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Average to above average. I think you should be fine as long as you ace that MCAT. Then again, it's somewhat of a black box. I will do my best to ace the MCAT and hope for the best, and ya I agree, that black box is haunting premeds lol. This is a bit off-topic, but how did you go about calculating your MUN gpa in percentage?

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I have been using the grading system linked to here: I think they way u do it is to convert each letter grade to a percentage and then find the average for that year. Does that make sense? Good point, I am not sure actually. In my program, all courses are 3 credits, you should just email them and ask.

Thanks for your help! Also, I sort of eased my way into exam conditions. I'd do small things like pause my exam to use the toilet or listen to music through my headphones during the first few exams, but by the last exam I was fully simulating exam conditions. No unauthorized breaks, no music, just MCAT fun lol. I had only about minutes to look over my answers at the end of the section, which I was not too pleased about. This is one section that I really, really value double checking my work.

That might make the difference between the a and potentially a lower score. CARS is kind of a hit or miss for me as you can see above in my practice exam history I ran out of time fortunately only on the very last question; I rushed that one but still was able to choose a reasonable answer.

So I didn't get to recheck my answers Usually I find at least one or two that I don't like and change those. So my inability to have gone over answers on test day here might cost me. Pretty confident I crushed them and had loads of time left to double check and even triple check answers. I only wish I had the same amount of time on the earlier sections. Haha, did you get a downvote because of your high confidence? It's a foreign mood to me right now, since my nerves are ramping up in anticipation, but good for you and best of luck on the score!

I graduated with a degree in biology in , and am working on a science-based master's now. I started studying in January of with Kaplan's self-paced online course. The 6 weeks leading up to the exam, I started doing one FL every Sunday. I hadn't done any of the section banks, Q-packs, or anything else that people on here found to be very beneficial. That's when I started really feeling like I was making progress. I feel like having 2 more weeks to study would have made a huge difference, but I guess a lot of people do.

At that point I just made a decision to go hard the rest of the time and see what happens and it was too late to postpone, I tried. Was planning on taking it easy, but I knew I still had way too much to review. Spent most of the day studying, but trying to relax.

Slept well the night before but got up at 5am to keep reviewing the quicksheets, had food planned out and ready to go oatmeal in the morning before I left, banana for a snack, sub for lunch, protein bar for a snack. Got to the testing center a little early, and ended up knowing a couple people testing at the same time. It was nice to talk to them and catch up before the exam, rather than focusing on the hell that was coming. I reminded myself that I was scored against everyone else, and staying calm and focused would at least give me a slight advantage. I felt more focused than ever before.

Before I discuss individual sections, I want to say that I kind of blacked everything out after the fact, no complaints. I thought CP was tough, but it didnt feel much different than the FLs. There was always stuff I didn't know and just had to reason through. I did run out of time, but got to look at every passage and questions once, so no random guesses. I usually ended my FLs right on time as well. Wasn't bad, but I pushed the timer as usual. Finished with 8 seconds.

Passages weren't extremely boring, but some of the questions were pretty tough. Keep telling myself to pick the "least wrong" answer. I felt better about this BB than on any of my FLs. I usually struggled to find the relevant portions of passages during FLs, but I didn't notice myself getting tripped up much on this.

Maybe that's a bad thing, idk. Finished with about 10 min left. I'm almost positive I got a couple of the later questions wrong, but oh well. Finished with 20 min left. Also, a note of time remaining: I don't check my answers over hardly ever. I stopped doing this in undergrad, because I change too many to wrong answers. If I'm unsure of a question, I flag it or I don't answer it until the end. Other than those cases, I don't double check. Overall , I thought it felt just like another practice FL. Passages may have been a bit harder, but there were hard ones in the FLs too.

I'm not shooting for anything amazing, I'd be delighted with a , and realistically I'd be happy with a Somewhere between a and a It really could be anywhere. Please be a This month I've done better than expected with the wait for the score, but I felt suddenly terrible yesterday and nauseous with dread. Just want to get this over with.

