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Update on Ukraine under item 10 25 September Turn on more accessible mode.

Bias and diversion

Turn off more accessible mode. Promotion and protection of Human Rights around the globe. Announcements Tatmadaw leaders must be investigated for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes — UN report Access full report and supporting documentation Human Rights Council Task Force on accessibility for persons with disabilities: Is our privacy under threat?

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Human Rights Council

States have a responsibility to protect against unlawful interference with the right to privacy. More transparency in how States and the private sector manage personal digital data is key to protecting our human rights. Human Rights Council Retreat This week, government representatives, members of civil society and human rights experts took stock of progress made by the Council while expressing their views on its future work.

Councils Keynote: "The Art of Building a Great Network (hint: be human)"

Displaced and afraid in Idlib, Syria Warring parties in Idlib have given little consideration for civilian lives and have caused massive displacements. The annual interactive debate of the Human Rights Council on the rights of persons with disabilities is made accessible by providing English captioning and simultaneous sign language interpretation in international sign.

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In addition, another panel among those held by the Human Rights Council is made accessible at each session, through funds that are raised or identified on an ad-hoc basis. For a list of all Human Rights Council panels that have been made accessible so far with links to the webcast archives, please click here.

For a summary of the consultation, please click here. See more info here.

States and International Organisations can organise public exhibitions and special events at the UN premises in Geneva, Switzerland. When such exhibitions coincide with Human Rights Council meetings, their content require prior review and approval by the Council Secretariat. For the Human Rights Council guidelines on exhibitions, please click here.

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The United Nations bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of their statements and opinions. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Promoting better human rights standards.