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Vielen Dank auch an S. You must be signed in to post a comment. Please sign in or create an account. Skip to content Developmental Biology. Fill out the form below to receive a free trial or learn more about access: Kurz schneiden Sie Haare mit einer Schere. Knorpel legt auf die vorderen Haut. Schneiden Sie den Basisbereich, die gefaltet und Fettgewebe und Bindegewebe. Der Knorpel vom vorderen Haut mit feinen gebogenen Pinzette abziehen. Bereiten Sie die blockierenden Puffer.

Our research led us to the holistic practitioner Rainer T. On his website, he lists a myriad of illnesses that MMS is purported to heal. We sent a test patient to him - someone with an autistic child. He told our patient that he had also given his daughter chlorine dioxide and that it had made her nauseous. Even so, he gave this advice: It's very controversial, and you shouldn't tell anyone if you're doing it, otherwise child protection services will come after you.

Their 12 year old daughter was admitted to this clinic, in Bavaria, which prides itself on its alternative healing methods. There, the parents met a doctor, who set up this therapy plan for their child: MMS enemas as per Jim Humble. She didn't explain what MMS is.

So we were told that the parasites hide themselves and there are so many types that they can't all be confirmed. We blame the clinic for not explaining to us what MMS drops are at all. According to the therapy plan, the enemas were to be continued at home for several more weeks, with higher dosages of the MMS drops. The clinic even gave the parents chlorine dioxide, which is not supposed to be used as a medication.

She immediately stopped her daughter's therapy. I wanted to help her and they betrayed us like that. I really wanted to burst into the clinic and take them to task for doing something like that to a child.

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The parents complained to the Spezialklinik Neukirchen, but the clinic's managers played down the MMS dosage, even to us, saying that they had only administered a homeopathic dose. The therapy plan we saw said something totally different. We asked toxicologist Dr Guido Kaiser to mix the dose that was prescribed for the enemas.

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The AOK Plus examined the situation and was unable to recognize any treatment errors. Their expert obviously didn't get to read the doctor's therapy plan. The insurer refused an interview about this case. Ionescu refused an interview as well. Instead, we were threatened with legal action. The promoters of MMS are still as unscrupulous as ever.

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The local authorities are overwhelmed and the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Although it has banned two specific MMS products, the states are responsible for prosecuting the charlatans selling it. For the first time, the president of the federal institute is demanding that the responsibility for this be centralized. Broich, Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices "Federalism has its advantages, but in cases where patients are being concretely endangered, we want to be able to show more strength and take action ourselves.

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Die Runde des Hauskreises besteht aus bibelfesten Christen. Ein Kfz-Meister ist dabei, eine Erzieherin, ein Maschinenschlosser, ein Altenpfleger und zwei Rentner, die sich ehrenamtlich in der Gemeinde engagieren. Fremdenhass scheint in dieser Einfamilienhaussiedlung keine Chance zu haben. Er strahlt etwas Zufriedenes aus. Seine Frau Sissi sitzt neben ihm. Ihre Hautfarbe ist dunkel. Sie stammt aus Uganda. All the members of the group are Christians who have a strong belief in the Bible. They include a motor mechanic, a preschool teacher, a machine fitter, a geriatric nurse and two pensioners who volunteer in the community.

A few days ago, on Easter Monday, this atmosphere led to an incident in which Pegida members threatened three members of the community in Dresden. They were told that if they rang their church bells rang once more just as Pegida was marching through the city, they would have their throats cut.

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The atmosphere is tense, making everyone wonder where things are going: The group in this living room in Saxony are terrified of a repeat of what happened in Rostock-Lichtenhagen, when Nazis hunted foreign nationals while the police looked on. Beyerlein, who is 56 years old, is wearing dark blue trousers and a light blue shirt under his tracksuit top.

His bristly beard conceals his frequent smiles and he radiates satisfaction. Since the 1st of April, Beyerlein has been working as the Church's representative on refugees in the Erzgebirge district. He is familiar with the refugee intake camps and residences in Chemnitz, Schneeberg and Dresden and he works as a mediator between the underprivileged and the province of Saxony.

His wife Sissi is sitting next to him.

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She is a dark-skinned woman, who comes from Uganda. This is noteworthy, because, just a few years ago, her husband would probably have insulted people like her. I have worked in the field of insurance underwriting , education, journalism. About thirteen years ago I became intensely involved in the field of infant health and nutrition, later branching into developmental psychology.

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