There were some some weird phrases and an obscure problem toward the end. I didn't run out of time, which was a major goal, but I'm also scared that I got an easy version of the section that will be curved harshly. The real value of practicing a gigaton of practice problems isn't necessarily the knowledge itself but rather the confidence in your answer so that you can move on quickly. Wish I'd had more of that at times. Harder than I expected! The passages were really long, and there were a few tricky ones near the end. My timing was too leisurely toward the beginning because I hadn't done such lengthy excerpts on past FLs.

Or maybe I was being too thorough in my eliminations. Think it probably went fine and I liked the subjects. Again felt easier than I expected, in a bad way. I wanted more complicated material so I could reassure myself the curve would be generous. Instead I had 45min left at question A few involved graphs pared it down but overall I was surprised.

One or two questions that boiled down to pure content knowledge I had to guess on. And I'm sick of the weird idiosyncratic variables they invent for every experimental table that take a whole minute to parse. This section really snuck up on me as a huge pain in the ass. I looked up one guess right after the test that I think I got right. So many questions that had that SB quality of, "what question do they think they're asking" rather than "what is this material.

Hope I had a mind-meld with their weird indirect research conclusions. Going to drink and watch television. My family member tried to ask me how it went and I was so flat-affect when responding. What is there to say? My score should be fine, based on my practice FLs, but I didn't attain any magic insight into the outcome. Felt very anticlimactic walking out of the test center, and right now I'm trying not to engage with a vague but imminent fear of mistakes. So nervous for the score but I know I have the luxury, from my practice exams, of assuming that I didn't get a bad score.

As long as it's above a I'll feel super grateful and move on with my life. I felt surprisingly okay during the real exam, but then I doubt myself about whether the curve will be really hard and I start to remember normal calculations that shook me. I got a !!! OH my god oh my god. I'm a non-trad from a non-science major who worked while studying. This is so wonderful. I love everyone in this bar. For a second I was disappointed in the and then I slapped myself for being melodramatic. Score doesn't matter for me as I was accepted off of the waitlist at my top choice two weeks after test day but now I'm very curious.

I guess med school was just never meant to be. MD maybe not, but that's good for DO. Man I'm so down but I'm not really surprised. I studied for 4 months with Kaplan. I felt that the biggest perk with Kaplan is the resources they give, but I would only recommended their classes if you had way more time then I did so you don't spend more time on content review then you had to. One thing I didn't consider is that my head started hurting while I was taking the actual exam, I probably should have bought some pain medication because my head would also hurt while I did my practice exam.

I'm grateful this subreddit, I feel like its more realistic and practical than my actual real-life advisor, even though this sub-reddit can be discouraging sometimes, I feel like I know where I went wrong and I could see where I can improve. Let's see where the curve takes us all.

I'll update my score when I get it. CARS had interesting passages but hard q's. Well I got absolutely sodomized on my first take, so I came in ready to get destroyed but it was more reasonable than expected. Thats what I mean by easy. How did you feel about it? There were two versions. I had the latter. Does anyone else remember that random discrete physics question? You guys know what I'm talking about I lately have been questioning my feelings post-exam heavily, I just felt so numb and could only remember the questions I had trouble with better than the first time I took it though.

Just hope it goes my way this year. Am Very tired of waiting. Tomorrow is judgement day lol. The actual test was a lot harder than any of my practice material and it felt harder than my first official MCAT as well felt very heavy research based as opposed to a year ago. Got a my first time as well, so nervous! FL1 retake 10 months post initial: I am so terrified. I haven't slept for the last two days because of the nerves. Hoping for the best. As long as you're all in the "positives," I think you're at least somewhat okay.

Hey, is a good score. Even if you get a higher score second time around, the strength of the score is partially canceled out by the fact that you take it twice. Messed up, I know, but they are unforgiving about a lot of things. Also the higher your score the more you run the risk of not having a substantial improvement, which is even worse than the retake alone.

