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This means switching areas so each can smell the other without stress. Switching beds, toys, litter boxes and even crates will help with this. Then, you can allow them to spend time together while you look on. When they seem content with each other's areas and smells, they should be ok.

One more step

Fights are natural, but temporarily separating them will help. Be sure the litter boxes are not covered and that there is at least one box for each cat so they can't corner each other. This behavior usually means they are mad at you and they are showing it with their back towards you and their tail whipping around. It might also mean your cat feels you have done something wrong. Check litter boxes to be sure he can still get into it, since age can cause problems there. Check to ensure he still has his favorite napping spot, and check to see if there is something wrong with him such as bad teeth which can keep him from eating.

I recently started letting my cat out for the first time. Every so often he will come in, meow at us, we will greet him and pet him, and he will go straight back out again. Why is he doing this?

There could be many reasons for this behavior. Your cat may have found a playmate he likes to hang out with or he may have the urge to mate is he fixed? He might also have found someone else who pets him and gives treats. This behavior is based mostly on the cat's personality. Try watching to see where your cat goes when he is let out. It might help you to find out his reasoning. There could be many reasons. The most common reason is because he is trying to guard the box from other cats. If you have multiple cats, you should have a box for each one.

If you do not have multiple cats, then be sure the box is clean. Also, if you moved it recently, the cat doesn't want you to move it again. If your cat is 'missing' the box, check to see if he has eaten something he shouldn't. This requires a visit to the vet. My cat is reluctant to come into our new house or inside anymore. She will disappear during the day but comes home as soon as it gets dark for food and hang out time. She loves it when I sit outside with her at night. I don't understand these new behaviors.

Do you have any insight? Moving could be the issue. Also, she may be finding mates out there or checking out the new area. If she wants to stay outside, there is not much you can do except keep loving her and spending as much time with her as possible. She may change her mind once she has checked the area out and is sure she and her family are safe.

Do you know why? I suspect it is jealousy. Nothing to worry about, he might even decide to change his behavior and join you both one day. I suspect there is either a blockage or something wrong inside of him. I would get him to the vet asap. My cat has been stuck to me like glue for some reason. There could be several reasons. If your cat is new to you, it could be that you signify safety.

If your cat is one you have had for awhile there could be something that has changed and thus made the cat nervous. Also, if there is a new cat in the house or a cat outside, your cat may be responding this way to keep you protected. Also, check to see if there is something new in the neighborhood that is making a new noise or is very loud. The only other thing I can think of is your cat loves you very very much. I'm trying to find the answer for when a kitten is meowing and purring a lot while getting all in my face and rubbing and licking my face. Like she sniffs me and gets super close, I don't know what she wants when she does this.

She just walks all over my body meowing at me and rubbing her body all over me and stuff, what could it mean from a kitten? First I will tell you that the rubbing is her way of putting her scent all over you. This is something all cats do, even kittens. The meowing could be her way of letting you know she wants to be close to you or it could mean you have not given her enough attention.

Cats, especially kittens, need lots of love and a great deal of play time. As for the licking and nibbling, many cats do that. I have one that is ten and still sucks on my little finger. Some say it means the cat was taken from mom too soon, but I disagree. I believe it is just something some cats like to do.

Cats are very sensitive to feelings and illness. Not all of them can; however, my cats had always tried to climb on me and stay close when I was sick. They even did that during the time I had a massive infection but didn't know I had one. Just like humans, cats are not all the same, so give them the benefit of the doubt.

My curious kitten will meow and meow at me and run to the door, so I let her outside. All it is is her getting dirtier and more money for extra shots. How do I get her to stay inside? I also already open windows and let her climb on the window sill, so she gets fresh air. How do I get my cat to love me?

He used to always play with me, sit with me and wait for me to come home. Now, he never greets me, never sits with me and never sleeps in my bed. I want to make him happier and show him I love him. I want us to be close again. Cats don't change their behavior just because, there is usually a good reason.

