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Wings Of Sorrow Lyrics I can see how the sun leave me to the twilight Like a hand, stretched out towards the richness of night I welcome my last chapter Welcome My Last Chapter Vinterland. Our Dawn Of Glory. Still The Night Is Awake. A Castle So Crystal Clear. A lovable, dorky,hard fighting, lost memory demon. The plot is fantastic and keeps you glued to the pages.

It's your basic good vs evil but the good is ruthless and the bad is actually an innocent. If you want a fast paced thriller, horror, love story be sure to buy this. I just bought another copy to send a friend. While reading the book I couldn't help but think about Buffy's season 5, the Key and Glory. Although I suspect Iain Rob Wright was inspired by it in some aspects, his story remains highly original. As always, his caracters seem real, thanks mostly to their flaws, after all, in the our world, nobody's perfect. I particularly like the way Mr.

Wright carefully treads on the line that separates good from evil, nothing is pure black or white here but the most important is that every actions and every words make perfect sense at the end. Now, let's hope a sequel's on the way! I have only recently discovered Iain Rob Wright and must admit I have been missing out.

All of his works I have read to date have managed to hook me from the start and hold on to the last page, Wings of Sorrow is no exception. The story is a little out of my normal interest as it is a fantasy intended for young adults but I still found the story intriguing and characters well developed.

The blurred lines between good and evil kept the story moving and held my interest until the end. The 4 star rating is more based off of personal preference than anything else. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Iain's works I have read to date and will definately be reading more. I would definately recommend this author to anyone.

One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. What I liked most about this is Scarlet, most young and older women who reads Wings of sorrow can probably relate to her. The story is not the typical cheesy teenage romance stuff and not the typical good vs evil either and that makes it more interesting. It's like a more grown up and realistic, less romantic and more violent version of Buffy. Iain has done it again folks!! Each book I read gets better. Scarlet Thomas is not your ordinary teenager. These coming of age times are supposed to be delightful, exciting.

For her, with a tremendous duty, and demons watching her every move, I would say this is her most dreadful time. This will keep you on the edge of your seat. Never a dull moment in this household. See all 77 reviews.

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Perhaps, I am just too far beyond the age bracket to enjoy this story. I do think that Wright writes well, though. Like I said, his characters are great, and the concept of the story is extremely intriguing. I'm actually quite disappointed I didn't enjoy this story more because I am curious what the future installments of this story will entail. There is quite a bit of violence in this novel, so if that bothers you it doesn't bother me , you might want to be aware of that.

Why would you be reading horror if does, though, I wonder? Iain Rob Wright has a large body of work, and I have several of them that have been waiting for me to devour on my Kindle once my yearofindiewomen concludes, so I look forward to reading them. If you're a fan of YA horror, especially stuff that is supernaturally oriented with an anti-hero protagonist, you should pick this up.

It will probably be right up your alley.

Wings of Sorrow

Oct 25, Matt Hickman rated it it was amazing. For Iain's latest offering we return to Redlake. A town that readers of Wright's books will already be aware of. Let me just start by saying that at first, I was unsure whether this story would be my cup of tea. By the end of the book I was totally blown away.

We follow the story of sixteen year old Scarlet Thomas. Scarlet lives with her father, a single parent, following her mother walking out on her own family mysteriously some ten years previous. They had relocated to Redlake following her dad For Iain's latest offering we return to Redlake. They had relocated to Redlake following her dad losing his previous job in their hometown of Moseley. His insecurities in his new job had subsequently led to him becoming a workaholic, his love for his child unquestionable, but his need to provide for her greater than the time that they spent together.

Since moving to Redlake, Scarlet hadn't made many friends. Her social circle mainly consisted of her boss Mr Chester and her colleague Indy where she worked in the Little Treasures Emporium. A shop on the High Street that sold rare books and artefacts. Scarlet had once taken liking to a necklace, that her employer had sold to her with an agreement that payment would be deducted from her wages in instalments. On her way home from work one evening, Scarlet walks down by the lake and helps and finds a man on the banks; Alone, confused, naked.

This sparks the beginning of an unlikely companionship with the man that she names 'Sorrow. Not to give too much away with this, the story will contain demons, witches and a secret society called the White Order. As Scarlet's powers awaken, It unfolds nicely. Why did Scarlet's mother really disappear? Who is the real Mister Chester? The story swerves and twists right up to the finale where Scarlet has to make the ultimate decision to sacrifice one life in exchange for many.

I would have this down as a crossover between supernatural horror and fantasy. Something that I was unsure about at first, but thoroughly enjoyed. View all 3 comments. Apr 11, BookLoversLife rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've read a few of this author's other books and this is definitely different to his other works but just as good. Scarlet Thomas and her dad move to Redlake for his work and because it's a new one, her dad is working all hours. Scarlet has no friends yet but has a job in a book store, which she enjoys.

