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I am in charge of a mini basketball camp founded by myself. All we need is anything you can assits with. Siewe adrien — September 3, 9: I am a point guard of 14 year old and cm heigh and i have a good control of the ball,i like to defense. Siewe adrien — September 4, 1: Mike Adeniyi — September 6, I can help you but you will need to email me at jmccrimmon charlottedayps. And any player looking to come the USA and your age 12 to 18, contact me.

Coach Adeniyi, if you have any players that you can recommend, please email me or call at Am nikson am came from tanzania am basketball player nilikuwa naomba scolershirp ninauzoefu wa kucheza vizuri na ntimu ambayo ninayo chezea uku tanzania pazi cloub coach anaitwa everist na kama kufahamiana zaidi email yangu ni nicchar live.

Anachusi obinna — September 13, 7: Cleo Monroe — September 22, I love the game of basketball its something i love to do. Im planning to attend college an play ball, i play big and im a shooter on the wing, i can drive the lane and push it in transition, i am a all around player!! I player for San Diego High…. Waiting on my scholarship. Dashawn — September 30, 5: I love basketball and no matter how times I gewt hurt, I still keep coming back coz its my life and I will keep working hard until I make it and play with the to learn more so I can be more.

Sami Aljalaby — October 6, 2: Andrew Inskeep — October 9, 7: My Name is Andrew an ive had this dream ever since i was 5 to make it to the pros because at the moment i do not have that much money an neither does my family but my one dream is to go pro an look out for everyone that every looked out for me ive got skill but i do not know how to contact the right people an if I were to go anywhere with basketball it would make my family an my dreams come true i would bust into tears because basketball is the thing i cherish the most because im good at other things but basketball is the one thing that i truly know if i talk to the right people i will go some where an fulfill my dreams.

Riley Emerton — October 12, 2: I want to play college basketball but i need to know how i can do that from over here? Nawras Al kurdi — October 12, 5: Otega Mudiare — October 23, 3: My name is otega mudiare and i wish to apply for scolarship in th U. S to enhance my basketball skills. I am a young Nigerian with great talent not only in the game but in academics. Fritz Maxi — October 29, 6: Hi…am victor zephania from Tanzania, i wil be happy if i wil get sponsorship to join one among your baskekball colleges coz i like the game and i knw i wil do the best if iwil get support from u…am at Makumira high school and my age is 19….

Egbuaba Nnamdi — November 4, 8: Am a talented young player with strenght speed and shooting accuracy, looking schoolarship to play and study abroad. Am in high school so i would like a transfer to any high school in abroad. Thanks am most grateful for giving me a chance to share my dreams with you. Rashaun Pope — December 10, Keith Brown — December 11, 5: The Salisbury School, Salisbury Maryland has hosted four international player for the past four years.

He have very high academic standards and must speak fluent English. We will provide a host family and looking for a player entering Junior year of high school for season. Peter Wainaina — December 13, I love basket ball as a sport and as a career. Plz help make my dream true. Ugboma Nnamdi — December 15, 7: I have been playing the game for four 4 years now and would like to continue playing.

I play forward and guard,i am a very good perimeter shooter and i try very hard in rebounding and also very good on free throws. I think i am really good for some one of my age. I will really be proud if i am picked for a basketball scholarship to a university were i can also study medicine. Thanks for the great info , great tips.

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Hopefully my brother will get the scholarship and i will really thanks to you. Am from Nigeria,Is thr any help u can render. U can pls mail me. Lambo Alabama — February 2, My Name is Ebuka am from Nigeria am 6ft7 weight I need a good coach to tran me.

Monarch grad Peyton Carter living the dream with CU women's basketball

My Number , I just want to do something that I know through training and practice I can be really good at it. Austin Samuels Etido — April 13, 6: Yasser Tsikhlakis — April 13, 4: Iam 15 years old 6. I am currently attending the International Baccaleaureat system I am an above average student. Please let me know what chances do I have to fullfill my dream through a scholarship Awaiting your reply. College Essay Examples — April 26, 1: We already have kids signed that are freshmen in high school…. The media, friends, family, and potential college coaches are all monitoring these streams now.

This is a great way to get your name out there…. To the best of my knowledge i must respect my God first. Pls coach ,sir , madam i great you in the name of our Almighty God who looks and cater for us all, Glory and thanks be unto his name. Sir, madam, i am young and energetic man of 21 yrs old,6. By the end thought of my content u will do it or help me with this.

