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I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God! The term heaven is used in a metaphor Isaiah Articles can be reproduced in portions for ones personal use. We love hearing the testimonies and praise reports. We are here to help those who have questions on Bible doctrine, new teachings and movements. Unfortunately we cannot answer every email.

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Let Us Reason Ministries We thank you for your support in our ministry. The rainbow is one such sign Gen 9: Thunder, the "voice of God", is another such sign Exod Meteorological phenomena announce God's intentions to those who know how to interpret them Luke Perhaps the most important and often overlooked feature of the sky is the opening that allows one to travel from the earth to the other side of the sky, where God abides. According to the ancient Israelite tradition, God created an open sky for Adam "so that he might look upon the angels singing the triumphal song.

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And the light which is never darkened was perpetually in paradise" 2 Enoch Of course, after the disobedience of the first creatures that opening to the other side of the sky was closed. In fact, Israelite tradition in general believed that this hole or opening was permanently closed. Yet God could open it as desired. Isaiah begs God to do just that: Where is this opening located?

Third Heaven

Many ancient peoples believed that the opening was located directly above the earthly residence of God. For ancient Israel, this was Jerusalem, hence the opening was directly above God's temple there. This explains why Jesus could not ascend to God in Galilee after his resurrection, since the opening was not located there.

The tradition mentions people who had access to the realm of God and traveled there. These were mainly holy people like Enoch see Gen 5: The sky opened at Jesus' baptism Mark 1: Just before he died, Stephen looked through the opening and saw Jesus standing before God Acts 7: Peter had a vision of food descending through the same opening in the sky Acts These journeys to the sky and visions of the realm of God occurred in what contemporary cognitive neuroscience has identified as an altered state of consciousness, or a level of human awareness that is different from ordinary "waking" consciousness.

What is the third heaven?

This is how God has physically equipped human beings to communicate with the deity and the realm of God 1 Sam 3: The post-exilic and intertestamental literature manifests growing curiosity about heaven as the abode of God and God's attendant beings. The prophet Micaiah reports this experience: The throne is the symbol of royal authority in a monarchic society. It symbolizes the monarch's ability to effectively control the behavior of the kingdom's subjects and to extract loyalty from these subjects. In ancient sky lore, a throne constellation was very well known. The famous Farnese sphere depicting the chief constellation of the second century B.

Another familiar throne in the sky is that of Cassiopeia.

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  4. The constellation Virgo-Isis is the throne in Hellenistic Egyptian sky lore. In the Israelite tradition, Isaiah wrote: According to Islamic tradition, Muhammad 's Mi'raj ascension through the heavens included an admission to the Third Heaven by the angel Gabriel , in which he met Joseph , who received him warmly.

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