Furthermore it delays your application if you wanna apply this year, which is a disadvantage. This subreddit is full of too many high scores, and it skews the reference point. Yeah i know its just cars and bio are kinda sad but i decided its not worth a retake because it might still be enough to get in somewhere! BB- honestly this is always my best section and I felt uncertain about it on test day. Just very tedious reading the details. Was hoping to get a little bit easier passages, not because it was too hard, I am just lazy and get sick of reading after CARS. Like I know I didn't score bad, but I think this section is one that the prep company's don't know how to prepare for and honestly the AAMC stuff wasn't much help either.

Did the TPR course. It was good, a little slow for my pace, would have done the self-paced one if I were to do it over again. Final Thoughts -- Happy with my score. I'm sure like everybody here I wish I could have gotten one more point here and one more point there but I keep reminding myself that I was scored against other premeds who are just as smart if not smarter than I am. I swear by Kaplan, specifically the 7 book set.

The formatting was very useful to me in particular; lots of room in the margins for notes, and side panels giving helpful neumonics and briefing between subjects. I got this set in particular because I spend a lot of time commuting on trains to and from work, and I knew it would be easier to bring one smaller book with me at a time rather than one large one. I made a study plan for myself with Kaplan, planning out how many pages I should read a day, how long it should take me to finish each book, and when I should take practice exams.

Tuesday, Oct. 23, Score Release Thread for the Sept. 18 MCAT Exam : Mcat

I took 4 months total, as I began in mid-January and tested May 18th. Three of those months were spent working careful through the books and practice questions. The last was spent reviewing. I did questions in each subject as well as practice exams, and made sure I understood why I got each one right or wrong. I was really stressed the morning of the test, but I ran into a guy I knew from high school there - we just happened to be taking the test on the same day at the same center.

We started talking and catching up while in line, and it really helped pull me out of my nervousness. By the time I sat down I was able to separate myself from it enough that it felt just like a practice exam. I scored several points higher than I did on any of my practice tests, actually. The first test I took was a half-length diagnostic from Kaplan, on which I got a At this point I have no intelligent recollection or comments on the exam - and not very much on study habits either. I felt pretty good coming out of the exam, but man are my nerves getting all nervy now.

Here's hoping for the best. You're all in my thoughts. I had the test that did not have the Chron question as referenced by another person here. I felt it was my strongest, but we shall see. There were just a couple I was not so sure on. Got a my first time. This time around FL 1 retake 10 months post initial: This was my first time taking this test and I am usually pretty confident going into tests. I thought that the test was much harder than the fls. In the CP I checked my math for a specific problem a few times and my answer was not on the exam so I picked the closest. This threw off my game big time.

I am pretty nervous about getting my scores tomorrow. Moderate improvement and definitely where I want to be, my goal was to get above whether or not that translates to an acceptance is up to the admissions committees. Had 2 bars and a PB and j sandwich for my snacks.

When I studied the first time I took a class, which I find very interesting when comparing that score with what I got from independent studying. I'm not sure about retaking. I'm not excited about my verbal score. I worked full time until February and worked part-time for the remainder of my prep.

If I could clear all responsibilities I'm sure I could score higher. I absolutely cannot afford to do this since I pay all of my bills. Is retaking worth the risk and taking an additional gap year in hopes for a better score? I'm not sure yet. I have a stellar holistic application for state schools and feel confident of my chances with a My concern is the uneven distribution. Not sure if I am posting this correctly, but let me try. Actual Score was ,,, I studied part-time for about 5 months using Next Step.

I took the third AAMC about 1 week before the actual test. I am pleased with my score and was my goal. I was very happy with Next Step because they have an incredible amount of resources. The textbooks that they have are so helpful if you haven't taken some of the classes in awhile. I highly suggest this course, BUT only if you have the time to put into it. I never read or posted to this subreddit until now, but I wish I found it sooner! Good Luck to everyone applying! Hey y'all, I studied for about 3 months while taking classes full time, here's how my tests went. It wasn't even like i didn't know the content, the questions were just confusing.

Very weird, felt a little different than normal. Overall I have no idea. I was fine on timing for everything, I just hope I do as well as on my FLs cuz those turned out good. Just what I was expecting and I'm super happy. Good luck to everyone! I felt pretty crappy leaving the test.

Glad to have this behind me.