Think about how things have been recently. Have you changed work hours or begun seeing someone new? Have you been petting a stray outside? Have you recently had new neighbors? Many things can change the behavior of your cat because they like things to be their way and ordered. Once you can identify the cause, you can act accordingly to fix it. One way is to wash your hands after petting another animal.

Another is to make sure your cat has plenty to occupy him while you are busy or out of the house. Be sure he can see out a window, so he doesn't feel trapped and be sure he likes his food and litter box. My cat just started meowing at my hand and lightly scratching it, but when I reached out to pet him he meowed louder and pushed it away.

He still continued, and it sort of seemed like his body was twitching. My new kitten will always scratch me when I try to pet her. How do I tell her scratching is not allowed and how do I stop her? Why does my cat attack our feet when we pace around the house? My guess is he is watching the feet go past him again and again, and he can't resist the chance to 'play' with the moving targets.

My cat occasionally rolls on his back and, while I rub his belly, he pushes my hand down between his legs.

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Is there a reason he is doing this? Rolling on his back and exposing his belly to you means he feels safe and confident with you. Pushing your hands can be nothing more than that he is ticklish and doesn't want you to pet there. I would try petting him in a different spot, and I think you will get a different response. I try to pick up my kitten to take her off a surface, but she will always lay on her side, so I have to put my hand under her side.

When I do this, she bites or scratches me. How do I let my kitten know scratching is not allowed? Every time my cat lays down she meows, why is this? My cat stretches out his back legs whenever someone puts their hand on where his scrotum and butt are. Is this a bad thing? I really don't know why for certain. If your cat is not fixed, he might be wanting to mate, but that usually means he pees everywhere and screeches to be let outside. Also, many cats will rear up their behind when touched near the tail. I can't tell you what your cat is doing, but if it bothers you, then don't let anyone touch him there.

When I come home, my cat is on the couch, so I pet her. She starts purring, but then she bites me for no reason at all. Often when you pet your cat, you will reach the 'peak' point, and the cat will purr and often 'love' bite you. If the bites are gentle and don't break the skin, they probably are love bites. However, if the bites are hard, there may be a sore spot that your cat does not want you to touch anymore. Try altering where you pet the cat to see if you get a different response. I just recently noticed he peed on my bedroom carpet. By the feel of the carpet when it dried, I realized he had peed there before like months ago.

Today I caught him for the first time, and he saw that I saw him, and knew he was in trouble. I could also tell he was peeing somewhere else because there's not enough kitty waste in the litter box. He is not ill, very healthy, vaccinated, and gets treats almost daily. What is going on with him? With your cat being male I wonder if he is fixed. A fixed cat, especially a male, can suffer from crystals in his urine that makes it hard and painful to pee.

He would pee in other places because when the dam bursts he has no choice. Also, check his litter. He might not like the feel of it, and that could be the other reason. I hope this helps, Cherylone. My male six-years-old neutered cat sleeps at the end of the bed. They other night he bit me on the arm. I can't say for certain, but let me suggest a few things. First could be that you move while he was in the mood to play. Another is he might be sleep-biting, or he was hoping you would play with him.

Finally, he may be sensing a change in the air like a new cat in the area, or you were with someone he doesn't know. Cats don't like change. Think about your recent behavior and you will most likely find the answer to his actions. Giving him something to distract him, like a tunnel to run in, might help.

Cats are sensitive to change and the workings of their owner's bodies as well as their own. They may be worried about your health or their own. Get yourself to a doctor and the cat to a vet. Also, he may have seen a stray outside and is trying to protect you from him. If you are female, your cat may be trying to give you a heads up about something with your belly, perhaps a pregnancy test is in order, or a trip to the ulcer doctor. My cat is a kitten. She is normal and plays and everything. I would love for her to lay with me, but at night time she will not stay in my bed.

Recently my cat came up to me and put his front paws on my shoulder and held on while also jumping up and wanting me to hold him. And every time I try to put him back down, he tries to hold on tighter, or he does it again and again. Why does he do this? There are many reasons for this behavior. The most common one is they want to be held and loved more. Try wearing them out with a toy or put them in a place where they can look out the window. If those don't work, then your cat is trying to tell you that you are not resting enough.

Cats often leave little hints that something is not quite right

So, sit down, pet your cat and relax a little. My cat just had her babies and keeps meowing at me. Today she just took one kitten and came and laid beside me. Is something wrong with the kitten? I would definitely keep an eye on the kitten. Many times they need to be hand fed. This could be that her mouth is not formed right, her siblings are too strong and keep her from eating, or she simply isn't strong enough. My female cat usually hates me, and doesn't ever want to be bothered or picked up or even let me pet her. The past two weeks, she has been following me around, sleeping with me, wanting me to pet her and give her all my attention.

It's very unlike her. Why is she acting different towards me? My cat has suddenly gotten a firm stomach and always meows at me in a crying sort of way. She never gives other cats attention or likes them until the crying started to happen, now she gives the other cat a lot of attention and is always cleaning her. I don't know what is wrong?

We are in between living situations and my cat and I are basically living in one bedroom. I come in and out. I do my best to spend lots of time with her. The other day, while lying on the bed, I was on my iPad, she rubbed up against me, I thought she was laying down, then realized she had pooped! She has never done this before. Is she unhappy with our living arrangement? When should I put my cat to rest?

My cat will attempt to bury me in the middle of the night. He sleeps with us, and I will wake up to him actively trying to bury me. My kitten will always scratch me when I pet her or is just doing nothing. I have got her nails cut, but she will still scratch me somehow How do I tell my cat that scratching is not okay, and what do I do?

When I tried to pet her, she hissed. What is going on? What did I do? Cats are as individual as we are, and sometimes they want to let you know they love you, but don't want to be petted. Or it could be that something hurts or they simply don't like it. Try to pet a small area and see how it works. In the meantime, enjoy the licks. My next door neighbor has an orange tabby that, when she sees me wave at it from the outside, runs up to the window sill and rubs against the glass. Does that mean anything?

Have All Bathing Equipment Ready

Why is this feral cat or stray cat that I have been feeding for about 3 years now meowing at me and wanting me to follow it somewhere? I just got a new kitten, but my year-old cat has not yet met her. I put them in separate rooms and even pet one cat, then the other, trying to leave their smell on me, yet all they do is hiss at each other. How do I get them to like each other? You can't force cats to like each other. Sometimes they just don't click. Your year-old cat is used to having you all to himself and is jealous of the kitten.

Try feeding them at the same time near each side of the door. Try getting a bit closer each day to get them used to each other's smell as they eat. Also, swap out their litter boxes and feeding bowls; this will sometimes help. Another thing you can do is sit on the floor and pet the kitten while petting your older cat.

This will tell the older cat that you don't want him to attack the kitten. Every so often, my cat will do this weird meowing thing. It is not like an angry meow, or an "I want food" type of meow. It is kind of in the middle. He'll creep up like he wants me to pet him, but instead, he timidly bites me. And, of course, I push him off the bed, but he just comes back up, slowly creeps towards me, and does the same thing.

I have a few ideas that might help. Cats will sometimes bite gently called a love nip and want to play with you. When you push your cat away, you are confusing him. Try distracting him with play using a stick with something on it instead.

Also, check his teeth to see if there is something wrong with one of them. Bad teeth can be a problem for cats because they can't eat and it can poison their system. Another thing you can do is make sure he has scratch pads. I find the ones made out of cardboard are the ones they like best. My male kitten is always rubbing his head on my hands and likes always being near my hands even while he sleeps. Why is this so? Your cat probably just wants you to pet him or is content with your touch.

The head is where mom licks her kittens to show love, so he is showing you he loves you. Of course, there are times when the kitten is scared, in which case he is seeking attention from you as comfort. Why does my cat make himself heavy when I try to pick him up? For the past 2 and a half years, I have had my bedroom door closed at all times.

