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These pioneers brought with them the tools, know-how, Arcadia Publishing Bolero Ozon. Native Americans roamed the beautiful lands of northern Michigan for many years, leaving a legacy of mature forests, clear waters, and plentiful game.

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These pioneers brought with them the tools, know-how, and determination to transform the wild land into an economy based on the timber, railroads, and farming. Schools, churches, businesses, and tourism blossomed. Correspondence and legal documents, primarily land deeds, concern Crawford , last surviving signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Methodist clergyman, and postmaster in Pittsburg Papers concern the career of Crimmins , army officer, herpetologist, and military historian, and relate to the military history of the U.

Included are correspondence, research files, notes, muster rolls, diary, maps, photographs, and manuscripts. Most historical documents are photostatic copies. Diaries Echols, William H. Kirby Smith, William F. Republic Thomas, George H. Treaties - Indians Twiggs, David E.

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Clay Worth, William J. Correspondence consisting of transcripts 2 copies and one original letter deals primarily with the business transactions of Crosby , soldier, lawyer, state legislator, district judge, and businessman, with James Wiley Magoffin. Additional letters concern the Magoffin family. Papers document the career of Culberson as a member of the Texas Railroad Commission from , his interest in the regulation of the oil and gas industries by the state rather than the federal government, and the elimination of discriminatory freight rates against southwestern Texas.

Included are correspondence, a diary, financial accounts, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, speeches, legal records, reports, sound recordings, motion pictures, photographs, and a large volume of Texas Railroad Commission maps oil and gas division embossed with Ernest O. Railroads Rayburn, Sam Texas. Guide and History, pertains to the history, government, culture, social structure, agricultural, commercial and industrial economy, and points of interest and includes information about population growth and shift , housing conditions, and development of recreational areas and transportation facilities.

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Papers of Dana ? The papers contain primarily correspondence with family members; friends; parishioners, including members of the Lee and Mason families of Virginia; and church officials, including William Meade and John Johns, bishops of the Diocese of Virginia, and clergymen C. Kidder, Philip Berry, and John Woart. A few letters describe Civil War activities in Virginia and Mississippi. Also included are receipts, bills, and other personal financial records, petitions, and a convention resolution. Printed items include circulars and other materials related to the Theological Seminary of Virginia and other educational institutions in Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Tennessee, New York, and Mississippi; a circular for Washington College, Virginia, Gen.

Lee, President ; requests for funding and other materials related to missionary and charitable work in Tennessee, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and other western states, and work with Native Americans , Jews , and needy children; a Constitution of the Diocese of Virginia and other materials related to the Protestant Episcopal Church in Virginia, Mississippi, and elsewhere; requests for funding the colonization by black Americans of Liberia, Africa , ; and newspaper clippings related to Natchez, Mississippi Significant items separated to the Charles Backus Dana Ephemera Collection include circulars and other materials related to schools in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Mississippi; a program for the Anniversary of the Belles Lettres Society of Alexandria Academy ; an advertisement for sewing machine needles ; a prospectus ca.

Papers of Dancy , Fayette County farmer and legislator during the Republic and early statehood periods, include seven volumes of a diary, army discharge papers, an essay and a speech, a list of legislators in , and other related materials. Papers pertain to the career of Davis b. Included are correspondence, speeches, poetry, articles, and editorials related to Texas agriculture and politics from to Papers include photostats of letters and other documents concerning Davis and his family as well as of an inventory of the J. Also included is a handwritten history and description of J.

Davis's walking cane and a photostatic copy of the invitation to the first meeting of the Texas State Library Association. Davis, Joseph Jenkins, Sr. Papers concern the career of Davis who served as Montgomery County attorney, commissioner, and chief justice and as judge of the Thirteenth Judicial District from to Included are correspondence, land titles, wills, notebooks, account books, tax receipts, newspaper clippings, speeches, and legal papers associated with the clients of the law firm run by Davis and his brother James R.

