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Material is handled in projects - so a project that involves many aspects of Drupal will be covered in a single chapter. This is good for learning how these difference capabilities can be mixed, but could make it hard to use the book as a reference later. For example, while programming practices that cover security are included, they are spread all over the book and there is no index entry for security.

So the book is better for reading through than trying to look something specific up. The book got 4 stars instead of 5 because a few key subjects, like the menu system, were not covered nearly well enough. One person found this helpful. Butcher teaches serious coding within Drupal 6. This latest version of Drupal has been heavily built out, with the key ideas of modules and themes. One slight dissonant note that the book quickly addresses is the overt lack of object orientedness.

Due to the corresponding absence in the underlying PHP version when Drupal 6 was first being put together. So you are relegated to writing procedural code in Drupal. This may not be so bad for several reasons.

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First, if you are unfamiliar with OO, then its lack is moot. Second, the book does describe several OO aspects that have been implemented, so OO programmers can take advantage of this. Third, OO typically is better than procedural easier to maintain for long programs. The extended code examples of the book seem perfectly adequate as normal function calls.

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The book does not seem to make the following explicit. There are some nice features of Drupal 6. So you can see for yourself how the webpage would look as you do the configuring. One slight caveat is the unclosed opening PHP tag for a module file. There is no corresponding closing PHP set. It turns out that there is a good reason for this. So you'll just have to live with it. The analog of CSS within Drupal is themes. Used to factor out a common look and feel across a set of dynamically generated pages.

Here is indeed a fair amount of complexity.

Know PHP, but need to learn Drupal?

But fairly well minimised behind APIs and some coding guidelines. So excited, I asked my wife, "Guess the title of the awesome book I just got? Ok, so I'm a little beyond this book but the title is so great! This book aims to provide a sound foundation for programmers new to Drupal on which to build and customize their own features in the form of a module. The ability to add features so simply is the true power of Drupal. Drupal's real goodness isn't truly experienced until you have added 20 contributed modules over available today and several custom modules of your own.

It's this ability to extend, transform and over-ride Drupal at your pleasure that Butcher wants to empower you to do. If you are new to Drupal but not to programming I think you will find this book hits it mark. I definitely recommend this book. Specifically written for Drupal 6, this book will get you coding modules as quickly as possible, and help you add the features that will give your work that professional gloss! Just getting started with Drupal development? This book will give you a clear, concise and, of course, practical guidance to take you from the basics of creating your first module to developing the skills to make you a Drupal developer to be reckoned with.

Are you a Drupal developer looking to update to version 6? This book covers the new and updated APIs to guide your transition to Drupal 6. Matt is a web developer and author. He has previously written five other books for Packt, including two others on Drupal. He blogs occasionally athttp: Sign up to our emails for regular updates, bespoke offers, exclusive discounts and great free content.

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Learning Drupal 6 Module Development

A practical tutorial for creating your first Drupal 6 modules with PHP. Are you sure you want to claim this product using a token?

If you want to become a Drupal developer, Build a Module. Training companies are using Build a Module videos to enhance their in-person trainings, development shops are using it to train their developers in an affordable, reliable way.

Drupal 6 for Beginners, Set up, install, content. Learn drupal, drupal lessons, drupal tutorials

Technical departments in major companies and educational institutions are using it for ongoing education and reference. Because it's comprehensive, it's well organized, and each concept or technique is split up into digestible, short videos, so it's easy to fit into any schedule. Chances are you're having to juggle learning with actual client or company work, and being able to squeeze in a couple of videos here and there can be invaluable.

Not only is Build a Module. Each video is clearly labeled so if you're looking to figure out something specific, you can do a quick search on the home page and pull up a list of tutorials to help you solve your problem. If you're new to Drupal in general, you may want to begin with the Build Your First Drupal 7 Website , which will take you through the process of building a fairly simple website from start to finish.

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Even though we won't stretch your abilities as a developer, it helps to understand how the interface works and what the critical parts are when it comes to piecing together a site from the front end. Being familiar with this material will enhance your ability as a back-end developer because you'll learn much about how Drupal operates, what the key terminology is, and how to leverage commonly used modules and site building techniques that may actually save you work on the back-end. If you're comfortable with Drupal from the front end and are ready to dive into development, the Drupal 7 Development Core Concepts collection is the best place to begin.

We start the collection by building simple modules to get a feel for how a module is structured, and then step through several practical examples that leverage Drupal's various APIs and data types. For example, we build a page view tracker for users leveraging the Database API , blocks and the menu system , we add autocomplete to the default search form using hooks and the Form API and demonstrate how to control user access and work with nodes and node displays.

The collection wraps up with an extensive chapter on working with jQuery and JavaScript that shows you how to work with jQuery integrate dynamic content loading with Ajax and lots more. If you need to work with Drupal 6, the Drupal 6 Development and Tools collection covers much of the same material that the Drupal 7 Development Core Concepts collection does, but for Drupal 6.

In this collection, we walk through how to build a simple module, how to build forms using the Form API, how to work with JavaScript files write secure code. We also show you how to automate the testing of your site with Selenium and SimpleTest, and show you how to use a PHP debugger. This collection also includes several tutorials on using the Komodo editor for managing code and working with templates.

If you feel comfortable with basic Drupal development and need to learn how to adjust the look and feel of Drupal, then the Drupal 7 Theming Essentials collection is a great one to dive into.