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The Ehrengraf Nostrum by Lawrence Block. The Ehrengraf Nostrum is the eighth of ten storie… More. Shelve The Ehrengraf Nostrum. The Ehrengraf Affirmation by Lawrence Block. The Ehrengraf Affirmation is the ninth of ten sto… More.


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Shelve The Ehrengraf Affirmation. The Ehrengraf Reverse by Lawrence Block. The Ehrengraf Reverse is the last of ten stories… More. Shelve The Ehrengraf Reverse.

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The Ehrengraf Settlement by Lawrence Block. Martin Ehrengraf, the criminal defense attorney w… More. Shelve The Ehrengraf Settlement. The Ehrengraf Fandango by Lawrence Block.

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The Ehrengraf Fandango is the twelfth story featu… More. After all, he's not getting any younger. His victims, on the other hand, aren't getting any older. Keller's a hit man. For years now, he's had places to go and people to kill. But enough is enough. He's got money in the bank and just one last job standing between him and retirement. A man named Nicholas Edwards lives in New Orleans renovating houses, doing honest work and making decent money at it.

Between his family and his stamp collection, all his spare time is happily accounted for. Sometimes it's hard to remember that he used to kill people for a living. Bernie occasionally makes mistakes.

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Like accepting a paid assignment from a total stranger to retrieve a particular item from a rich man's apartment. Like still being there when the cops arrive. Like having a freshly slain corpse lying in the next room, and no proof that Bernie isn't the killer. It's hard to ignore someone with his hands in your mouth. Bernie Rhodenbarr's all ears when Dr. Sheldrake, his dentist, starts complaining about his detestable, soon-to-be-ex wife, and happens to mention the valuable diamonds she keeps lying around the apartment. A collector is offering Bernie an opportunity to combine his twin passions by stealing a very rare and very bad book-length poem from a rich man's library.

Bernie Rhodenbarr doesn't generally get philosophical about his criminal career. He's good at it, it's addictively exciting—and it pays a whole lot better than pushing old tomes. He steals therefore he is, period. After appraising the worth of a rich man's library -- conveniently leaving his fingerprints everywhere in the process -- Bernie finds he's the cops' prime suspect when his client is murdered. When he's hired to pilfer a portfolio of valuable documents from a Park Avenue apartment, Bernie can hardly refuse.

Bookseller and New-Yorker-to-the-bone, Bernie Rhodenbarr rarely ventures out of Manhattan, but he's excited about the romantic getaway he has planned for himself and current lady love Lettice. Gulliver Fairborn's novel changed Bernie Rhodenbarr's life. And now Alice Cottrell, Fairborn's one-time paramour, wants him to break into a room in New York's Paddington Hotel and purloin some of the writer's very personal letters before an unscrupulous agent can sell them.

A philosophical yet practical gentleman, Bernie Rhodenbarr possesses many admirable qualities: Of course, he also has this special talent and a taste for life's finer things. Ever since The Burglar on the Prowl climbed the bestseller lists, fans have been clamoring for a new book featuring the lighthearted and lightfingered Bernie Rhodenbarr. New Modes of Marriage Amazon Nook.

Ehrengraf for the Defense

Hashtagged stories have appeared in Enough Rope ; others are uncollected. The Sins of the Fathers Author: Matthew Scudder Novels , Book 1.

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Time to Murder and Create Author: Matthew Scudder Novels , Book 2. In the Midst of Death Author: Matthew Scudder Novels , Book 3. A Stab in the Dark Author: Matthew Scudder Novels , Book 4. Eight Million Ways to Die Author: Matthew Scudder Novels , Book 5. However vile the crime, however damning the evidence, Ehrengraf knows with utter certainty that young William Telliford is innocent.

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And nothing can keep him from establishing that innocence beyond dispute. Read more Read less. Kindle Edition File Size: Lawrence Block 13 January Sold by: Amazon Australia Services, Inc.

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