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Witches are taking the nation by storm. With the untapped gift to create fire, witch Sarafina Connell is caught up in a war between good and evil. And she has no choice but to join an infamous playboy in the battle for supremacy-one that's getting hotter by the minute. Read more Read less. Save Extra with 1 offer. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. See all free Kindle reading apps. Don't have a Kindle? Product details Reading level: Berkley; Original edition 2 June Language: Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Good book, great condition. I read this series by chance and must say, I'm looking forward to Anya Bast's next book. I love the elemental aspect of her books. It's a twist on the witchcraft angle and I must say a great take off what I find interesting in life.

The characters are wonderful and the chemistry leaves nothing wanting. I both the first book to do a buy 3 get 1 special Now have all 4 and anxiously waiting for whatever she puts out next. You won't have the background information on enemies and such, but it's not such a loss that you won't understand whats happening. I read book 2 first then 4 this one , and now I'm on book 3 and I can read along just fine.

Mostly because each story is a new pair of main characters. But it would be best like always to read the series in order, because it's not a complete stand alone book. You'll get a good background on the two main groups of the series. Why they are why they are, and in previous books the characters have little parts to open up themselves for there main stories.


Witch Fury (Elemental Witches, #4) by Anya Bast

But being kidnapped by Theo is better than being kidnapped by the cabal right? Serafina had only recently learned about witches being real and her power as fire witch upon her kidnapping and must now rely on the coven, and the mysterious and brooding Theo, to teach her about her new life. Theo isn't used to being very "conversational" or talkative period.

But meeting Serfina, he finds himself feeling and doing things differently than he's use to. But he knows he shouldn't feel that way, only bad will come of it. What Serafina doesn't like is the mixed signals. A demon has his sights on Serafina, and to attract the attention of a demon will never end good. Demons will not give up on their prey. While it is the last book in the series, I'm glad Witch Fury was book 4.

It is the best of the series and ends it just right. I really loved this series and cannot wait to read the next Anya Bast novel! May 24, Michelle rated it liked it Shelves: Maybe not 4 stars but higher than 3. This is the concluding novel in a quartet that started off weak but ended up strong.

I disliked the first novel, but I'm glad I continued reading as the world and plot lines expanded and grew. That really kept me reading the series. A few things I enjoyed about this novel: For once, the hero and heroine did not sleep with each other right away. In the last three books, l Maybe not 4 stars but higher than 3. In the last three books, less than a quarter of the way in, the two main characters are having sex, with obvious feelings for each other, but masking it as sexual tension.

In this novel, however, Theo tries to hold out This not only goes well with his personality and character actions in the past book, it makes it just slightly more believable.

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While that was nice touch, it was weird to me that Theo would just slip--teasing and foreplaying with Sarafina--throughout the beginning of the book. It seemed to me that the author just added Theo's lapse in control to add in steamy foreplay scenes. So again, while it was nice that Bast delayed the sex and intimacy because of his personality, the execution of it was poorly tacked on.

I found this to be a fairly similar story to Mira and Jack's at least in the beginning: What differentiated Witch Fire from Witch Fury was the fact that Sarafina was slightly more relatable. She struggled with her powers in the beginning. In fact, she sucked! It took weeks of practice to even get somewhere. A big thing that drew me to this book was that it kept me guessing.

There were a few plot twists and minor surprises that kept me intrigued throughout. The other three novels basically allowed the readers to comprehend what was happening. They didn't have as much of an element of surprise. This story held out a bit more on the plot which added to the suspense.

There were moments where she made stupid decisions and said stupid things or wouldn't shut up but in general I found her to be fairly likable. I liked that she was her own person and tried to take things into her own hands. She didn't need any men to command her around. But that still lead to her stupid and impulsive decisions. I think my favorite heroine in the series has still been Isabelle.

I think the author did a great job at keeping the integrity of Theo. Obviously she created him and can change him to her liking, but based on his personality in the past books, she stayed close to that in this novel.

Witch Fury

She didn't magically change his personality to fit the new heroine; you could see his struggle between slipping to his elusive, stoicness, while opening up to Sarafina. Last thing I liked: Now onto the problematic parts: This series has just gotten so repetitive Probably a good thing this series is ending here at 4. I think the author could have benefitted from picking a different archetype.

If Ingrid hadn't died, it would have been great to see Ingrid as the main hero and then her dealing with a different witch who doesn't need constant protection. I swear to god the fact that the guy "grabbed her wrists It would have been great if they had different kinks and if the women were more in charge, at least some of the time.

Like, okay fine about Isabelle and Claire since Isabelle couldn't have kids and Claire had her earth magic to tell her about her cycles. Both Mira and Sarafina are stupid though Yes, I know she later gets a birth control charm, but still. This lack of basic sex ed bothers me to no end Lastly I thought parts of the end after the final battle could have been cut and skipped.