County commissions Davis, James R. Supreme Court Willis, Peter J. Photostats of letters from Thomas Decrow, a carpenter and farmer from Maine, to his father and brother concerning his prosperity in Texas, the estate of his brother Daniel who was one of the Old Three Hundred, and claims against the Republic of Texas. Legal testimony, depositions, and court orders relating to litigation between De La Fuene, a farmer, and Manuel Delgado in a suit over possession of a ranch at San Fernando de Bexar.

San Fernando de Bexar, Texas. Papers deal with land sales and purchases by de la Garza, settlement of his estate, and governmental affairs of San Fernando de Bexar and include deeds, decrees, certificates and affidavits in Spanish, and a plat map. Photostatic copy of land grant and deposition in Spanish relates to the grant made to De Leon , empresario and founder of Victoria, by the Mexican government in connection with his colonization project. Papers pertain to the writing career of DeShields , merchant and historian. Collection contains a letter and a one-volume typed transcript of notes, clippings, and articles about the life of John Coffee Jack Hays, Texas Ranger.

Papers of Devine , lawyer and statesman, pertain to his appointment as district judge, his work as a member of the Texas Committee of Public Safety , his work as Confederate States judge including the confiscation action of Confederate States of America versus Unionists John Twohig and J. Included are five manuscript documents, an envelope, and a typescript volume of correspondence and military and legal papers. Committee of Public Safety Twohig, John. Papers collected and produced by Dienst , Temple dentist, historian, writer, lecturer, include the Bryan-Hall papers concerned with affairs of the Republic of Texas agency in New Orleans; letters, special orders, and other documents relating to the Texas Navy; the George C.

Pendleton letters, pertaining to major political developments in Texas and in the United States during the period ; correspondence of prominent Texans from the earliest days, represented by Austin, Houston, Burnet, and others, to the 's, including especially correspondence of Texas governors and dealing with personal, business, governmental, political, and military affairs. Microfilm holdings include New Orleans newspaper files of the Texas Revolutionary period. Papers contain letters, diaries, clippings, scrapbooks, literary productions, legal documents, receipts, bibliography.

Temple, Texas Tennison, William C. Governors Texas Memorial Museum Texas. Republic - Financial affairs Texas. Photocopy of a manuscript letter from Dillingham in Bangor, Maine, to her brother George Aldrich on the Trinity River in Texas, , concerns family affairs, conditions in Texas and the north, and her possible emigration to Texas. Included are a typed transcript of this letter and photocopies of three promissory notes issued to James Harper Starr and signed by Nelson, brother-in-law of Mrs.

Dillingham and secretary of the Trustees of Nacogdoches University, , as well as a photocopy of a certificate of membership in the Texas Veterans Association issued to Albert A. Nelson and signed by Moses Austin Bryan []. Fragment of a letter of introduction and a commission deal with the career of Donelson , soldier, diplomat, and politician, as charge d'affaires to the Republic of Texas and to his work as United States minister to Prussia.

Donelson, Andrew Jackson Temperance Texas. Photostats of letters and a typescript of a legal document relate to Douglass d. Relates to the political, legislative, and fraternal organization activities of Maurice H. Dowell , a state representative from Luling in the and legislative sessions. Also concerns the estate of Alice M. Contains correspondence, speeches, legislation, wills, newspaper clippings, bills, checks, literary productions, and photographs.

House of Representatives Wills and estates. Diary and letters of Duerr b. First volume is in German. Papers relate to the career of Duncan , farmer, cattleman, and legislator, including his experiences as a Confederate soldier and as a prisoner of war, his settlement in Texas, service in the twenty-second Texas Legislature, and farming in Wharton County. Included are correspondence, diaries, memorandum books, financial records, land records, newspaper clippings, the plantation records of John B.

Walker, and diary of William F. Photocopies should be made from microfilm, not from originals. Surveying and surveyors Texas. House of Representatives Walker, John B. Wharton County, Texas Wills and estates. Papers concern Duncan's presidency of the Texas State Historical Association and contain correspondence, minutes of Executive Council meetings, and financial reports.

