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This book brings together accounts of journeys and cross-cultural experiences by Chinese travelers in the late nineteenth century with those of more recent migrants and diasporic Chinese subjects in a number of global locations. Don't have an account? Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a PDF of a single chapter of a monograph in HKSO for personal use for details see www.

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Search my Subject Specializations: Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content. After you check which airline you're flying with and see what their weight limits are, weigh and re-weigh your bags before heading to the airport to make sure you avoid overweight charges, which can climb to hundreds of dollars if you're not careful. E-Bags packing cubes These turn my suitcase into a little mobile dresser with drawers and makes packing and un-packing twice as fast and organized.

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Use different colors to separate shirts from undergarments, toiletries from electronics. It also serves as your 2-day bag for weekends in Hong Kong or Guilin if your school backpack isn't quite big enough and can serve as your souvenir tote if you pick up a lot of cool extras.

Top 5 Scams to Watch Out for When Traveling in China

This is a nice-to-have item that you might otherwise get there and realize you need and have to go buy one. You can also use it to keeps dirty items separate from clean ones on weekend trips.

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Travel banking rule 1: I was once in Bangkok when my bank decided my card had been involved in an international money laundering scam and shut it off without consulting me. I was left penniless in Southeast Asia for 10 days while I waited for the new card to be shipped to me. If I had had an alternate banking option I would have been fine. My advice is to open an account at a new bank before you leave for anywhere, throw the minimum balance in it, and pack that debit card as your spare. If you're wondering how I survived those 10 days without a debit card?

It's because I had a supply of emergency cash. You may never have to spend it, but you have it in case you need it. Always keep one credit card, one debit card, and your emergency cash in a wallet that never leaves your dorm in case your primary wallet gets stolen. Then you won't have to resort to calling mom and dad to mail you new ones in a hurry.

Different types of shoes. This is the always one of the biggest packing struggles, especially for those ladies who brought an entire suitcase of just shoes with them to college. Being smart about packing your shoes is important because shoes are heavy and can easily make your luggage overweight at check-in.

But it's also important to bring enough variety because shoe sizes run small in China. If you have room for one more pair of practical shoes, boys and girls, add Chaco. They slip on and off easily, are waterproof, and are easy to clean when they get muddy or sandy. Most of all, they support your foot much better than flip-flops and you'll be grateful you have them for big city life and for how easily you can disinfect them after going in nasty Chinese bathrooms.

Another area where sizes run small. Bring plenty so you also can avoid having to do laundry so often. There probably won't be dryers were you go and you'll have to line-dry your items after washing them yourself. Much easier to bring extra undergarments and do wash as little as possible in China. There might be a commencement ceremony, a banquet, an awards night, or an expected job interview.

For women, a nice dress and a black blazer; for men, a button-down shirt and tie, khakis, and a blazer bring you up to a sharp business casual. Leggings for the ladies. An essential layering piece, although you'll find plenty of cheap options in China, too. I always have a 3oz bottle of liquid Shout in my carry-on.

China Abroad: Travels, Subjects, Spaces

What happens if you arrive and, despite all of your best packing efforts, something leaks all over your favorite white shirt? Or your blossoming chopsticks skills leave splash marks all over your front? Better to have the remedy on-hand from an American brand you can trust to get the stains out. The alternative is to buy a "burner phone" upon arrival and use that cheaper phone for the semester.

The Essential Packing List for Study Abroad in China

In any case, call your normal cell phone provider before you leave and suspend your contract usually you can pay a small fee to keep your phone number. Check with your phone carrier to be sure. Instead of packing books, pick up a Kindle before you go. You can use it to download most, if not all, of your semester's reading, and it's wonderfully convenient if you read for pleasure. Go through all the electronics you use on a daily basis a few days before you leave and make a list. Check the list right before you leave the house for the last time to make sure you have those items and all of their corresponding chargers before you go.

They may be hard, but not impossible, to replace in China. Remember, TSA can now ask you to boot up your laptop, cell phone, or iPad at some major airports.

China Abroad: Travels, Subjects, Spaces - Hong Kong Scholarship

If you fail to have those devices charged or readily chargeable, you can be denied boarding. Pick up at least 3 universal power adapters, since the outlets are different in China. You'll use these on every trip abroad for the rest of your life, so they are a good investment.

I like the Insten Universal Travel Adaptor. First of all, you're going on a long flight. Visit a travel health clinic weeks before you leave, and bring your immunization records from your family doctor. They'll give you everything you need.

Take travel size shampoo, conditioner, and body wash until you are unpacked enough to go out and get full size at the pharmacy. You can find them easily in China, but pack full-size and extras of anything you're particular about, ie.