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I thought it was stupid that Theo and Sarafina got into the fight and she added the whole part in of them fighting and her in her apartment. It was completely unnecessary and ruined the mood. Yes, I know her and Theo had to work out his issues and what not, but it baffled me that she didn't give him a chance to talk. She just babbled on at him and left. Then the make up was so out-there. There was a complete and suddenly Theo is ready to throw everything behind him for her, even popping the question after I don't know how long, but obviously not that long.

They're engaged before they really ever have the time to grow together as a couple beyond fighting for their lives. Though I guess this is almost always a problem in books like these, so I should just accept it. Either way, fast and entertaining series to read. While I had my problems with every novel, I loved loved loved Bast's world and plot creation. Jul 29, Fangs for the Fantasy rated it it was ok.

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Still a lot of sex, but less. But without the endless shagging other annoyances became apparent - the tropes were annoying — big strong man must tell you what to do to protect you, oh delicate petal of womanhood. NB in no way shape or form are fire witches psychic… so why? I was disappointed in this story. I just couldn't get into it. And Theo is usually my kind of hero - gorgeous, bossy, alpha.

So I can't figure why I'm not liking this. Maybe it's just that there is no real chemistry between Sarafina and Theo. There was more chemistry between Sarafina and Stefan, the bad guy. Why do all authors feel the need to put an anal sex scene in their books now? Since when is that acceptab I was disappointed in this story. Since when is that acceptable in a paranormal romance?

If I want to read that, I'll pickup an erotic novel which features that kind of shit. Sarafina and Theo weren't even having sex when he started messing with her ass. It came totally out of left fiend and was beyond unexpected and just wrong. Honestly I wasn't enjoying the book anyway but that just finished it for me. Aug 26, Michael Barnette rated it liked it Shelves: An okay read though there were elements in the book--mostly in the characterization of the 'alpha hero'--that I found rather irritating.

What I'd really like to know is why 'alpha male' so often translates into unmitigated jerk. Oct 07, Mina rated it it was amazing. Lots of action and excitement along with plenty of hot romance, what's not to love? Great installment in this series, definitely recommend. Jul 30, Starry rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Witches are taking the nation by storm. Fourth book in the Elemental Witches series from the national bestselling author, Anya Bast Sarafina Connell is having the worst week of her life.

It takes an even darker turn when an infamous playboy kidnaps her and reveals a world she never knew existed…. They could use a woman like her—a witch with an untapped gift for c Witches are taking the nation by storm. Theo worked with her self-defense skills, Jack was helping her fine-tune her raw ability with fire, and Claire was teaching her how to use it effectively against demons. Lastly, Isabelle was helping her learn how to use a sword.

The elium was a ball ofdaaeman magick that worked as a neutralizing agent against power. It was the nuclear bomb of magickal weapons. Whicheverdaaeman breed controlled the elium controlled Eudae. Last the witches had known, theYtrayi had possessed the elium. D the coven is going to have a bright, big future. Jan 26, TinaMarie rated it really liked it. Sarafina had no idea she was a fire witch until she was kidnapped.

After a raid, Theo first thinks Sarafina is a warlock but quickly realizes she was an abductee, with a daeman fixated on her. His past colors his future and he refuses to believe they can have a future. There was one big editing issue, where she removes his bloody shirt to clean it but a few minutes later when he pins her to the wall she's grasping his shirt!

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Jan 20, Leanne rated it really liked it Shelves: Anya Bast, contemporary, witch, paranormal, bad childhood, overcoming hardship Sexy Level: Fast hook-up, detailed description of sex scenes, strong language, dark magic Witch Fury is the fourth book in the Elemental Witch series. The characters in these stories stick around through the series so I would recommend reading them in order.

I really loved the first book in this series and th Try www. I really loved the first book in this series and then just felt ho-hum about the second and third, to the point that I stopped reading the series for a while. I finally got back to it with the fourth and it was really fun like the first one.

I really like Serafina and Theo. Especially when he is dangerous for awhile because of his past but she is able to control him when no one else can. Too good to resist. Serafina is an orphan whose mother tried to kill her when she was a child, but was stopped when she instantaneously combusted. Serafina was found by a wonderful foster mom who helped her get past it and make friends and have a good life. Until the Duskoff group of warlocks kidnaps her and try to turn her to their side. The problem is that she had no idea she was a powerful fire witch and she really hates people who kidnap her.

Theo has been kidnapped and terribly abused by the Duskoffs so anyone he thinks is in league with them is immediately his enemy. When the witches finally discover that she is innocent, Serafina has already made up her mind about Theo, that he sucks. However, she likes the witches and all they are able to teach her about her newly discovered powers. She decides to stay with them for protection from a deamon who is hunting her specifically.

It seems her best chance for safety is not just with the witches but with Theo as her bodyguard. And they both like that prospect more than they want to admit. I love the world Anya has created with how the witches wield power and with the evil they face. It gets decently dark in some places with heads needing hacked off and the like.

The steamy level is quite good and the whole story is laced with humor. His pupils dilated a little, the color turning a deeper, darker brown. Her lips parted and her breath caught at the intimacy of the moment. The silence between them seemed pregnant with possibility. Her next sentence came out in a near breathless puff of air as she stared deeply into his beautiful eyes.