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But there is one big fact and task before me , which i must look forward and achieve in life for future reason and as my career or profession. I have played basketball in college , communities, zone and finally Region in Ghana , which i have received many certificate form this games i have played. Here i finally state and look forward from u pls help me.

It takes a minute , hours , day , to know our God or helper or savior in life. Opportunity appear in ounce. Looking forward to hear from u. Pls i want 2knw hw i cud acquire a basketball schlorship 2any of the catholic schools in d states, or if u cud refer me 2any 1 which is recruiting bb players across d globe.

Am 16yrs of age, 6. Duaij Al Alttawi — May 25, 4: I really need your help to get a scholarship in one of a College or school in USA. I am a very good player and got a great talent an iam ready to prove it to u, just i need the chance. Thank you for your usual support. I am currently transitioning from middle to highschool and am wondering what I should do to be able to draw attention I have this summer and next 4 years and am currently playing PAL aau basketball and played for my middle school 2 county titles but I dont think that is enough, what else should i be doing to draw attention.

Malcolm Orgeron — June 23, We were state champs and National Christian Champs this past year. We are looking for some foreign exchange students that play basketball. Please contact me at CoachOrgeron aol. I play basketball in and i need some help in getting a scholarship as i am also working 2 wards that. I am 6ft4 in height and i play the guard positions. I also attended Ejike Ugboaja NBA DRAFT camp ,,, and on invitation which i was giving the most improve player for camp at Zaria city, Kaduna state where foreign guest were present at the camp. I am interested in a good school with a good basketball program-me.

I will be honored if i could be a part of your great basketball program-me through the help of the scholarship or some financial aid. I humbly await your reply. Devin Tapps — June 30, My name is Devin Tapps and I am going to be a senior this upcoming year. I am a point guard and shooting guard. Not only am I a leader but I love the game and study it. In addition I am a hardworker.

Please contact me at ggtapps hotmail. Ayodele Rotimi — July 3, Vladimir Kitanovski — July 6, 7: Hello im vladimir im 14 years old and im from macedonia i can play ever posision possible in basketball my e-mail is vladimir yahoo. Meson Dorzier — July 14, 2: Well i logve basketball and i trained almost everyday. Maarten but on St. Maarten have allot of young ballers willing to be on tv. Maarten or in the States. So please replied back. If you have any chance to visit St. Alvin Nyangweso — July 24, 6: A and am from kenya bt i dont get desparate, life is made where an opportunity occurs.

With all this i believe that one day i will gt that scholarship that i want,and wen i finally gt it theaz no stopping me.. See u guyz in the NBA. Phelan — August 8, I play every sport. Here is an idea of how athletic. I played Baseball for 5 year straight. I was a pitcher and an outfielder. I play a little soccer. I went to States for meters, in 7th grade. I love to run. My fastest time for a mile is around 5: In 6th grade, I beat the mile run record by 1.

The record was 6: Watch it, play it and more. To be honest, on the court, I get nervous, but I come through. Teamwork is the name of the game that I play. Some day, i would love to be an NBA star. I think what inspired me was someone called Michael Jordan. I listen, read and memorize his quotes. However, what gave me the confidence to write this, happened the week of July 25th of this year. The first day of Camp at Roger Williams College. The Camp name is Mike Tully. The 1st game we had as a team was in the afternoon.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, we were down 14 points. I was in for the 4th quarter. As soon as our team got the defensive rebound, I was down court, waiting for the ball. Half way through, I had scored about 4, and Brian Murphy scored about 3. We were down 7. Until that whistle went off, we stopped. I knew I had scored a lot, but to my surprise, I had just made enough in the last 5 minutes. However, all of my friends were on the team that went to the championship.

Back to my writing, I have a signed letter from Elie Wiesel. If you had never heard of him, he is a Holocaust survivor who has written 57 inspirational books. I wrote to him, and he took his own time to write a letter specifically to me.

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My teacher was the inspiration there. Hi,Iam 20 years old and i am currently in university but i would like to get a basketball scholarship in any American college or university. I would like to get a basketball scolarship in the United States. Hailey Atkins — August 22, I really do want to play in college. Basketball has always been my dream and I love to play it.

I am a great athlete playing a sport each season, volleyball, basketball and softball and along keeping up with my school. I do good in school with a 3. I want this more than anything but I really do need to work hard and become a great and successful player. I really would love to get and scholarship to play basketball. That is my biggest goal in life.

I have been playing since 1st grade. In 4th grade I had the chance to play on my 6th grade middle school team due to the shortage of players and I did hold my own against them. In 6th grade I made the Varsity 8th grade team and was the smallest one out there again but I did hold my own and kept a great attitude. I play varsity 8th grade all the way through middle school. I am a team player who cares about teamwork.

5 Actionable Tips to Playing Basketball Overseas

When it comes to basketball season I get soooo pumped up and ready and wished it was year round. I just now that I want to go far in life for basketball. And study health sciences to hopefully become a physical therapist and eventually go on to Med. But I would love to play pro. Matthew Egan — August 25, 4: I read that many of the great basketball professionals contributed 10, hours of basketball experience before they went professional.

You really have to have talent, skill, but most importantly a passion. The love of basketball has to be natural. Good luck to all of the aspiring players. I just pray that GOD listens to our cry one day! Izuchukwu Onyedum — September 2, I need to a basketball scholarship. I need who i can talk to. Am a 19 years old power forward. I need who i can talk to or to but me through…. A and i am realy interesting in playing basketball…. Jasmine Walker — September 8, Basketball is my game Im a post player but has the fundamentals to play other positions.

I would like to earn a scholarship and be a team player on your team!! Abalum Chukwuebuka — September 8, 1: Abenezer Abebe — September 10, 1: Sulemani Hassan — September 12, 3: I am a student in a certain high school in Kenya. I am really good at basketball and I would really like if I could get an opportunity to show my skills. Hi I am currently looking somewhere to play ball well get a scholarship. I am chinedu from nigeria I am looking for a basketball club I love playing it and I will love to sew the world what I have in my I will be heppy if u can help me sir thank u.

Abalum Chukwuebuka — September 16, 1: Awosika-olumo Morounfayo — September 19, 5: Arnold Amecha — September 20, 2: Demetrius Simmons — September 22, 1: Ekasere — September 22, 6: Am 16 years of age. Am very tail i will like to play bball for any term to help my future. David Smith — September 23, 7: All American Basketball Academy need players to study in U. Gerald Hamilton — September 29, 8: RYD has a program that helps international kids get into schools in the U. Take a look at my website http: Send us your information and we will see if we will be able to help.

Please i promise i would never let you down as you grant me a scholarship. Thank you for honouring my request. Ian Rawlins — October 15, 5: My names are Nnagbo emmanuel chuks, am from Nigeria. A or any country. I have played basket ball for almost 6yrs as a game i love and have it at heart. Basket Academy — November 2, Anointing azubuike — November 3, 8: I am in middle school and I figured this is now the time to get noticed, and I was wondering if you have any tips for a ball player like me. Ngige Gatambuki — November 23, 4: Hallo, I am high school student in Pioneer school in Kenya 17 years old.

I play basketball for the school as a small forward i am 6. I am based in Kenya and also take part in tournament at home like slum jam sponsored by sprite plz give me the chance to show you how good i am thankyou.

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Iam from Cameroon in Africa. I took basket ball as my second religion but due to some circumstances i find it very difficult couping wiith the game have to zork to buy balls shoes and worst of all no coach. For now i beleive you people will help me out for all i dream of every is to arise and shine like the NBA super stars: Hello I live in chicago IL and the area I live has rareley you get to play basketball my high school does not have a team. I have been playing in small leages and goin to many player development camps.


I have a great 3 point jump shot and can assist very well. I can post up a few times and can finish in a fast break. I am 17 6 foot 1 and pouds. I have been working out vigorusly and have been getting my body in shap have been working out for 7 hours for a wile.

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I have been going to player development camps and working on my game day-in day-out. I would love a scholarship to take my game to the next level a year ago I was pounds and dropped it to and got muscel tone speed and athletic ability I have went to the Prep all stars camp Player development camps with the bulls. But I still have no were to play if I had a place to play I could unleash my full potential. Please help me take my game to the next level my E-mail address is nbata aol.

Namory Bagayoko — December 2, 6: I played for qcunited AAU team in summer and Team quebec this past summer. I am 15 years old in year I love basketball and in a team right now. I also play for my school. I am looking for a scholarship for season. I will forward my article later. Hey very cool website!! Ariana Perales — December 15, 2: U have to have the guts to speak up say whats right and tell people to stop, be agressive all the time so u will become a better player…MVP!! Also i live in gobles!!! Dont let the guys ruin your population, your reputation, your agressiveness, and your skils away from you because they say girls cant play, but us girls can play..

Am 15,plays as a point guard,6: Mureeba Ronnie — December 31, 8: Carey Achee — January 3, 3: Larae Valrey — January 4, 3: Seriously wonderful designing in addition to wonderful material, nothing in addition we end up needing. Ariana Perales — January 5, 2: Epic Sports — January 11, Put yourself in a better position to play college sports on scholarship by using the tips to getting recruited in Epic Sports, Inc.

Onifade tunmise — January 14, 5: Onifade tunmise — January 14, 6: Send me a email at dashawnyoung84 yahoo. My dream is someday to play for a America team. Nelson Monyenye — January 17, 8: Ayeni timi Joshua — January 19, 2: Im currently only in Jr. High and im already excited for college ball. Whether i get a scholarship or not i plan on trying out for multiple teams as in; Michigan, Michigan State, Uconn, Kentucky, Xavier etc.

I work hard everyday and in the summer. If i have an oppurtunity at a travel team or basketball camp and it collides with my vacation.. My son is 16 years old, he love to play basketball, he was playing to the high school before we moved to the new school, and he tried out and the coach did not let him in, because they have enough player, so i was wondering how can I get him involved?

I have two boys that a love basketball. My oldest is 17 and my youngest is His lowest points for a game was 18 and that only happened once. His average for points is from a game. He won All county and MVP. My 17 yr old is know for his good passes.. When they are on the court together there is no stopping them.

I am looking for a camp to send them to so they can improve their talents. I have told them not every player walks from a game with the most points.. Charles Carrington — January 29, My name charles carrington yes im white so what!!! B-Ball thats the best game ever!!! Any tips on how to move on after highschool. Like if i seriously want to play bball for living should i look at D 1,, or 3 colleges and any summer camps or AAU teams that i can get recognized? This time I was taking my study one semester left again in papua.. I used to play basketball at the point guard position, shoting guard and small foward.

West Papua is still in the Indonesian region, so now I play on one team professional league in Indonesia, I would like to continue the basketball talents and my school in America. I dream to become NBA players. I need your help to continue my studies and reach the dream become NBA players. Ayeni Timi Joshua — March 26, 9: May God be with you. Allen bennah — April 8, 2: Please,am a boy of 21years of age and i play basketball in Ghana,i stand as a guard in team. Research the foreign leagues and become familiar with the types of players that play there and schools they come from.

This can help you set realistic expectations. Teams are much more likely to give someone a basketball tryout that is already on their continent than they are to fly someone they have never heard of over for a tryout. There are some touring teams out there that are legitimate and have gotten guys exposure and jobs. There are also a lot that are complete scams. Again, a quick google search can lead you to some options. I hope these tips were helpful. The moral of the blog, get creative, become a problem solver and hustler.

Your dreams depend on it! To be notified when this webinar will take place, sign up for the email list below. Hope to see you there! Click on the button below, enter your email address and zip code. Skip to content Blog. If you have them, choose highlights from a game where you played well against a big named school or university. Keep the film to the appropriate length. No more than 3 or 4 minutes! Keep the film organized by skill.

You may love Migos, but their music might not translate to a foreign culture and is not going to get you a job…only your playing will. Include a full game tape at the end, unedited. Often, a half of a game will do. Find A Basketball Agent Do any of your former teammates or basketball-playing-friends have agents that will take you on? After her father took her to a driving range for a weekend family outing, she was instantly hooked after discovering she could hit the ball quite well. She received some lessons as she continued to develop her talent for the sport.

Her ambition to play grew and she set her goals on becoming a professional golfer. I definitely still want to it now, but I have a lot of work to do before I get there. Tamara, the 6-foot-4 forward from Maputo, Mozambique, has become a dominant force for the Miners. She ranked second in rebounding in Conference USA during the season. As the only senior on the team, she is thinking about the future as she hopes to break into the professional leagues. Kevin Baker, the new head coach of the team, says she is one of his players who has the talent to go pro.

Jakeira, a sophomore on the team, has dreamed about going pro since high school. She says the opportunities to go pro are equal for both men and women. I feel like we all have equal opportunities, it just depends on the individuals and how you want to use those opportunities. Blessing has competed in the last three Olympic games. She took home a bronze medal in the long jump in the Summer Olympics in Beijing at just 19 years old. Despite her success, she acknowledges an important issue. Female athletes often face measurable pay disparities. According to the NCAA, the probability of competing at the professional level in basketball is less for women with 0.

Also, the data collected by NCAA in shows that 18, men played college basketball compared to 16, women.