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The best laid plans. My favorite was the donut wall though. I just love me some Round Rock donuts! I wished I had invested in fabric instead of cheap dollar tablecloths for the background. It was windy outside so we had to prop those chairs on either side to hold down the pvc backdrop holder. That idea came from here on Pinterest. I literally went to Home Depot and showed the gentleman the photo and explained I wanted one exactly like this only a little taller and one double the size.

The boxes were book boxes from UHaul covered in black paper. The was from a door hanger I bought at Party City and cut apart. I also need to take photos of the table decorations that I made for each table.

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I made the wooden chalkboard signs by going to Home Depot and finding the chalkboard mdf that they had in stock and having them cut it into 3 equal pieces. Once home, I sanded them using my little sander I purchased. I love that little thing! Then I stained the wood with Jacobean wood stain and glued the pieces with E glue. I intended to use a pretty font from this Handwriting book but just ran out of time so my niece did it for me.

The Donut wall was simple as well. I found the frame at an antique store and took it into home depot and asked them to cut the peg board to size.

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I used these dowel pegs to hold the donuts. I had to loosen the holes a little bit by putting in some scissors and twisting. The hoops I secured the greenery with both floral wire and a glue gun. The photos were hung with fishing wire as were the hoops to the stand. I wish I would have cut the strands. For the pvc background, we secured the tablecloths with little pieces of Velcro and with double-sided tape on the sides.

This was definitely a fun party to plan but a lot of work went into it and the day of. It was all worth it though as my niece and nephew were so happy with it all. These Graduation Party Ideas can be used for any party really. Your email address will not be published. Grad Cap Party Favors: How to Make a Money Bouquet: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter. Fill champagne flutes with Smarties candy to celebrate your smart graduate.

Top them with off with traditional graduation caps.

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To make a lovely graduation decoration, frame a few of your favorite small photos of your graduate, and hang them up on a black cardboard wreath. Add some school spirit to your graduation party by decorating your desserts with your graduate's school mascot.

Burgers are a versatile and delicious addition to a graduation party. You can even make them go with your party's theme by using creative and cute signs. Go down the rabbit hole with a fun "Alice in Wonderland" themed graduation party that features a table runner with pages from classic books. If your graduate is going to art school, use paint cans as a cute graduate party favor.

25 DIY Graduation Party Ideas

You can also add a cap and tassel to the top of the can. These glittery gold graduation cap cookies are almost too pretty to eat. The white tassel is a lovely finishing touch. For a graduation decoration idea, try displaying a memory board with some of your graduate's favorite memories from school.

9 Graduation Party Themes

Your graduate's new school is a great theme idea for a graduation party. Add a pop of color to your graduation party by filing number-shaped dishes with bright chocolate candies.

25 Fun Graduation Party Ideas

As your graduate takes the next steps towards their future, invite your guests to look into their own futures with decorated fortune cookies. Rolled up chocolate cookies are a great addition to a dessert table - with a ribbon tied around them, they look just like diplomas. Brighten your guests' days with chocolate bars in adorable blue and yellow wrappers that feature sun illustrations.

Give your guests delicious Swiss Roll diplomas to enjoy. To make them look just like real diplomas, tie a ribbon around them. Encourage your graduate to shoot for the stars with shining silver and gold balloon decorations. Score a touchdown with a football-themed centerpiece. Use pendants, footballs and fake grass to make the centerpiece look like a real football field. For your graduation party decorations, try creating a colorful tassel banner to pay homage to the classic graduation cap tassel. Attach a sparkly frame and a classic tassel to a small chalkboard for an adorable graduation decoration idea.

This Instagram graduation party idea is perfect for every social media lover. You can use Instagram photos in a banner, as part of your centerpieces and on your invitations. Give your guests a pair of cool, sparkly shades to rock during the graduation party. If you're looking for a way to make your balloons more festive, attach the graduation year and some colorful streamers. Tip your cap to this creative graduation cake idea that can be customized to include school colors. If you're celebrating two graduates who are going to different colleges, try creating two food tables decorated with each school's colors.

This graduation party cake takes its inspiration from geometry class with its brightly colored triangles and squares. Turn Oreos into the perfect graduation party dessert by attaching a cute, edible smiley face with a graduation cap. A to Zebra Celebrations. Fold up bills into graduation caps for a creative way to give money to a graduate. Add brightness to a graduation year sign by decorating it with white Christmas lights.

At the end of your party, give your guests colorful graduation cap cookies to take home. To make sweet and delicious graduation cap candies, attach a small chocolate bar to a mini Reese's cup. Finish with a colorful candy tassel. If you're looking for graduation decorations ideas for centerpieces, check out this lovely display that shows the graduate growing up. Create a garden on your graduation dessert table by using flower cookies and flower pot decorations.

Try using some foods that match your graduate's school colors, like this party did by using black and red tortilla chips. On your food table, try displaying the graduation year on clear plastic cans or jars.