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5 Minute Magic Green Sauce Recipe - Pinch of Yum

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Zucchini Pasta with Avocado *Magic* Sauce

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  • 5 Minute Magic Green Sauce.

The shock of being called uncle motivated this guy lose 30 kgs. This guy lost 27 kgs by drinking three litres of water daily! The proper balance of diet and exercise helped this boy lose 20 kgs. The fear of high blood sugar made this boy lost 31 kilos. Lindsay, your green sauce looks so beautiful, healthy and delicious!!

And easy to prepare! This green sauce looks delicious! I make a similar recipe and love adding it to zucchini and cucumber noodles! I totally understand your enthusiasm about your food! My kids just roll their eyes at me when I get excited about something I made. Double eye rolls if I make them wait for me to take a picture of the food before they eat. I also understand your enthusiasm about Snapchat-again, eye rolls from my teenagers who are my only Snapchat friends, they wish I would just stop: This looks super good.

This seems like it could be good over Indian food. I think you would LOVE it. Their green sauce is mayo based. Anyway, please scope it. My 3 year old begs for the black beans and yellow rice. I can totally imagine this becoming my new favourite sauce as well! It has to be absolutely amazing with all of these yummy ingredients in it. Lindsay — this sauce looks fantastic!

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What about like edamame or something? You should totally check it out. I would think that hummus would be a good substitute for those who are allergic or dislike avocado. A lot of similar sauces use Greek yogurt, it would be quite different but that could get you the creamy texture! I would like to know, also! I totally believe you when you say this sauce is one of your favorite things. Quite frankly, I have a million favorite things too! If Oprah can pull it off, so can we!

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I love quick sauces! They can turn a dish from ordinary to outstanding. This looks amazing, Lindsay! And I hear ya with the whole everything is your favorite thing. I like everything I put on my blog and a lot of the dishes are my favorites. Otherwise, why would I put them on there? But this green sauce really does look and sound magical. I love that you can put it on anything. I have to say, I love the way you write. You were legit fangirl-ing out over this sauce and I love it. Definitely want to make it now! Omgahhh this sauce looks absolutely heavenly.

That green is so vibrant. Would have never thought to load it up with pistachios. And that snap of Sage was too good. Such a cutie pie! This sauce looks fantastic — excited to try it. The spring is hectic for me between family, teaching, and coaching, so I try to make big food prep batches on a Sunday. How long do you think this would keep in the fridge, and do you think it would freeze well?

This is a fantastic recipe, thank you! How do you keep it from turning brown? Made it for a party and it was brown after a few hours. The colder you can keep it, the better! It will also brown faster if your avocados are really really ripe. That sauce looks amazing!!

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Love the pistachios in there! And Sage is such a beauty. Lindsey, Does it heat up well? Chicken lettuce wraps, you sneaky things you. You make me want to wrap vegetables in the leaves of more vegetables and top it all with more vegetables. I'm not going to lie to you and pretend that it didn't take kind of a long time to chop up all these green, yellow, red, and orange beauties. My perception might be a little skewed considering my 2-second attention span and low tolerance for cooking related….

Avocado Magic Green Smoothie

This weekend we went to the beach and it became my favorite place in the world. I've kind of been overloading you with pictures of kids, snack foods, and dirty crowded streets, but I am dying to show you some more pictures of another side of the Philippines: Because it's really, really beautiful. The highlights were big blue sky and sweet, clean air, low tide explorations, phenomenal colors and hermit crabs and shoreline adventures see that pink pinhole speck at the very end of the rock wall?

Is it just me or is my helmet always crooked? If you really want to get to know your spouse, ride on a small motorcycle in the blazing hot sun with two fat backpacks for a few hours together. For the record, this spontaneous thing is not my typical kind of vacation. Trip Advisor and travel research of any kind takes over my life at least 1 year prior to our actual travel dates. But the Philippines is…. We have a house.

Our house has an old front door.