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Ebay did remove the feedback from my account due to the buyer's extortion practices. The buyer, in my opinion, had an agenda to begin with and Half. I have called eBay numerous times due to this transaction as I have an unblemished record since with both Half.

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The eBay representatives know and agree that Half. We, as sellers, strive to ship our materials as quickly as possible and we appreciate our buyers.

Had this buyer approached us in a manner consistent with the Half. Our items are as described and our intent is to provide the expected delivery service in every transaction. Irresponsible business, Zero customer service If you intend to sell books thru Half.

This site does not care about sellers. They cancelled our selling account after 10 years of long standing good history, because of a supposed shipping violation; they never explained the violation even though we requested explanation several times. Only possible communication with them is via email they call themselves "an online company" ; the online customer representative was very rude and not helpful, ignored all our questions or concerns and simply kept referring us to their "help" pages. This blocks seller activity also on the other site, and doesn't even let you use the account for buying any product; but half.

The eBay people tried to help but they could not do anything about the already blocked account. On top of this half. So upon cancelling an account like they did to us, they place your pending payments on a day hold period, which we doubt is legal. After 60 days when you try to reclaim the frozen funds they come up with another list of hurdles and "account identity validations" in order to release your money.

In our case we did not have any extra identity validations to do since our account had current up-to-date information, so then the customer representative simply stopped responding to our email requests for payment. There is no way to contact them via phone. We had to call ebay for advise, they provided a phone number for half. If you intend to sell with this company beware of their questionable and unfair practices, try to take your business somewhere else. Never had any problems and in case a seller was unable To ship an order, always an immediate refund.

I find books a bit cheaper here than Amazon. Rated by Leo P. History of this type of deceit also on Amazon. The seller has not responded to any of my questions. There is not customer service and no one really seems to care. I would be spending literally hundreds on this site if they would just ship them to me!! As it is they'll get nothing and I'll go else where. Seller has not responded to any of my inquiries.

There is zero customer service and no one really seems to care. Will never buy from the site again. I purchased a book and when the seller looked for it he could not find it. Simple right just file a claim and get my money back. NO after 3 months I cannot even get Half.

I would never use again or recommend Half. The book wasn't shipped in 72 hours. I didn't receive a reply. I replied that a wanted a refund for the book. I believe that the seller intentionally manipulating the Ebay, its policy and myself. Always have had great service. Sellers answer questions within 24 hours. Always has the lowest prices, always delivers. Have bought three different books over the past two years.

The books arrive in the condition listed and delivery is usually pretty quick. I am a very satisfied customer! Yes, most of the sellers are very reputable and send your purchase quickly. However, if you happen to choose the wrong person, you are screwed.


10 eBay Scams to Be Aware Of

You can e-mail the seller, but they will not respond. Then they will refuse to return your e-mail. And the phone number ? It's just an automated voice telling you that you're screwed and they don't care. So, everyone who rated them a "5" has just been lucky so far. I would have rated them a "5" six months ago, too. Now it is six months since my last purchase and I have no book, no refund, and can't get a response. You need to shop somewhere where the company will help protect your purchase. Sellers are trustworthy and honest. I have been buying and selling on their site for over five years and on a scale of 10 being the extremely satisfied , I'd give them a 9.

As some raters have stated, there are sellers on the site who are less than professional. If you are still a little unsure, email the seller before purchasing to get clarification on exactly what they have for sale if they don't get back to you that says something and you may not want to buy from them. Another thing to consider is that because not all the sellers are actual businesses it is probably not a good idea to buy big ticket items from them. For instance, I would not buy video game consoles on Half.

It’s part-eBay, part-Instagram, but is Depop safe for your teenagers?

Anything that you would want covered by a warranty or replaced if it is damaged it? Buyer beware, however, Half. I never sold a thing on ebay before April of So where do all the comments and ratings dated before this time come from??? If this is possible, it isn't very apparent!! I've had very few problems, considering the number of items I've bought. Ordered many books, and only have 2 delays which were most likely caused by my local USPS.

Shop here at your own risk, it is worth a little extra money for a good experience. COM If the seller doesn't send you and item, you are screwed, and for a long time. I could not find an email or contact us address, and I couldn't even leave negative feedback since my seller had become an unregistered user after I paid dollars for the item. The seller told me that he had no intention of sending the item because of how half. Had to wait a month to try to resolve issue. Finally found number , but still trying to get my money back. I have used them for over two years, and the website is well organized and easy to use.

The problems described by others in these reviews are stemming from the individual sellers, not the website. I would recommend half. You sure talk a lot about the store.

What about the BOOK! I have book 2. If it is anything like that This book has game solutions to lots of old text games. It probably has a map for the locations in the game. It might have a "walk-thru" of each game. It might have a hint section. Book 2 is great since I have some infocom games. So I can only guess that book 1 is just as good.

I am certain it is their policy to do that si that clients will give up in frustration. She now knows her mistake was to not accept payment through the Depop app. However, she says she is not holding her breath.

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A spokeswoman for Depop says the company was set up in by Simon Beckerman in Milan but is now based in London, and that it takes its responsibilities seriously. Depop is one of a number of websites that are challenging the likes of eBay and conventional retailers. When it started out, Depop had its own payment wallet but has since moved to a PayPal-based payments system to improve security. When someone transacts outside the app we are unable to trace it or assist with a reimbursement. She says clear warning signs appear every time a user sells something to remind them to pay only within the app, which in turn protects the purchase.

Despite this, it has not offered her any compensation. The spokeswoman accepts that many sellers are offering items such as concert tickets that are on the banned list but says it struggles to remove them all as the sheer volume makes this difficult. Although the company maintains that enough warnings are in place, when Money used the site for the first time we had to seek out the security and safety information.

6 eBay Scams to Avoid If You’re a Seller

How much of this is being read by teens is open to question. For her part, Fry says she hopes her story will make others look at the way they use Depop. Martin Lane, managing editor of Money. However, all purchases done outside of this are at your own risk. To get protection on your money or goods you must comply with its terms and conditions. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative.