintain her sanity, to fight the pain that she's endured throughout the years. London Brown is sexy, strong, self confident and enjoys being a whore. She teases men with her sexuality and prides herself on being able to wrap them around her finger.

Working with an exclusive call girl 'Agency' and high-end clientele, she sells here body to the highest bidder. Desniah has finally found -after years of searching- her own sense of normal where she can live her life while Lodon deals with the heavy stuff, that is until Caden comes back. When Caden requests an audience with Lodon and explains he'll do anything to repair what they had and to get her back, he doesn't realize the extent of what his presence is doing Desniah.

Vol.1 (London Brown, #) by Leila DeSint

Little does he know that while he's professing his love and apologizing for the past, he's pushing Desniah into the arms of her new best friend, Rhys Stowell. Caden wants Desniah but can only really reach London. Rhys wants Desniah, and they really make a good match because of their friendship, but his dark needs are probably better meant for London. Who will end up together?

When I read the synopsis for this story I didn't get that it would involve a character with multiple personalities. I thought I'd be reading about four physically separate characters, but I loved the twist. While at times I was a little confused and not one hundred percent sold on the multiple personality, I did find the storyline very intriguing. I really enjoyed how every other chapter gave a different view point between the characters.

I'm torn between loving Caden the 5th and loving Rhys. While one seems like the golden boy the other is really messed up but seems to be able to give Desniah what she needs. They both love her in their own way but I can't see this working out for anyone- someone's bound to be devastated- thus adding and waiting for a really great climax. Maybe it was me but I wasn't sold on Desniah and London having completely different experiences when one took over.

It wasn't until London slept with Caden and told Rhys that I began to believe the difference and how separate they are. When does Desniah take over, is she capable of controlling Lodon or vice versa? Will London allow others to get close to her? Hopefully these questions will be answered in the next Collection Vol. Leila Desint - wow, lady! So, when I first started this book, I had so many reservations about what it was going to be. I was unsure of how I would be able to relate to the characters in the story, or if there would be a story at all.

I assumed that this was going to be just a "collection" of sexcapades written from the POV of a whore. You know the old saying "Assuming makes an ass of you and me" This is the st Leila Desint - wow, lady! This is the story of Desniah Williams, a London socialite. Des has had some pretty horrific things happen to her in her past. Because of this, she has developed an alter-ego for lack of a better term.

London Brown is Des' alter-ego. London is a whore. I love that each part of the book is told from a different point of view. We hear from London and Des. We see how each of them view the things going on around them. And then, there is Cade. Cade was Des' first love. Cade left five years ago for a job opportunity in Hong Kong and has just returned. However, because of things that have happened in the past, Des can't bring herself to be with Cade. But, that doesn't mean London can't Rhys is Des' best friend.

Rhys knows about London. He understands that Des has demons and this is how she copes with them. He is completely in love with Des. Rhys has his own demons though. And he doesn't know how to fully control them, but he tries. He copes with them in the most conventional ways he knows. Rhys starts his relationship with Des under false pretenses, but he wants so much more and he is willing to work for their relationship, accepting the fact that London is part of that.

I'm going to be honest, this book was twisted. It is unlike any other book I have ever read. I was completely blown away at the writing of this though. The author was able to convey so much in such a limited amount of words this is a collection of 9 novellas and is only about pages. I never felt like the story was rushed or that things were skipped over. The emotions that were conveyed were real. I was biting my nails wondering what was going to happen next. Keep in mind, my lovelies There is a lot of sex. I never felt like it over-powered the story or took away from the plot. The scenes were incredibly well written and well placed.

If you can handle a little bit of a dark story, a little twisted plot and you are looking for something so different from anything else out there, GRAB Confessions!! That first line in the blurb: That is exactly what you get. I got sucked into this mess right away. And I say mess lovingly, just so you don't misunderstand, cause it is a beautiful mess. Each character has their own dark secret s that follows them and torments them in its own way and, in turn, influences their actions and their ability to be happy.

They all do some crazy things, it's a big tangle of love triangles or rectangles pentagon? I don't even know what comes after that, but there's the octagon, which represents the stop sign, so that's not quite appropriate. There's no skimming, cause if you miss a detail you're in the dark ooh, bad pun. A real mind bender. She can't deal with some of the things from her past and so London comes to the forefront to take up her slack and deal with whatever Desniah can't handle.