The Ghost of MCAT

I might be making a guide for nontrads so look out for that. I have a 3. Congratulations on the amazing score! Yes, a guide would be incredibly helpful but only if you have the time! Obviously I am extremely disheartened by this. I have been crying for an hour straight.

I studied my ass off for this test, but the schools won't know how much work I put in. All they see is a number. At this point, I do not know what to do. I could abort the mission now and apply to nursing school. I could take this test again although I'm not sure I have another one of these in me. I could stick with these absolutely trash scores and apply to med school. Any advice y'all can offer would be appreciated. Most importantly- do I retake?

You scored right around your full length score. I think the average matriculant last year was So remember that half of first year med students scored below a and are in med schools following their dream. A is definitely not going to hold you back. You might not get into Harvard or Hopkins Or just be there with them. Let it all out. This is a long and strenuous process For today, take a break. You will be fine - you will find your way. I think you may have spent too much time on the internet. You scored higher than 4 out of every people who took the MCAT.

Don't feel down, is a wonderful score, that's within the 80th percentile. Just make sure you apply broadly and I'm sure you'll get in. A is a solid score for like half the MD programs. Ultimately so much of the score is luck. You know, a miracle is something that happens once in a million, and there are so many moments in your life. You never know where your life might lead. Finally got time to report. While its a perfectly acceptable score, im a bit disappointed as my score was 7 points under my fl average. Whelp, thems the breaks: This was my first time taking the exam in 4 yrs.

I was definitely immature and ill-prepared back then not that this was any excuse, but I developed some pretty bad study habits as an athlete in college. After college I worked for a couple years in basic science research which is when I took those two exams and then I got my masters degree in medical sciences. Currently working full-time in the family business and acting as a quasi-itinerant salesman. After overcoming the fear and trepidation of not having taken the exam in a while and desperately needing a huge improvement, I finally took the plunge with all of you last month.

The wait was brutal to say the least, but I'm glad it's over. I found TPR to be the most useful resource especially as a nontrad, it gave me a great conceptual base for material that I hadn't seen in awhile. I also just think that it's a bit more realistic as far as time constraints are concerned. TPR also has tons of practice material, which was key. I took most of the TPR practice exams, and those hovered around I did get a on one of them.

I then took only AAMC's 1 and 2 in the week and a half leading up to the exam and scored a and , respectively. On the day of the exam I had a bit of anxiety going in, which lingered for a little while during the physical sciences section, but I eventually settled in. The other sections were okay, but I didn't really want to think about them too much after the exam, let alone try to guess how I did. My impression of TPR exams vs.

Congrats to everyone who finished this beast of a test and best of luck with apps! I didn't think I had done great, but I didn't think I had done this poorly With that being said, I'm probably going to apply MD and not retake. I simply don't have it in me to study hard for the next 3 weeks and take it again on July 7th.

I'm a bot, beep boop Downvote to remove Contact me Info Opt-out. You should look into applying DO. Unless you have a stellar app otherwise or are URM. So, I took the altius program. I knew I sucked at tests and needed some help. Started right after christmas. I used all the anki and tools found here. I was getting around on all the FL tests. I think Anxiety took over bad and my brain fell out a bit. Long story short, Im depressed and just wishing I was dead. Now I dont know if I even have a chance, you guys are just way to smart haha.

It sucks watching yourself put in more hours and work and still seeing people work for a month and still out perform you. Congrats to everyone who hit your goals. I'm sure youll really benefit your communities and those around you. I will probably be your janitor, so be nice to me. Not too happy about having to wait basically more than half the day for it: My full lengths were , , , , , , and in that order but the variation between subjects was a lot.

When i took exam, i felt like shit. Nothing seemed to be going right in my head but i was doing my best.

I was very happily surprised to see the score this morning. Biochem major been out 4 years and work in healthcare. Studied mostly via Khan Academy. Ran out of time for the other full lengths I paid for due to unexpected moving and expected procrastination The exam felt brutal and way worse than the practice tests so I was hoping for a Pretty stoked with where I ended up, Good luck to everyone else out there.

