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All you need to do it to mix everything together with a wooden spoon, gently, leaving out only the flour. It is the type of preparation that you can do when your mind is elsewhere. Once you have made the balls — I usually use two spoons to choose the quantity and make them even — put them in a pan, hot with olive oil.

Once all the meatballs are in the pan, pour over the hot stock a bit at a time. It will be absorbed very quickly. Turn the meatballs every couple of minutes. In ten minutes they will be done. I really love them when they make a thin and crispy layer on each side. If you prefer the version with tomato sauce, once you get to this stage you only have to add a can of tomato sauce, add three table spoon of oil, a bit of salt and pepper, and let it cook for an extra ten minutes.

The sauce will be absorbed in no time. Very good the day after, they can also be frozen.

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Erano giorni dalle ore lunghe e infinite, soprattutto quelle pomeridiane, giorni in cui le stagioni e gli anni fiscali non avevano senso, ma solo le vacanze scolastiche dettavano il ritmo. In quei giorni il pastificio era un negozio piccolo, e si trovava in ogni quartiere. Le macchine erano a vista e due generazioni della stessa famiglia impegnate a portare avanti il business, lavorando nel fronte e nel retro bottega. Pochi i prodotti in vendita, a cui se ne sono aggiunti una manciata negli ultimi anni. Tutto viene preparato davanti ai clienti, dietro ad un bel bancone di Corian, pronto per essere portato a casa e cucinato a piacere, o ancor meglio gustato direttamente nella zona ristorante nel retro del locale, o al banco, seduti su uno sgabello, mentre si osserva il mondo passare davanti.

Insomma, nessun rischio di pasta collosa o ravioli che si sfracellano in pentola per chi non ha mai osato cucinare. Per esempio gli gnocchi di ricotta e spinaci che ho assaggiato io — perfetti per una giornata estiva non troppo calda —mi hanno sorpreso con una punta di menta nel retrogusto. Fridays were the days for fish and fresh pasta. Mothers, aka chief family managers, were used to plan ahead for the meals of the following days.

Gnocchi for Friday, noodles for Saturday and quadrucci for the light supper on Monday. Light supper, as diets always start on Mondays. Those are the days when hours were long and stretched, when school holidays set the calendar and a pastificio was a little shop. The pasta machines were visible, just in the background, managed by two generations of the same family. They were running together the front and the back of the shop. Few products on sale, fewer were added along the line in the last few years. Press the forward button and we are in Burro e Salvia is the 2.

The design is minimal and sophisticated. Everything you see is carefully chosen: Pasta, ravioli, gnocchi are prepared daily in front of the customers, behind a beautiful Corian working top, ready to be taken home and cooked to perfection, following the instructions that Gaia Enria, the owner, will put in your shopping bag. Or, even better, served in the dining area of the pastificio. The menu of Burro e Salvia offers a good seasonal selection of traditional Italian pastas.

Sometimes with a surprising twist. I had some lovely ricotta and spinach gnocchi, a perfect meal for a not so hot British summer day. Prepared following the traditional recipe, the twist is delivered by a tip of mint. Perfect to enjoy in the bright dining area or al banco, sitting on a stall, looking at never boring world that strolls outside. It is Shoreditch, so people watching cannot be boring. Burro e Salvia is a place where I want to take some Italian friends, in London forever or here just for few days, so I can show them how some Italian traditional pillars can be exported, revitalised and rejuvenated.

Adding attention to details, to the customer experience and a splash of good design.

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And remember that something as simple as pasta can be divine. All it needs is attention, care, and a good setting. So drop the Xanax and have a bowl of tagliatelle. Burns night , haggis , Highlands , potatoes , Scotland , tartan , turnip. This is the time of the year when days are short and the sunny season feels further away than the Moon. Friday night was Burns night, a good excuse for restaurant and bars to offer some good Scottish entertainment: If you are looking for an equivalent in the Italian culinary tradition, think Trippa a type of edible offal from the stomach of various farm animals or think about the way the pig is treated by the northern Italian cooking history you eat every single part of it.

As many things these days, it used to be peasant food, before gastropubs and trendy restaurants decided to give it a go. Few days ago I was running out of ideas for supper and the only veggie left from the Abel and Cole box was turnip. I would call it a mysterious vegetable. I had to look it up on line, and discovered that it belongs to the same family of carrots and potatoes, but it is nota s popular and well known as the other ones. If are British, you will probably know how to cook this vegetable. For all the others, take a look at this link, if you want to make some usage of it.

How did I cook it? I made a gratin, following the potatoes dauphinoise recipe, sans beacon and cream, adding Philadelphia instead. We are not in the Highlands, where you need fat to keep you warm and jump around to perform Scottish dance — the only form of dance that he can perform. He clearly has some Scottish blood.

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And probably so do I. I grew up wearing pleated skirts, tartan trousers, Montgomery coats with Scottish patterned linings. I really like it. I found plenty of ideas and styles at www. In tartan we trust. Abel and Cole , cooking , food , fridge , fruit , lunch , Sicily , vegetables. Avete mai desiderato un pomodoro, o una melanzana, che abbia un sapore diverso da acqua solida e colorata?

O che non vi lasci insoddisfatti dopo averlo mangiato? Io si, putroppo molte volte. Ho bisogno di appagare la gola, non solo la vista. La frutta e la verdura comperata al supermercato — sia in Italia che a Londra — non credo venga trattata molto bene, e il sapore ne risente. Cibi che non hanno bisogno di essere ricoprti di formaggio fuso per diventare appetibili. Il Lord ed io abbiamo deciso di non lasciare passare un giorno in Sicilia senza mangiarne uno.

