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A good tactic is to wait for the boss to stop and land a few blows before he begins moving again. You have to kill him quickly; otherwise the skeletons will overwhelm you. Boss - great slime. Very fast, attacks at close range. Once it's killed it will split into three smaller ones, which also split into three upon being defeated, and so on, so kill them off thoroughly.

Remember to keep moving. Boss - a flying wizard surrounded by ghosts. A very mobile spellcaster, who'll shoot fireballs at you. Keep moving to avoid his spells.

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Ignore the ghosts and go straight for the wizard. Try to chase him down and attack, but strike only after you've made sure that he's out of spells. Boss - the same monster as in level 1, only stronger. He leaves a trail of blood, which can damage you if you step on it. Additionally, he can shoot firebolts from time to time. You have be aware of your surroundings and don't let yourself be cornered.

Boss - a fast monk. The arena for this fight is bigger then usual and full of common mobs. The monk will chase after you and throw knives at you, three at a time.

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Choose a moment to jump on him preferably just after he's thrown the knives to damage him. Additionally, you can lead him into lava streams, which will damage him every time he crosses them. When you're walking the long corridor, you can jump left at one moment, right into the room with skulls.

If you've found and written down all the fragments of the cipher, you can now destroy the skulls as suggested by the duck to unlock a secret key. It will enable you to stop the blood flowing from the boddy of the great cat, which will unlock the secret ending after the boss fight.

Final Boss - it's a great cat that attacks with a sword. He'll execute a thrust and then retreat.

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  • A good way to defeat it is to attack and the jump back. Having mastered this method, the enemy will have nothing more to surprise your. The game features many types of enemies. Most of them are slow and can be easily avoided. Even with their head popped off, they can still attack the player and notice them when facing their direction.

    They have no weapons or spells. Each added protection requires one more hit to kill them.

    Their armor can be either red, blue, or green. Only red Skellie warriors can have shields, and only blue Skellie warriors can have spears. The undertone of their bones is the color of their armor. Fire birds are teal birds with red caps and green capes. They can be killed with one hit, move at slow speed, and can kill themselves. When they notice the player, they pause for one second to cast a spell. This cannot be cancelled by moving out of their line of sight. The spell they cast causes two fire balls to shoot in the player's direction, which then detonate and stay lit for about two seconds.

    Walking into this fire causes any entity save bosses to lose one health point. When killed, they leave a small fire. Armored Skellie fire cats are a mixture of fire birds and armored Skellie warriors. They require three hits to be killed, and they can kill themselves. They have green helmets, a teal cape, and usually have a sword or wand. They cast two fire balls towards the player when noticed, which detonate and stay lit for about two seconds.

    Oddly when their headless body is attacked, the entire thing is killed rather than only the cape. Basic hairballs are small, blob-like cloudy grey enemies with pink flecks that inch around the map at a very slow pace. They can be killed with one hit. When killed, they release three baby hairballs. Each smaller hairball is killed with one hit. Baby hairballs are small, squeaky enemies that move very quickly. They take one hit to kill. Basic Guards are brown birds in a brown robe that have no weapons or spells. They move slowly, and can be killed for one hit point. Basic ghosts are almost identical to basic guards.

    Knife Guards are enemies whose faces are obscured by a red robe. They move very fast and can be killed with one hit. They throw knives at the player, and they can dash for four spaces and through walls. They can kill themselves by dashing into lava or other enemy projectiles. Weak Guards are green birds in a light blue robe that have no weapons or spells.

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    For each weak guard killed, one less strong guard appears at the door to the boss after the player collects the key. Strong Guards are green birds in a red robe that have no weapons or spells. They move fast and can be killed in two hits. Killing one will allow a single-use heal to spawn. They always guard the boss fight door and do not move unless they notice the player.

    They move individually, not as a unit. The first level boss is a red lava crocodile that can be killed with one hit, before it properly finishes spawning. The second level boss is a blue bird with long legs that carries around a brown sack. When in close proximity to the player, it smashes its bag down on the ground in the direction it last saw the player in. It takes it half a second to recover from this. It is very similar in looks to fire birds. The third level boss is another blue bird in a darker blue cape that is similar in looks to fire birds.

    It dashes around the boss room in a pentagram and spawns green armored Skellie warriors, basic Skellie warriors, and basic Skellies. It takes it half a second to cast the spell that spawns the Skellies. When dashing through the player, it deals damage. King Skellie is a large Skellie that sits in a throne, carried by four basic Skellies.

    Night In The Woods Demon Tower Boss Guide & Full Walkthrough - BlockHead Gaming

    He holds a golden staff and he can dash. His attacks work in the same way that basic Skellie warrior attacks do, but on a larger scale. He cannot be attacked from behind his throne, however if the player touches the back of his throne they take damage. The Mega Hairball has one health bar and when it subdivides for the first time it loses it.


    Each time it subdivides, it loses health and gains speed. A small bird skeleton briefly appears when subdividing for the first time. It appears to be shocked, then it melts into the floor and dissipates. King Fire Bird is a fire bird that's carried on a throne and is accompanied by five invulnerable ghosts. He has a pink cape, a golden L-shaped staff, and a large crown.

    He dashes around the room and casts a spell that sends out three fire balls, which detonate and light for about two seconds. His boss room is the first to have breakable vases and health vases. When he casts his spell, his eyes open wide and the player can see that they're light pink. When killed, he leaves a small fire. This boss is a more dangerous version of the first level one.

    It can move all around the room and leaves behind a two-tile thick trail of lava that damages the player if they touch it. It spews fire balls in all directions. This boss is identical to the knife guard, but it has bull horns and skinny yellow legs.