London is Desniah's alter ego. The portrayal of the Dissociative Personality Disorder was spot on. At first, I was completely creeped out. Like really creeped out. It was written so well and Desniah would just morph into London before your eyes. I even learned her triggers and started to anticipate when the changes would occur. I'd been the one to crush the spirit from another -- someone I loved. Was there atonement for me? He was Desniah's first love, but he made some bad decisions that left her feeling betrayed and broken.

Now he's seeking redemption or atonement Well too bad, I like redemption. He wants that woman back, but he has no idea how to reclaim her.

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When I first picked up this book, I thought this story was going to be about Caden's redemption and ultimately a healing love story that would star Caden and Desniah. But there is SO much more! There is London and there is Rhys and then there is Desniah and Rhys' relationship. Then there's London's relationship with Caden.

And London's relationship with all the men in London. Well, the men in London who could afford her. So yeah, try to untangle that mess. At first, he seems to be the most sane and least complex of all the characters, but don't be fooled. He is full of surprises read that: He has secrets and personal demons that he fights. He is also in love with Desniah and he will as the blurb says do anything for the woman he loves. He will fight for her - he will fight her personal demons, he will take on London, he will take on Caden, and anyone else that would dare come between them.

And he will take on his own personal demons as well. I think there's a joke in there somewhere Make your own jokes. All of them wanted to own a piece of me. There were no pieces of me left to have. Only holes to use and fill. The sex was hot and there was lots of it! A LOT of sex, most of it dirty and delicious. The SM scenes made me pant and had my heart racing, yet there was humor too. Who said men couldn't be romantic? I felt that the BDSM was authentic and well written and combined with the complexity of the characters themselves and the way that the author juggled all the different dynamics and personalities.

I was extremely impressed. Each character in this story is flawed. They are all human and even their best intentions are colored by darkness and actions that result in hurt, either for themselves or their loved ones. It's suspenseful and it's unpredictable.

There are some plot twists in this story that threw me for a loop read that: Yes, I felt betrayed. And I read on, swallowing up whole pages trying to get to the resolution. Alas, I have to wait for the final resolution, as Volume 2 is not out yet, though not very patiently. I received a copy of this story for an honest review. This book is not for the faint of heart, or the easily offended. I read a lot, on average a book every other day hubby travels and my little one goes to bed at 8: There are very f I received a copy of this story for an honest review.

There are very few books that make me stop, books that make me need to take a break from reading because I need time to process the story I just put into my mind. Internally, each character is flawed or broken, almost to the point of breaking. Desniah Williams is a young, affluent, and educated black woman living in London. To cope, her mind fractures creating London Brown, a confident and sexually adventurous prostitute. London is open to anything, especially things that cause her pain.

London acts out and Desniah cleans up after. Years ago he left his childhood sweetheart Desniah behind for a job assignment from his father. I loved her more than any person in the world, including myself, which made me a dangerous man. Rhys is brilliant man with multiple prospects, none of which he finds appealing. In the decision between an emotional relationship with Desniah or a physical with London, he picked Desniah hands down.

His heart might be true but his mind is brutally dark and the thoughts he has about Desniah may make her run screaming. Every quirk, every personal pain, every twisted pleasure is clearly communicated. To reiterate my earlier warning about the content of this story — there are no hearts and flowers and there is definitely not a HEA. These characters equate love with pain and they are willing to inflict as well as receive it.

I didn't like this, and yet it thrilled me. As I've said, I'm into some sick shit. Well Like I said before I'm conflicted with this one. It started out really good, seriously juicy good specially when I read book 1 which just was only like 36 pages long lol! So I got the Vol 1 book which contains more chapters, buuut it just left be feeling like gif down below Don't get me wrong this book is pretty entertaining and VERY hot lots of moments had me needing to cool down for a bit. So we have the main heroine with t Well Like I said before I'm conflicted with this one.

So we have the main heroine with two personalities created from childhood sexual abuse trigger but it seemed like there may be more personalites with her me myself and I statements I was unclear. Des uses London to be a highly paid call girl for some angencys this how she deals with what happen to her Shes also has two heroes pining after her but I'm not getting the guys attraction to her, well ok maybe Cade's he's known her forever but Rhys is a puzzle to me a strange deranged puzzle. I also didn't really enjoy their Pov's I wish the author would have just stayed with London's and Desinah's Pov imo.

Sadly to say I'm more interested in her as London than as Des. Am I sad and hurt for Des? Yes and I see why she created London, but she's just not interesting to me Terrible of me I know but thats how I feel shes just too darn confusing to me. You would think as personality number one Des, she would want nothing to with men at all, but what she allows Rhys to do to her Is just not believable to me.

Any way this review is conflicting me just as much as the story did lol with all that being said I just want to say I liked it and will read on to the next vol. I read and love dark erotica, so I was really looking forward to reading my first Leila DeSint book. She is highly recommended by some of my favorite authors and this book did not disappoint! Although the sex scenes are totally steamy and hot, there is an underlying story here that touches on some serious issues of childhood abuse and personality disorders.

But these I read and love dark erotica, so I was really looking forward to reading my first Leila DeSint book. But these themes are handled with grace and a story that is both very emotional and thrilling at the same time. I felt apprehensive for the two of them, and the unique, multiple POVs added to my feelings. This is a very intense and very sexy story, and a must-read for all fans of dark erotica. Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Lo termine, no puedo creerlo.

Agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr organizare mis ideas y el revoltijo de ideas que tengo en estos momen Lo termine, no puedo creerlo. Agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr organizare mis ideas y el revoltijo de ideas que tengo en estos momentos. OMG i want more!!!!!! View all 3 comments. This was a solid 3 stars for me until I got the the last chapter, then it shot up to 4 stars! Ok, where to start As a young girl Des suffered sexual abuse at the hands of someone she trusted and creates London to protect herself.

Now as an adult, weak and emotionally damaged Des allows London who is reckless and self destructive to take over huge parts of her life by working for The Agency, a high end escort servic This was a solid 3 stars for me until I got the the last chapter, then it shot up to 4 stars! Now as an adult, weak and emotionally damaged Des allows London who is reckless and self destructive to take over huge parts of her life by working for The Agency, a high end escort service.

The only way I can make sense of this is to believe that since London was created to do all of the things that Des was ashamed to do during her abuse that London is now compelled to keep doing what she was created for. It seems like a miserable existence to me, though Caden the fifth and Des grew up together and were very much in love until Cade takes a surprise job offer in Hong Kong, leaving Des behind.

He returns six years later with a lot of regret and is determined to get Des back. He learns about the existence of London, the Agency and somehow feels responsible for Des' breakdown and wants to make things right. However Cade finds himself drawn to London more and more. Rhys and Des become best friends during the time Cade was gone. Rhys is a family outcast and suffers from a lot of his own personal demons. He doesn't care much for London and what she does but he tolerates her. Rhys is also in love with Des but hasn't had the nerve to tell her.

It is in his nature to be a Dom a very sick and twisted one but he has never acted on it. He wants to explore being this way with only Des as his submissive, not London. He is scared that by revealing his true self to Des he will scare her off and lose her forever. Cade's return stirs a lot of emotions for everyone.

Jealousy and anger from Rhys, painfully memories for Des, and a threat to London's existence. How do I really feel about this book you ask?? In the beginning, I found it hard to believe that Des and London were truly separate personalities but as time went on I started to buy it. I wish there was a little bit more character development.

I really wanted learn more about their motivations. Why is Des so irresistible to men especially Cade and Rhys? Why does Des let London do what she does? How deeply does Cade love her? I couldn't shake the feeling that this had more of a screen play vibe then a novel. He's kind of exciting He went from this insecure guy to a confident Dom over night.

I was like Wow, where did that come from?! My thoughts above all else Des should be institutionalized and not walking around in everyday society!!! Cade and Rhys are just as crazy for being in love with her them and actually having conversations with both London and Des as she shifts back and forth like it's normal! Steam factor is extremely high,twisted and all over this book so beware! I loved the ending, it definitely made me want to check out the next volume. You can find my review over at Behind the Chintz Curtain or you can read it below - but go over there either way.

From an outsider perspective, these are four of the youngest and most powerful people in British society. But the insider p You can find my review over at Behind the Chintz Curtain or you can read it below - but go over there either way. But the insider perspective is very different. When Desniah is discovered as little girl, she can only say one word: I thought London was just the name that Desniah used when she was working as a call girl. Desniah and London are two entirely separate people.

London is aware of everything that happens to them both but Desniah is not. And the person who most scares her is Rhys. Both Rhys and Caden are firmly attracted to Desniah. Caden is willing to accept London as a substitute.