Also included are notes, interviews, and letters collected by Duncan relate especially to the death and burial of Governor Richard Coke in Waco Collection documents the lives of the extended family of Dr. Dunn and his wife Rebecca Micheaux who filed for bankruptcy in Virginia in and subsequently moved to Texas where they and their children lived in various places over the years. Letters written by Dunn's sons and daughters and their aunts, uncles, and cousins still residing in Virginia, especially those from the Micheaux sometimes spelled Michaux and Dickinson branches of the family, make up the bulk of the collection.

Included is material dealing with postbellum life on the Virginia plantation Cork belonging to the Micheaux family; the affairs of Hampden-Sydney College and the town of the same name in Prince Edward County, Virginia; land concerns in Texas relating to crops, rentals, and oil leases; alcohol and drug addiction treatments; and the daily affairs of life and death.

In addition the papers include letters from a West Point cadet , from members of the Dunn family during a stay in Los Angeles, and from cousins who have emigrated to northern California Correspondence, memoranda, pamphlets, programs, clippings, ledger, check register, financial statements, historical notes, musical scores regarding the career of Mary Dunn, music educator, secretary of South Plains Music Association, president of Texas State Music Teachers Association, chairman of Applied Music Division of Texas Department of Education.

Papers pertain to early history of music in Texas, to Texas State Music Festivals, to Texas Federation of Music Clubs, to Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, to Mary Dunn's efforts to obtain accreditation in state school system for music instruction privately given, and to agricultural data from census.

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Biographical narrative by Marie Cassandra Durham Cabler, about her grandfather, Durham , dealing with Durham's activities as clerk in governmental offices of the Republic of Texas , early settler in Austin, noncommissioned officer in Travis Guards , participant in the Archives War , Indian fighter from , chief clerk in the office of the state comptroller of public accounts , mayor of Austin , candidate for state treasurer , member of State Auditorial Board , horticulturist, and ornithologist. Republic - Financial affairs. Papers relate to the activities of Duval, student and amateur biologist and geologist, and pertain to his studies and observations in those fields, especially with reference to the flora, fauna, and physical characteristics of Bastrop County.

Included are letters, notebooks, literary productions, newspaper clippings, diaries, and geological and biological sketches. Papers of Ector , attorney, legislator, soldier, and judge of the Sixth District Court of Texas and the Court of Appeals, concern his career and include commissions, pardons, resolutions, and newspaper clippings. Edwards, Haden Edwards, Hader D. Papers include research notes and essays on the early history of the Grange in Texas and its policies on railroads, immigration, tariffs and markets.

Papers relate to the family and career of Edwards , soldier, attorney, judge and politician. Included is family correspondence with him during his service in Company of the 17th Texas Cavalry in the Civil War, legal papers dealing with his law practice in Nacogdoches, the constitution and by-laws of the Dialectic Society of Nacogdoches College, and the genealogical research of his daughter Leila Edwards Akin.

Types of material include certificates, land grants, speeches, plat map, photographs, postcards, diary, tax receipts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, legal papers, notes, memoranda, and architectural sketches. Carmel, Maria del Caspary, P. Gaines, Thomas Kemp Hancock, H. Parmalee, Richard Pitts, Thomas T.

Photocopied reports in Spanish concerning the events in Texas during the career of Elguezabal , Spanish colonial administrator, as interim governor of Texas. Correspondence, notes, maps, leases, deeds, speeches, literary productions, examinations, class records, pamphlets, books, financial records, farm records, and college administration records concerning the career and family of Alexander Caswell Ellis , professor, author, lecturer, college administrator.

Papers relate to family affairs; Ellis' cultural and conservation activities; his work with mental and physical-health groups; his work as a university professor of philosophy of education and educational psychology; his work in adult education; farm records and data for a book he wrote with E. Kyle; sports and physical exercises; establishment and maintenance of institutions for the care and treatment of people with mental-health problems; and Hogg Mental Health Foundation.

