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Please provide search keyword s. It conflicted with every part of the constitution, which requires the government to be formed by representatives of the people.


Hasina unveils AL manifesto promising townships in rural areas, huge jobs

The people lost their power over the government during this election. Kamal also criticised the Awami League, his old party, which had been in power for the past 10 years.

The people of this country have had to suffer. You have felt this in your bones. Our principles will be unity, integrity and lack of vengeance. This will apply not only to the people who win back their ownership over the government, but also the defeated parties, he said. The point manifesto also mentions bringing a balance of power between the president and the prime minister. It calls for a maximum limit to the tenure of a prime minister to two terms in an effort to prevent one-party rule.

We added new observations and corrected some errors. You can find all changes in the release notes. We also updated the South America Dataset to version b - consult the release notes for all additions and changes. This update comes along with a new version of the Manifesto Corpus which also contains about 50 new digitalized handwritten codings from the past. You can find all tutorials by clicking on the "Tutorials" item in the navigation bar above.

Best Paper Award Winners For the first time, we awarded a best paper award at one of our conferences: We were having major problems with our server during the last two weeks. As you can see, these are solved now. If you are still facing problems, do not hesitate to contact us via manifesto-communication wzb. This update comes along with a new version of the Manifesto Corpus. Please find the program and further information also regarding free registration for non-presenters on the Manifesto Corpus Conference website. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 2 October Please find more information in the call for papers on the Manifesto Corpus Conference website.

We also updated the South America Dataset to version a - consult the release notes for all additions and changes.

The doi link to the current version of the main dataset: Doi-links are also available for older versions of the dataset on our website. When using the new dataset, please also update the entry in your literature managment software by using the respective files on our website which also include the doi. Including the doi in the citation ensures that people can find the data and enhances the transparency of your research. We finished a new dashboard that indicates changes between different versions of the main dataset. The dashboard will not replace the release notes of the dataset, but complement them.

The dashboard allows to identify the exact changes between two versions of the dataset. It illustrates additions, removals and changes in the data.

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We always recommend to use the most recent version of the dataset. However, sometimes scholars start doing an analysis with one version of the dataset that becomes outdated while working on their research project. The dashboard facilitates to identify whether the more recent version of the dataset contains substantial changes compared to the older version and should encourage users to use more recent data even for on-going projects. The dashboard is still in a beta state. You can find it here: We added new observations, corrected errors and added some new variables.

Check out all changes in the release notes.

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We also updated our dataset on the South American countries. The prize is sponsored by the interdisciplinary research network on digital humanities Berlin. Find more details and pictures from the ceremony here. We added many new observations, corrected some errors and even added some new variables. A new resource for research on political parties and quantitative text analysis". It announces the Manifesto Corpus and illustrates potential applications for substantive research.

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It adds accessibility to the Manifesto Project's South America Dataset and several other features, which are documented in the ChangeLog. Also, the Manifesto Corpus Version was released in parallel, containing the coded manifestos for all our South America Observations. For full and easy access to these documents, manifestoR version 1.

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Only little data is currently ready and it is not worth to create a new version of the dataset. We will code some more data and bundle for an update in the first half of This update will then also include data for the UK General elections of See the job announcement on the WZB website in german or english.

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Deadline is the 12th of October. We will continue to improve the website in the future. Let us know if you have problems or comments. Citation If you use any of the data you find on this website, please cite us.