Suddenly a few days ago my cat who has never liked being in my room wants to be in here with me at all times He won't stop meowing until I open the door. Why is he suddenly doing this? This behavior can possibly mean that something has frightened him when you were not home. Being in the room with you when you are home can be comforting to him.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

If you really want your cat to remain out of your room, make sure he has items that are specifically for him. Make sure there are plenty of comfy spots and be sure he can see out the window from one of them. Be sure he can climb, run, jump and scratch all day long or all night long depending upon his preference. Setting a motion activated horn at the door can startle him enough to change his mind about being in there.

Also, try feeding him just before bed, then he will eat, clean, and then sleep. Is my cat unhappy when he runs away at night and hides from me when he is suppose to come indoors? They want to stay out to chase bugs and check out the neighborhood and then come in when they are ready. Your cat just wants to explore. However, I am an advocate for keeping your cats inside at all times.

Make sure they can see outside and make sure they have plenty to keep them busy. A small aquarium for them to watch is a good way to keep them occupied and inside. My cat lays in the doorway of my bedroom on my floor crying every morning an hour and a half before I usually wake up.

Any insights on what her issue may be? Why would a cat sit and slide down a pillow? My cat keeps meowing while kneading and lightly scratching my arm. Then he lightly bites my arm. All of these things are signs that the cat is liking the attention you are giving them. Try petting slower to prevent the cat from getting over stimulated and biting for real. Everytime my cat walks into the room where my family is, she goes to me first to be petted before she goes and makes herself comfortable. Why does she do that? My mom had a guy friend come over for a dinner and my cat, who is also male, was freaking out.

Every time he got close to him my cat would just run off and hide. He only does this with my sister's male dog when she brings him over or this guy. My two female cats that have been together since birth in June last year have started peeing on my bed, sofa, and yesterday my clothes. First thing I would do is get them to a vet. Unusual peeing can mean an infection or urine crystals. Food that helps the urine tract is a good thing to do, but I would also get them to a vet.

Another reason could be they are fighting for control, something all cats do at one time or another. Make sure you have a litter box for each of them and keep them uncovered so they can't trap each other. But first, get them to a vet. My cat's favorite spots to be scratched are anywhere on her head and where her back and tail meet.

Recently, when I go to pet her where her back and tail meet, she will start meowing at me and try to hit me away as her tail moves side to side. Why is she acting like this? The area between the tail and back is a very sensitive area. Often cats will react as if they are mating when touched there. But, touching too long makes your cat over stimulated, so they try to make you stop. Your best bet is to avoid prolonged scratching or to touch in that spot. My cat tries to suck my lip.

I've woken many of times to him doing it. My male cat is very skittish and doesn't really like people. However, if I go to my room he jumps on the bed and wants to be loved. Why does he ignore me everywhere except my room? A cat reaches out to you for attention and play. Because they wish to play, and you are moving, you are deemed temporary prey. Also, sometimes cats are hiding and reaching out to 'catch' you in a game of hide-and-seek. Be sure to stop and play for a moment of relaxing. My cat always leads me to her food and then eats it. I'll walk out of my room, she will meow, then I will follow her.

She wants me to come in and watch her eat. Do you know what this means? My outdoor cat had babies a few weeks ago. I think she lost them as she will not leave me alone and follows me everywhere. Could this be the reason why she's behaving the way she is? She might have lost them, and she might need help. If she leads you somewhere try following to see if she leads you to the litter. However, she most likely doesn't want them, or she would still be feeding them.

I would look around the house and under things in the yard to see if you can find them for her, but if she isn't feeding them, she may attack them. If you find them, you should probably take them to a shelter rather than offering them to her. I throw a ball for my cat to run after and attack. Every time, he runs and brings it back, is this common, uncommon or weird? Cats are fickle, and some will play fetch and others will not. If he keeps bringing it back to you, then keep throwing it. Cats are quirky and like to hide. They also like the warmth of small spaces.