Papers concern the history of the Erath family and include correspondence, legal papers, land grants, account books, newspaper clippings, photographs, and literary productions pertaining to the careers of George Bernard Erath , pioneer, politician, soldier, and surveyor, and his daughter Lucy A. The manuscript and typescript of Erath's memoirs concerning his immigration to Texas, his participation in the Revolution, his surveying activities during The Republic, and his service in the Texas Legislature are included.

Erath, Lucinda Erath, Lucy A. Papers concern the life of Erskine , Texas Ranger, surveyor, agriculturist, soldier and relate to his experiences as a Texas Ranger under John Coffee Hays; as surveyor for the German Emigration Company; as supervisor of the Capote Ranch; the Cortina invasion; and the Civil War. Included are correspondence, legal document, and biography. Papers include correspondence, affidavits, commission, certificates, military reports, and orders concerning the career of Ewing as chief surgeon in the army of the Republic of Texas and as a Mason.

Also included are directives from headquarters printed separately and clipped from newspapers. Letter of John Felloseby, colonist, relating to rumors and news of Texas Declaration of Independence and fall of the Alamo, March , Collection concerning Ferguson was assembled by Alex Dienst, Texana collector and Ferguson's friend, and primarily documents Ferguson's political career and the controversy over his activities as governor.

Included is material relating to Governor Ferguson's impeachment in and to his wife, Miriam Ferguson governor and Memoirs and apologia of Vicente Filisola, soldier, relating his activities in the Texas campaign of , and American-Spanish-French prerevolutionary political policies. Correspondence, petition, depositions and newspaper clippings concern the formation of the Treasury Guards in Austin in the spring of The Treasury Guards were a group of 30 volunteers, many ex soldiers, organized by George R. Freeman to guard Austin and the Treasury after the collapse of the Confederacy and before Union occupation forces had arrived.

Department of the Treasury - Robbery. Correspondence, clippings, pamphlets, and scrapbooks of Elizabeth F. Gardner, teacher and executive secretary of the Texas Society for Mental Hygiene. Correspondence, diplomas, certificates, ledgers, literary productions, maps, clippings, broadsides, lecture notes, research notes, grade books, account books, speeches, pamphlets, documents, and photographs of George Pierce Garrison , educator and author. Papers relate to Garrison's association with the University of Edinburgh , the University of Texas , and Baylor ; business of the Texas State Historical Association, of which Garrison was a charter member; Southwestern Historical Quarterly of the Texas State Historical Association, of which Garrison was editor until his death; Garrison's historical research and writings on slavery, colonization, relations with Mexico, British relations, American history, Texas history; Garrison's participation in the multi-volume history of the United States, the Commonwealth Series.

Collection comprises photocopied newspaper clippings compiled by the Sergeant's Clipping Service and distributed by the Sergeant-at-Arms Office of the Texas Senate. Clippings from the Dallas Times-Herald, Dallas Morning News, and Fort Worth Star Telegram document various state and local political issues and persons including the gubernatorial race, the Sharpstown scandal, environmental issues, and the state constitution. Correspondence, literary productions, clippings, pamphlets, posters, handbills, bulletins, memoranda, bibliographical notes, lectures, student examinations and essays, printed travel guides and college yearbook of Clyde Chew Glascock , professor of romance languages.

Judiciary Slaves and slavery Texas Memorial Museum. Historical narrative by Goodman of the election campaigns, the issues at stake, the candidates for president, their platforms, and the elections in , , and Presidents Washington County, Texas. Filming records of Shadrack Edmond Graham , documentary film maker. The collection consists of shooting records and lists of businesses in 5 small towns, for example: Papers document the life and family of Granberry ca.

The Granberry papers consist mainly of memorabilia related to Granberry's childhood in Austin, his years at The University of Texas, particularly as a student, and his association with the Texas Legislature. The memorabilia includes invitations, programs, certificates, resolutions, letters of congratulation, newspaper clippings, and materials related to Granberry's death.

Also included are papers of Jennie Read Granberry b. Significant items separated to the Texas Collection include a broadside describing the treatment of yellow fever published by A. McFarland of Alpine, Texas. Concerns business activities, legal affairs, estates of Ben S. Contains correspondence, financial, legal documents and photographs. Correspondence, biographical materials, speeches, and interview materials reflect Greer's role in the development of the Texas highway system and his participation in state, national, and international professional organizations.