I migliori li abbiamo trovati alla pasticceria San Carlo di Palermo. Qui trovate il blog con la ricetta: Ci mancherebbe che non fossero buoni! Opto per il box di base, solo verdura. Sono passate 6 settimane da quella decisione e posso dire con certezza che mi ha cambiato la vita. I motivi sono semplici:. Il mio frigo ha smesso di piangere. Non troverete nel box le fragole a gennaio. Le patate, in compenso, sono disponibili sempre, se le volete.

Viene solo dopo il Ricettario Carli e Il Cucinone. Non vi voglio annoiare e spiegare I dettagli. Have you ever wanted to eat a tomato or an aubergine tasting better than coloured 3D water?

Read tub/spaghetti-e-fantasia

Fruit and vegetables sold in the supermarket — both in Italy and in London — do not get treated very well. And their flavours reflect the way they have been treated. At least if you live In Italy and buy apples, they are going to be bigger than a ping-pong ball and will not suffer from rachitism. If you go for pears, you will be able to savour them within few days, not months. I had my eureka moment at the end of September, holidaying Sicily, where I attended two very memorable weddings thanks Ilaria and Renate and I realized that it is still possible to eat simple and tasty food; the type of food that needs only few drops of good olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper to reveal its flavours, not food that becomes appetizing thanks to a pile of melted cheese.

That type of food exists in generous amount, which is good news. The other discovery from heaven was arancini. The Lord and I have tried them in every single place we visited during our Mediterranean holiday and made sure to have at least one a day. The best one we had was in Mondello at the Pasticceria San Carlo.

I tried to replicate this magic food in my kitchen. If you want to do so, take a look at this post: Follow this link if you want to bring the sun and the magic flavors of Sicily in your kitchen. Back in rainy and cold London the destiny knocked at my door in the form of a leaflet from Abel and Cole. A marketing woman like me cannot resist a good deal.

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My fridge has stopped crying. You will not receive strawberries in January. Potatoes, on the other hand, are always available, but only if you want them. In my personal chart, it comes second only to Il ricettario Carli and Il Cucinone. It is a book designed for people with little time, a few ingredients and has no idea of the difference between cabbage and broccoli. They encourage you try some free products, such as milk and eggs. All the relevant info on their dummy-proof web site: In 6 weeks I got to know and cook 4 new vegetables.

I bring my lunch to work more often and therefore am a bit richer. The savings have already been reinvested. I like this recipe because it allows me to customize the arancini with whatever I have in the fridge. Unlike other recipes, the result will be good even if you are not very accurate with the doses and you just trust your instincts.

Fry in plenty of olive oil or let them brown in the oven at degrees for about twenty minutes. Absorbs the excess oil in kitchen paper. A differenza di alter ricette, esce bene anche se non siete super precisi con le dosi e vi fidate del vostro istinto. Gli arancini richiedono pazienza e pratica. Lessate il riso in acqua salata circa un litro. Una volta cotto, il riso dovrebbe essere asciutto: Alessandra , Bread , easy cooking , Flour , Pippa , water. I love cooking, in my own time and style.

La nostra tradizione

Cooking is a treat, is relaxing and I usually fit it in my weekend schedule. I love tossing the ingredients and kneading, in a nutshell I love the manual aspect of cooking. Here is my list of favorites, in no particular order: The only downside is that the British Lord aka boyfriend does not like sweets and desserts, while I enjoy the preparation than the eating. The main beneficiaries are therefore colleagues and friends. She would prepare it the night before, so we could have it for breakfast. The best thing about this bread is its level of difficulty. If you own that object of desire called food processor or Bimbi, then this become far too easy.

And then mix the dry ingredients; add the water a bit at a time. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes, and then knead it vigorously for ten minutes.

Meaning of "strudel" in the Italian dictionary

Put the mixture in a bowl, cover with a clean cloth, and then leave it to rest in warm place for an hour. Bring the oven to degrees. Take a tin, rub a bit of oil or butter on its side, put the dough in it and bake it for about half an hour. You will get a simple and tasty bread, crunchy on the outside and soft inside, healthy and without preservatives. You can also freeze the mixture after rising, and bake it within the next month.

You can make variations by adding seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins, or whatever you like. Just put the ingredients in the dough during the mixing process. The second recipe belongs to my homonymous and dear friend Alessandra. The figs are in season in London during the autumn too. This bread smells like home. Mix fruit, yogurt, cinnamon and sugar, then add the flour and baking powder until you get a smooth batter. Add a little extra flour if necessary.

Put the mixture at rest for over an hour, as above, and bake in a tin at degrees for about 45 minutes. Dust the surface with a little oil and sugar.

Italian vs English cooking

Il ristorante Le Ancore della Bastia si trova a Lazise, distante metri dal Porto nel cuore del paese all'uscita della porta Cansignorio vicinissimo ad un ampio parcheggio. Il nosto intento e di soddisfare le persone, per regalare momenti felici con un semplice pasto. Scarica la Nostra App dagli Store: Cucina tipica Mediterranea, con semplice utilizzo di pesce fresco tutti i giorni. Il nostro Ristorante presenta piatti eseguiti con la massima accuratezza.

Grande inclinazione artistica, attenzione ai dettagli, servizio impeccabile.