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A resident also told us about a charity that hires out play equipment for free to registered groups, which was brilliant. One was rolling around on the tarmac with wild abandon, others were filling up water guns with puddle water. Just as they got into playing on the street, everyone seemed to want to drive somewhere so there was a lot of stewarding of vehicles. The neighbours thought it was wonderful.

Lots of people have asked when the next one is and are looking forward to more. My favourite bit was when I reopened the street and came across some chalked words on the road F..

Make your street a place to play

I had invited the local police team, having read it was a good idea. Honestly, it was the best thing I did. During the session some residents who I think the angry ones who rang me during the consultation stood up in their bay window looking very unhappy. The police presence helped me feel calmer and that it was authorised and okay.

All the stewards got together a few weeks later to see what we might want to change. We decided that for our street we need five stewards minimum, because cars were pulling out of the closed section throughout the session. We also have had people suggest closing another part of the street another time, that might be less traffic heavy.

Playing Out can support you to seed or grow street play where you live. We may even be able to help with funding for local groups to spread the word and support more streets to play out.

Close roads so children can play in the street like their parents did, say public health experts

Info for Councils Find out more. Motivated parents and residents around the UK are spreading the idea of opening streets for play.

Playing Metal on The Streets For $$$

Talking the Council into Saying Yes I rang the council and asked to speak to the Highways Officer and told him all about it. Liability We were told to think about liability, that any pot-holes were suitable for cars but not for playing, and to get out there and consult. On the day all the stewards turned up for the briefing, we borrowed bins and got on with it!

The children were so keen!

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There will definitely be tea and cake at the next one! Involving the Police was a good idea I had invited the local police team, having read it was a good idea. What would we do differently next time? All set for to be a year of playing out.

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A new analysis of the simple scheme by the University of Bristol found that residents reported a greater sense of a community, overall happiness, and said their areas were more friendly and safer. One woman claimed the project had even helped her combat post-natal depression. Youngsters interviewed said that were it not for the scheme they would usually be sitting inside, watching TV, playing video games, or eating pizza. A lthough NHS guidelines suggest that, from the age of five, children need 60 minutes of physical activity a day only 21 per cent of boys and 16 per cent of girls achieve that.

Each extra hour of activity daily is associated with 0. The Playing Out movement was founded in by Alice Ferguson, a mother who wanted her own children to be able to play in the street, as she had done as a child. The Bristol study found children using the scheme were outdoors for at least 70 per cent of the time that the roads were closed.

P arents who have established schemes in their area say it has completely changed communities. Some of the older kids now babysit for the younger ones. Older kids have taught younger kids to skip, blow bubbles, play hopscotch.