Printed materials include awards, testimonials, resolutions, and press releases documenting recognition of Greer's achievements on state and national levels; newspaper clippings about Greer and Texas State Highway Department activities, many of which are annotated by Greer; and magazine articles by and about Greer. Correspondence and clippings concerning the career of Jose Bernardo Maximiliano Gutierrez de Lara , governor of Tamaulipas and commandant general of the Provincias Internas.

Papers relate to a description and history of the Mansion, state of repair, and sketches of furniture in the Mansion. Hogg, Ima Social life and customs Texas.

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Papers concern political career of Hamilton , tenth governor of Texas, state attorney general, legislator from Travis County, U. Materials include correspondence, speeches, legal records, scrapbook, proclamation, commission, and program. Due to the fragility of the originals, transcripts of the correspondence and speeches are provided for patron use.

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Governors Unionists and unionism. Correspondence , diaries , account papers , legal papers , scrapbook ca. Collection includes biographical narrative of John Coffee Hays , surveyor, sheriff, and Texas Ranger. The biography concerns Hays's activities as a surveyor, as Texas Ranger and Indian fighter, as an officer in the Mexican War, as a sheriff in California, and as surveyor general of California.

Correspondence, literary reproductions, clippings, collected by Pearl Hendricks, historian and writer. Correspondence, pertaining to the work of Francisco Hidalgo ca.

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Recollections of the beginnings of Texas Tech, Reminiscences of Thomas F. Papers document the life of Sam Houston including his military service under Andrew Jackson and his term as congressman from Tennessee and governor of that state, his life among the Indians, and his service to Texas as commander-in-chief of the army in the Texas Revolution, twice president of the Republic of Texas, one of Texas's first two senators, and governor of the state.

Many important state and national figures are represented here, especially Andrew Jackson, as well as personal friends and family members. Included in addition to the small series of original documents are two series of photocopies and two of transcripts, each of which varies to some extent from the others. The organizational records for District Five editors of trade publications consist of classified files which relate to chapter membership, officers, conferences and board meetings, committee and chapter activities, evaluation and awards programs, and organizational finances.

Materials include correspondence, minutes, reports, bylaws and constitution, surveys, lists, financial records, brochures, manuals, trade newsletters and magazines, scrapbooks, and photographs. Historical records relating to land surveys in Texas collected by Irving H. Webb, President of the Texas Surveyors Association, , and member of the historical committee. Collection contains notes, research materials, legal documents, and photographs, in addition to Webb's survey reports relating to oil exploration; Texas Surveyors Association publications and books of surveying.

Correspondence, post cards, photographs, broadsides, literary productions, clippings, and pamphlets of Mrs. Jackson , president of Texas Women's Press Association. Papers concern the educational, military, legal, and banking careers of three brothers, Charles Albert James , John Garland James , and Fleming Wills James , who moved to Texas from Richmond, Virginia after the Civil War.

Miscellaneous business, legal, and banking papers and documents are also included. Autobiographical statements, narratives, and notes relating to the history of Texas and to the career of Francis White Johnson , surveyor, soldier, historian. Papers were written and collected by Johnson and were edited and published by E. Winkler as the five-volume work entitled History of Texas and Texans published Correspondence, diaries, speeches, memoranda, calendar of correspondence, scrapbook, official documents, legal documents, day books, account book, and clippings concerning the family and career of Anson Jones , President of the Republic of Texas.

Lamar and fiscal policy of his administration; his relationship with Samuel Houston; his United States Senate aspirations; and Know Nothing Party; Abolitionism; founding of the first Masonic Lodge in Texas; family genealogy; attempts to gain a contract for transcontinental railroad line through Texas; Mary Jones's papers of her family activities, work in Texas Veterans Association, organization of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, donations to Texas State Historical Society; C.