I think is about the matriculant average, so your score is better than around half of current MS1's assuming an even distribution at the extremes , so I'd say you don't need to retake. Spend the rest of your time on your app and make sure your personal statement is solid. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. For an example format for submitting pictures of questions from practice material click here Do not link to content that infringes on copyright laws MCAT torrents, third party resources, etc.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Score Release Form Please fill out the below "Score Release" form with all your practice material scores!! What are some things to include besides your score overall and by section: Resources you thought that were helpful in your prep that you would recommend for future test takers.

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Test day insights that might be overlooked by future test takers How you felt at the end of your MCAT exam and during the month waiting for scores. What resources did you use? What were your strengths? There is no "high yield" Why you liked this subreddit. Want to add to the discussion? Here is some background: This is my third time taking the test. Really hoping for at least a because I want to apply M.

What do you think contributed to your success? Currently in a hotel getting drunk af. AAMC Sample start of real prep: In the order in which I took them: Will update with my score tomorrow.

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Good luck to all! Edit for formatting Edit after score release: I guess im one of the guys who kinda flopped. Dissapointed in my performance. Best of luck on your app! Or is that not how it works? Hopefully i got a different version lmao. But it might have just been my nerves. I honestly don't like my score breakdown. I started out feeling so bad about myself.

I was focused more on biochem and psyc more than physics and ochem but I was trying to learn physics formulas and learning when to use them obvi I'm still trash AAMC FL3: Then I woke up. It should be up and running now! I self-studied both times. I think the biggest mistake students make is to think that they HAVE TO first go over all the books and read them front to back. Raw content review is beyond stupid. Don't forget that you should have seen all of the material at one point if you have taken all the pre-reqs. Instead, before studying at all, take a sample practice exam from third party or the official guide.

Then identify and make a list of the weak sections and do directed content review my term unless someone else has coined it.

Relating it back to mcat problems reinforces your knowledge on the concept as well as helps make studying less boring and more rewarding. TBR and Uworld is absolutely gold here. Find a study buddy. However, this exam is not your regular genetics or stats exam. Create your own community of mcatters who suit your needs. One person who is smarter than you to teach you everything, and another who struggles more and who you can teach to reinforce your knowledge. Talk to redditors who've taken the exam. Be proactive in the community. I promise you, unless you're some genius that I should probably start to worship, you will not get through this alone and end up scoring very high.

Make sure to prioritize your mental health. Hike a lot if you're in an area with lots of nature. One of the best lessons I learned from a professor is to treat your mental health as important as sleeping and eating. Burnout is real and it'll creep on you without even realizing it. If you feel unmotivated, or feel at a loss after a bad practice score, or start hating your life, you need to take a break ASAP.

Find a hobby for god's sake. Whenever I ask another pre-med what their hobbies are, I always get "Netflix", "I don't have any", or "I like to study". Doctors are human too. You need an activity that you truly enjoy and can spend hours doing it without realizing time slipping by. It is so rejuvenating for the mind and soul. I recommend on finding something that taps into your creative side arts, dance, photography, etc.

It is usually a dimension that pre-meds don't usually tap into. If you want advice about specific sections pm me. I'll try to reply if I can. Princeton Review online course, studied for 4 months, approx. Let's look at some random examples from the MSAR. Definitely better than I thought leaving that exam room.

Be freaking proud of your hard work and of your probably solid score. Ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Someone was murdered in the building the morning of our MCAT Historically, the best performing posts are the ones that state your score Lol no true story Make Quizlet flashcards for the chapter review. Do the end-of-section questions in the chapter and correct them.

Do the end-of-chapter review questions and correct them. Review the Quizlet flashcards. Repeat for every single chapter. Some practice exam statistics for me: Studying while working part-time at Hospital Materials: Ordered the book set. Pored through it book by book, hand copied the notes. Late Jan - March: April - Test Day: But it was the most nerve-wrecking experience ever.

I can't believe it. Thank you Folks for everything! AAMC Scores leading up to the test: Wishing everyone the best of luck this cycle. I made my biggest improvements in these last few months: Did not have this. Happy with it still. That's a solid score. Here's my reaction from shortly after the exam: