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Everything she touches seems to turn to gold. Of course, she does manage to bring Dr. Manette back into the everyday world.

A Tale of Two Cities Summary

We never doubted her for a second. Manette is a new man. Lorry as a sort of drop-in uncle. As we pick up the story in , Dr.

A Tale of Two Cities Plot Summary

Manette and Lucie have been called as witnesses in a treason case. Apparently, a young man named Charles Darnay is accused of providing classified information to the French government. English trials at the time resembled smoke-and-mirror tricks, and Dickens takes great delight in mocking the "esteemed" members of the court.

A free man, Darnay immediately realizes just how perfect our perfect Lucie actually is. He sets up shop in the Manette house, coming to visit almost every day. If Darnay is shiny and good and perfect, Carton is…not any of those things. He also likes to beat himself up a lot. What does he do? Well, he tells her precisely why she could never love him.

Darnay, meanwhile, fares a little bit better: On the day of his wedding, he tells Dr. A very particular French nobleman, as a matter of fact: Manette up in the first place. Manette is willing to love Darnay for the man he is, not the family he left behind. Things are going swimmingly in England. Darnay moves in with the Manettes, he makes a decent wage as a tutor, and Dr. Manette seems to be as happy as ever. What happened to the other city?

A Tale of Two Cities Summary

Okay, you got us. We only wish we were kidding. People are starving, the noblemen run over little children with their carriages, and everyone is pretty unhappy. Right now, Ernst Defarge and his wife are at the center of a revolutionary group.

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And they also call each other "Jacques. In France, Madame Defarge knits the story of the hated St. Barsad, the spy, brings news that Lucie will marry Darnay, the nephew of the marquis.

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  • This news disturbs Defarge, for Dr. Manette, a former prisoner of the Bastille, holds a special honor in the eyes of the revolutionists. Lucie and Darnay are married. Carton becomes a loyal friend of the family. Time passes, and tiny Lucie arrives. When the child is six years old, in the year , the French people storm the Bastille. At the Bastille, Defarge goes to the cell where Dr. Manette was a prisoner and extracts some papers hidden behind a stone in the wall.

    One day, while Darnay is talking to Mr. Darnay offers to deliver it to the proper person. When he is alone, he reads the letter. It is from an old family servant who is imprisoned by the revolutionists. He begs the Marquis St.

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    Darnay realizes that he must go to Paris. Shortly after his arrival, Darnay is seized as an undesirable immigrant after Defarge orders his arrest. Lorry is considerably upset when Lucie and Dr. Manette suddenly arrive in Paris. The old man feels that his own imprisonment in the Bastille will win the sympathy of the revolutionists and enable him to save his son-in-law. After fifteen months of waiting, Darnay is brought to trial. Because he is able to prove himself innocent of harming the French people, he is freed but forbidden to leave France.

    A short time later, he is again arrested, denounced by Defarge and one other person whose name the officer refuses to disclose. Lorry, meet a man who causes Miss Pross to scream in amazement and Jerry to stare in silent astonishment. Jerry remembers him as Barsad, the man who was a spy-witness at the Old Bailey. Barsad fears detection of his duplicity, for he is now an employee of the Republican French Government. Carton and Jerry threaten to expose him as a former spy for the English government, the enemy of France.

    Carton makes a deal with Barsad. When Darnay is once more brought before the tribunal, Defarge testifies against him and names Dr. Manette as the other accuser. Defarge produces the papers that he found in Dr. Therein the doctor wrote the story of his arrest and imprisonment because he learned of a secret crime committed by a St. His account is enough to convict Darnay. Sentenced for the crimes of his ancestors, Darnay, the young St. Carton now begins to visit the Defarge wineshop, where he learns that Madame Defarge is the sister of the woman ruined by St. With the help of the false Barsad, he gains admittance to the prison where Darnay was taken.

    There he drugs the prisoner and, still aided by the cowed Barsad, has him carried from the cell, himself remaining behind. Madame Defarge goes to the lodgings of Lucie and Dr. Manette to denounce them. Only Miss Pross is there; the others, including Darnay, are already on their way to safety.

    A Tale of Two Cities Chapter Summaries

    Madame Defarge is killed when her pistol goes off. Miss Pross is deaf for the rest of her life. Lucie and Darnay return safely to England. Carton dies at the guillotine, giving his own life for the happiness of those he loved. Search A Tale of Two Cities. A Tale of Two Cities summary key points: