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In a secluded mansion, the Hilton patriarch curses his family on the hour of his death. Soon, many of the heirs are murdered by a strange killer under the instructions of a witch who knows the secret of the Hiltons. Michael is a successful actor, but he has a scandal in his past: He and his girlfriend Deborah go to his mother's for the weekend, and are A woman and her lover murder her husband, a doctor.

Soon, however, strange things start happening, and they wonder if they really killed him, or if he is coming back from the dead to haunt them. In Dublin, a young woman is brutally murdered in her home by a maniac that throws acid in her face and then slits her throat with a razor.

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Her mangled body is later discovered in the boot A couple who vacationing in Haiti happens to stumble upon an old doctor friend. Dr Steffen has cooked up a powerful new hallucinogenic drug and there are quite a few different parties interesting in acquiring the formula. A professor's wife falls in love with her husband's assistant. When she learns he's planning to move to another city, she does everything she can to avoid it, with no success. Paul Naschy plays a hunchback with below average intelligence who works at the morgue.

He is in love with a sickly girl who happens to be the only person who is kind to him. A musician searches for the Master Flautist, a supernatural creature who is planning to blow up the world. A man discovers an ancient Incan formula for raising the dead, and uses it for a series of revenge murders. A deaf and dumb accountant suffers from a psychic trauma in his childhood. He is collecting puppets and mutilates female bodies in the mortuary. After his secret love died by an accident he starts to kill.

Four young people are enjoying the easy life, cruising on a yacht in the sun.

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Returning to land their car runs out of fuel and they find themselves outside a large manor belonging to Lord and Lady Alexander. Hoping to find fuel they are invited in to stay the night and shelter from a heavy storm.

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The three men are put up in the servant's quarters while Jane gets a room in the house. Hearing a strange noise she heads down stairs, finding the Alexanders performing a black mass and she is put onto the altar to become the sacrifice. Riccardo Freda may have a good reputation; but since we now that many of his best films were, in fact, directed by the late great Mario Bava; it's clear that he wasn't one of Italy's most gifted filmmakers back in the seventies. Freda apparently disowned this movie, and I certainly don't blame him!

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The plot simply follows a bunch of kids that run out of petrol in the middle of nowhere. They happen upon a house while searching for fuel; but it turns out to be a bad choice, as the owner is just about to conduct a satanic ceremony The film features a lead role for Camille Keaton, who would go on to star in the exploitation classic I Spit on Your Grave some years later, but fails to make an impression here despite acting alongside a cast of talentless performers.

The film features one decent gore scene towards the end, but this really isn't enough considering that it takes eighty minutes of tedium to get there. I have a high tolerance for rubbish Italian films that don't make sense - but even I couldn't stand this one. Miss it, miss nothing!

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Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Giancarlo Frassinelli — il figlio di Carlo, fondatore della casa editrice — era noto a Torino come leader carismatico di un gruppo che si stringeva attorno alla figura di Georges Gurdjieff. Visti da qui, i giovanotti assomigliano i bravi ragazzi della Silicon Valley: Qua dentro la Biblioteca vive una stagione di enorme fortuna: Ora io Le chiedo: Le sembra ragionevole tutto questo?

La follia non spiega tutto, ma resta una suggestione fondamentale per capire il libro: Ci sono statue che prendono vita, che si scambiano di posto, bassorilievi che ossessionano fino alla pazzia: Le morti che popolano il romanzo sembrano causate da energumeni che usano le vittime come mazze umane: La critica statunitense ha molto insistito sul parallelo tra De Maria e Lovecraft: Persino la Torino protagonista del libro viene paragonata alla Providence del maestro della narrativa weird: Qui gli omicidi o meglio i suicidi come in Morselli, dunque?

Ancora da Le venti giornate di Torino: Gli anni di piombo Nello stesso anno di Le venti giornate di Torino , il , esce al cinema San Babila ore Il clima quasi metafisico dato da questa atmosfera di terrore si nota meglio in un film di poco precedente come I Cannibali di Liliana Cavani, girato a pochi mesi dalla strage di Piazza Fontana.