Sleeping on you gives them an even warmer area to sleep. Not sleeping on the bed can be a simple preference of the cat, but it is nothing to worry about. What does it mean when your cat wants your attention then meows as if your hurting them? What does it mean when your cat drags its tail and won't come near you or come home for a long time? Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem? My cat is my everything; I love him so much, so if you could give me an answer that would be great. Some cats like to bite hair, and some do not. I have a cat that will bite my hair, then scratch it out across the bed so he can sleep on it.

It is just his way. Yes, cats do worry about their owners. Cats believe that their owners are part of their 'pack' and therefore family. They watch over you and try to make sure you are safe. My cat is acting different since I introduced a new kitten to the house. I had to end up getting rid of the kitten because my other cat was terrorizing it and being really mean.

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Now my cat, ever since the kitten has gone, will lay with me all the time. Everywhere I am, she wants to be. She has never did that before. My cat is an 8-year-old male. He's a giant snuggle bug before bed every night. He will lay on my chest, and I pet him and pet him, and he lays down and closes his eyes and just purrs. What I want to know is every night after our petting session he will perk up like he has heard something and slightly meow just once.

Then he will be silent. Then he just makes a half more purr noise and jumps up fast like he was shocked. Then he moves to the foot of my bed. When I try to go to bed at night lately my kitten jumps in my bed, walks all over me purring loudly and always has to be in my face. I'll turn over and he will find my face, get to gnawing on my cover so I would take him from my face and lay him next to me.

But then, he usually puts my hand down with his paw gently and lies on it. If I then try to pet with my other hand, he tries to do the same. I have been feeding and taking care of a stray cat for two months. I won't pet it because it doesn't rub against my legs yet, but it will rub the outdoor furniture and my door. Sometimes when I feed him, I put the dry food in my hand, and as I pour it into his bowl, he will dart to the bowl and reach out his paw to scratch or smack my hand away.

The cat is not yet tame enough to trust you, no insult to you; he may have been treated poorly and is now easily frightened. I wouldn't push, let him come to you. If he shows dislike for something, like the food, give him what he wants, and this will help him trust you. Also, if you do touch the cat, please be sure to wash your hands as soon as you can just in case, especially if you have other pets. Our cat will not lay on our laps anymore. She barely lets us pet her. What is our cat trying to tell us? I know you said your cat is healthy, but she might have fallen and hurt herself, or she may have internal problems like blockage of her intestines from hairballs.

The first thing you should do, for the health of your cat, is to take her back to the vet. My cat has a habit of laying down on my pillow above my head and laying her head on mine. She then sticks her claws in my hair. I can't be certain as to why they are doing it, but the cat is letting you know you are part of the 'pack. You are their human, so to speak. Cats have many ways of showing their love. Your cat has found a unique one. My cat will comb my hair out with his claws and then lay on it.

My nine-week-old kitten cuddles up to me then goes and eats her food straight after. Your kitten thinks that you are her mom. Mom cuddles the babies and is the source of food when they are babies. If your cat is not fixed, this could be the cause. Unfixed cats respond to the mating season even when they are inside.

Also, try brushing your cat with a stiff brush to ease their stress. Some cats don't meow. However, I would take the cat to a vet just to make sure everything is okay. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Angry Cat is going to clean his house, but unfortunately he's very easily distracted Read more Read less. Kindle Edition File Size: Foxrain AB 23 March Sold by: Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. I really enjoyed this book. Some experts believe that orphaned kittens or those weaned too early from their mothers and litter mates develop oral behaviors such as suckling and licking, and exhibit these babyish habits into adulthood.

But as with so much about cats, that's a generalization. The favorite hobby of Kelsey, a 6-year-old tabby who shares a household with her mother cat, is washing people -- and Kelsey's mother still scrubs her every day. Licking is a comforting, soothing sensation to cats, and feels like the gentle stroking of your hands petting them. If a cat licks you, she's returning that favor: She figures, who wouldn't enjoy being petted and assured of affection? If an older cat who's never shown such affection suddenly begins licking you or suckling at your clothing, pay close attention to this change in behavior.

Cats that start vigorously licking themselves may be seeking relief from a skin irritation, fleas, an insect bite or an infection.