Jun 20, Wendy Hines rated it really liked it. When your born a witch, you are always a witch. Just because you don't know you are doesn't make it false. Sarafina Connell is broke, having spent the remainder of her savings on her foster mother's funeral, grieving for the loss her of her foster mother, recovering from her recent boyfriend break-up, and someone is in her apartment. She's having a very bad week.

Stefan insists that Sarafina is a fire w When your born a witch, you are always a witch. Stefan insists that Sarafina is a fire witch, but she believes he is crazy. That is until she thinks back to her biological mother killing herself in a blaze of fire.

When Stefan proves it by pulling a thread of power from Sarafina, she is shocked. Stefan wants her to join his organization, but the Atrika demon called Bai standing near him doesn't bring her comfort. Theo Winters is a powerful earth witch. When he and his coven storm Stefan's compound, they take Sarafina as well.

They believe she is cahoots with the warlock since he had her separated from everyone else. She must be special and the coven wants to know why. It takes Sarafina awhile to prove she is just an innocent caught up in the web good versus evil, but eventually they believe her. However, the coven would like Sarafina to work with them, and Sarafina agrees after they agree to her terms.

She wants to train and live with Theo as its him she trusts. Sarafina's power is immense. She and Theo learn that she has a rare talent for healing, but her defensive spells are chaotic. But she is determined to control her powers, as Bai the Atrika demon keeps stalking her. He wants her for his very own, to breed his young. The coven believes that Stefan is controlling the Atrika demons and seek a way to remove the threat.

But even as the powers between good and evil simmer to a boil. Seraphina and Theo fight their own battle of passion and love. The romance between Theo and Sarafina crackles and sizzles into a blazing fire of passion. The action is first-rate and the lead characters from the previous novels tie up nicely in this novel. A fast-paced, steaming hot paranormal that has me waiting to see what Anya Bast will do next. In the world that this series is in, witches exist, although they are in hiding.

The good witches are part of the Coven, which is a group that puts witches into jobs they do well in, provide them homes, protect them, etc. Basically if you work for the Coven, whatever you need they provide. The opposite side is the Duskoff, which is consisted of Warlocks witches gone bad, both the terms can be applied to males and females. The Duskoff is in the business of summoning demons to get favors, and to In the world that this series is in, witches exist, although they are in hiding.

The Duskoff is in the business of summoning demons to get favors, and to summon a demon you must kill witches of every type of power Earth, Fire, Water, Air in a circle. Sarafina Connell is living a normal life, as a normal human, when she is suddenly kidnapped by an infamous playboy, who reveals to her her powers as a witch. Her childhood nightmares come back to haunt her; her mother calling her a witch, evil--attacking her even.

After all this, to find out that she is actually a witch has her mind blown. But when she wakes up to a pair of menacing, glowing red eyes hovering over her bed she rightfully freaks. He first mistakes her for a warlock and treats her very cruelly before he realizes his mistake. Sarafina doesn't like him, even if he is a big hunk-a burnin' muscle, or she tries not to--but finds herself doing so in spite of her best efforts.

They end up fighting together against the threat and grow closer and closer and eventually come together. Overall, this book was fantastic. I was so happy to see Theo get his happy ending. In a world that I love, with witches and warlocks and demons and characters that are very interesting and dynamic you can't help but love this series. Sep 15, Marsha rated it really liked it. Witch Fury is the best of the four Elemental Witches books.

The author, Anya Bast found just the right mix of action, intrigue and romance to make the book an exciting read. Sarafina Connell has had a difficult life. Early in her childhood, her father abandoned his family. Then, at the tender age of eight Sarafina's insane mother a religious zealot and fire witch attempts to kill her. After her mother literally spontaneously combust, Sarafina is placed in foster care and goes to live with Rose Witch Fury is the best of the four Elemental Witches books.

After her mother literally spontaneously combust, Sarafina is placed in foster care and goes to live with Rosemary, a loving and generous woman. Rosemary nurtures Sarafina and she becomes a loving and caring individual with many friends. Two weeks earlier, Sarafina breaks up with her longtime boyfriend, Alex. Then, Rosemary dies and Sara scrapes together what little money she has to give her foster mother the funeral she deserves. After returning home to Chicago and to her pomeranian,Grosset Sarafina is kidnapped by the master warlock, Stephen Faucheux. She learns that she is a fire witch with strong abilities.

However, Sarafina is not the only witch that was abducted and when the local witch coven discovers the kidnappings they set out on a plan to rescue the witches. Theo and Jack characters from previous books are sent in to accomplish the task. Theo mistakes Sarafina for a warlock and takes her captive.

This is where the fun begins. Bast has finally hit her stride and has created a sensuous and action packed read. I truly enjoyed this last book in the series. Nov 26, C Joy rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked this story and it was unexpected since I wasn't really fond of Theo. A new witch is introduced, Sarafina, like Mira was unaware of her true nature as a fire witch. It started off slow but I was intrigued when Theo mistook Sarafina for a warlock.