Anson Jones's career as lawyer and land speculator. Webb, James Wharton, John Austin. Relates to the legal and political career of Fritz Garland Lanham , first Texan editor , lawyer, and U. Also concerns affairs of Lanham's second wife, Hazel Head Lanham. Contains correspondence, account ledgers, deeds, financial documents, photographs, and postcards. Records, business and legal documents concerning the official, municipal, church, and social affairs of Laredo during the Spanish and Mexican periods.

Records relate to daily life of pioneer people, allotment of lands, boundary surveys, tax renditions, record of wills, settlement of estates, establishment of schools, building of a church, creation of a post office and appointment of postmasters, civil and criminal litigation, decrees, laws, ordinances, census reports, statistics, Indian raids, official correspondence. Record relates to committee appointed by the third session of 41st Legislature of Texas to investigate the operation of the fee system used by county officials of Texas.

McLennan County, Texas Politics and politicians.

Materials collected by Lenz after his retirement as civil engineer in concern the early history of Texas and its settlement, particularly by the Canary Islanders in San Antonio and the Germans in South Texas; the Texas Revolution; and the Texas Republic. Significant features of the collection are letters from notable persons in Texas history, family papers and government records of settlers, daily diary of the Confederacy collector in Victoria , and ledgers from several business establishments in Cuero.

Other materials included are financial and legal records, literary productions, certificates, deeds, land grants, guest register from the Mutel Hotel in Cuero , speeches, photographs, and newspaper clippings. There are also calendars compiled by Lenz for some of the materials and a card index for the collection. Many documents are in German and Spanish, some of the latter with English translations. Some materials are photostatic copies. Alamo Buchel, Augustus C. Dobie, James Frank Norvell, Mrs. Historical narrative by Delta N. Lowery, writer, relating to governmental administration of Texas from the appointment of Fernando Peres de Almazan as governor to the settlement of the Canary Islanders in San Fernando de Bexar.

Papers concerning the career of Lubbock , who served in various public offices during a period extending from to including a term as governor of Texas and six terms as state treasurer , contain correspondence, financial and legal records, printed material, and photographs. The collection consists of sixty-seven volumes of photocopies made by Carlos E. Castaneda from the original documents in Mexico. The records contain information on a great variety of subjects, most of which fall generally within the realms of the governmental and military establishments and relate primarily to the local level.

Subjects reflecting more than a local interest are found primarily in official decrees, laws, and acts of the provincial and later the state and national governments, particularly in the official newspaper, El Correo Nacional. Numerous documents in the collection concern customs and shipping activities at Mexican ports.

Subjects deal with customs duties; declarations of cargo; confiscations of cargo; disputes between ships' captains and local authorities; lists of crews and passengers; lists of foreigners arriving in Mexica ports, goods loaded and unloaded. The collection also includes documentation pertinent to the Texas Revolution and the Mexican War as these related to the Matamoros region. The collection contains a large number of copies of newspapers of Matamoros, Ciudad Victoria, and Mexico City, covering the period from to Contains papers and manuscripts; correspondence and notes, ; programs of Texas State Historical Association annual meetings, ; Texas State Historical Association audit reports, Examined are constitutional provisions for departmental and agency reporting and views of the reports issued by various state agencies and departments.

Lack of attention to planning and editing, lack of order and uniformity, negligence of pictorial and graphic aids, and stilted prose are noted. Smith, philanthropist Martin Johnson, and others nurtured the expansion of the groups. The Civilian Conservation Corps replanted the forests and equipped roads, the African American lodge of Idlewild showcased black entertainers, and Raymond W.

Overholzer outfitted Shrine of the Pines, all selling the county's development. Our western border, its life, combats, adventures, forays, - download pdf or read online Our western border, its existence, combats, adventures, forays, massacres, captivities, scouts, crimson chiefs, pioneer ladies, years in the past May, , A Confederate Odyssey - download pdf or read online In may possibly of , the 3rd yr of the Civil battle, twenty 4 guerilla accomplice Cavalry officials left the accomplice strains in Missouri and entered the Cherokee impartial Lands in Kansas territory on a most sensible secert covert undertaking to create a western Kansas entrance.

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