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This is why it is important to retain the services of an experienced attorney as soon as possible after you are accused of a crime of this nature. Child abuse and child molestation convictions can lead extremely serious consequences, such as loss of custody of one's children, a requirement to register as a sex offender, jail or prison time and other penalties. If you have been accused of committing one of these offenses, you will need to be prepared for an uphill battle. By bringing your criminal matter to Thomas Tears, Attorney at Law , you can get the excellent legal representation you need for lowering your chances of conviction.

Child Abuse & Child Molestation | Sex Crime Charges in Santa Ana

Our Santa Ana criminal defense lawyer has more than 30 years of experience practicing law in Orange County. This is an offense that is referred to as child abuse. Four years can be added to the prison term if the offender has previously been convicted of child abuse, according to California law. Other offenses that are related to child abuse include child endangerment, child neglect and sexual abuse against a child.

Child molestation is one of the forms of sexual abuse that can be carried out against a child. This offense usually refers to the act of touching a child in a sexual nature or engaging in other sexual activities with a child, but not activities that can be considered more serious sexual offenses such a rape. Her partner had been sleeping in a separate bedroom for several months before they broke up.

Her daughter was eight.

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I called the police straight away. A lovely policewoman and policeman came over and had a chat.

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I booted up the PC in his bedroom and also found fiction about incestuous relationships. Eight days after her partner left, she noticed on Facebook that he was in a relationship with another woman and that the woman had a seven-year-old daughter.

Ballen alerted police and, because another child was potentially at risk, they escalated their investigation. He was charged two months later. Ballen also found a CD containing images of child abuse and illegal comics and anime depicting underage sex and child abuse. She turned it all over to police. Later, Ballen would discover he had several online dating profiles while they were in a relationship together and that he used them to convince young women to send him explicit photos.

Child abuse tears family apart

He would also arrange dates with them and, instead of meeting them, would watch them from afar. Ballen found no images of her own children among the explicit images possessed by her partner. As well as post-traumatic stress disorder, Ballen has struggled with guilt and anxiety. She feels that people must wonder how she could not have known and that they must also be blaming her. She will be speaking at the symposium and encouraging frontline workers to more carefully consider and respond to the trauma that partners experience. Partners should always have a support person accompany them to the police station, she says.

The Choirboys - Tears In Heaven (NSPCC)

Liddell led research published in and commissioned by PartnerSPEAK that found the partners of men caught with child abuse material suffered long-term trauma including stigma and isolation from family and community.