While walking home one evening by the lake, she comes across a naked man who seems to have lost his memory. For some reason she takes him home but he disappears when her dad comes home.

Wings Of Sorrow Lyrics

Next day I've read a few of this author's other books and this is definitely different to his other works but just as good. Next day she is again walking near the lake when a stranger approaches, he calls her the spark and says she needs to be destroyed. His touch burns her but the man from the night before suddenly appears and saves her. She runs to the book shop and what is revealed will change her life forever.

This was such a unique book and one I devoured. I pretty much everything about it. Loved Scarlet, she is a strong girl but also just looking to be safe and loved. Sorrow, it's the name Scarlet gives him because he can't remember his own. He is there to keep Scarlet safe and takes his job seriously!

He is a mysterious enigmatic character and I need to know more!! Then we have the "bad" guy. Gosh this dude is like the terminator cause he kept coming back and was nearly invincible! In all, this was an action packed, unique and gripping book. I am totally invested in these characters and need to know more, I need to see what happens Scarlet and Sorrow and just what is up with her mother?? In other words, I need book 2 now!!!! Nigel Patterson, what can I say!! He has such an easy voice to listen to and made for an amazing Sorrow!!

He even had a good female voice.

Soul Calibur 5 OST - Wings of Sorrow

He really brought this story to life and I hope he narrates the next. This in no way affected my thoughts. I really enjoyed reading this book: I hope there's a sequel. I was left wanting more. I want to know what happens to our characters, I know there's more there has to be. I thought it was a cute short story, even though it did take me a bit to finish, I'm in a book slump okay: There were some funny moments, I enjoyed hearing it instead of reading it, specially cus I'm in a slump, I think it helps listening to books.

Scarlet was a quiet girl, used to taking care of herself and her dad. She kept to herself, only had one friend who kind of had a crush on her. I liked reading about Scarlet, she seemed relatable, the whole thing about taking a naked stranger to yours house is questionable though. I was like " girl, what are you doing". She went from being a regular girl to having her world turn upside down.

Wings of Sorrow and Bone

There's more to her than she knows. She's not just a girl. Sorrow was a great character: Once he meets Scarlet he makes it his mission to take care of her and protect her from a crazy heartless angel. Sorrow was kind of serious and robotic but I liked him. He showed concern for Scarlet and he always showed up when she needed him. But I don't know how I feel about them being together. I totally want them too cus I love me some romance but I feel he's a bit old for her.

She's 16 and he's suppose to be middle twenties. Maybe if she was a bit older. This book was entertaining, it did have violent moments. Didn't expect those gruesome scenes.

But I really enjoyed reading this book, I hope there's more to Scarlet and Sorrow: Oct 21, Jennifer Tyler rated it really liked it. Not very experienced at writing reviews but as I received this book from the author to read and point out typos etc before publishing I feel I should attempt to write a review The book focuses on a young girl caught up in a battle between good and evil and magic.

I found it easy to read and it held my attention. I managed to read the book in 24 hours..


No easy task when you work 36 hours and have 3 children and I enjoyed the read. I have read other people's reviews on books I was enjoying and Not very experienced at writing reviews but as I received this book from the author to read and point out typos etc before publishing I feel I should attempt to write a review The book focuses on a young girl caught up in a battle between good and evil and magic. I have read other people's reviews on books I was enjoying and it has put me off reading them so I am not going to wax lyrical and rant. The book appears to be written more for a young adult audience.

I have a 13 year old girl who I would allow to read this book. It has themes of the obvious good vs evil and challenges the perspective of what classified as good and evil. Single parent families, mother abandonment, relationships and finding friendships in unusual circumstances.

There is violence in the book but not graphic in the slightest and it is essential to the plot line I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 as I very rarely give a book 5 stars.. To obtain this level from me it has to be a book with an exceptional and unique plotline. To me 5 stars indicates I will never read anything better and I am 36 so hopefully I will be reading a lot more books in my lifetime I am a big fan on Iain Rob Wright and I am looking forward to the sequel to this book. Keep up the good work Iain Oct 20, Jennifer Tooker rated it really liked it.

Full disclosure, I was provided with a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. I read Seasick for the first time a few years back and have been hooked ever since. His newest offering is quite the departure from his previous works, but definitely worth the read! This is a YA Adventure of Scarlet, a 16 year old girl who recently moved to a new town with no friends to speak of, a dad who loves her and a Full disclosure, I was provided with a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is a YA Adventure of Scarlet, a 16 year old girl who recently moved to a new town with no friends to speak of, a dad who loves her and a mom who She happens upon a naked stranger by the lake on the way home from work one day and in an instant her life changes. As it turns out, the stranger was sent to protect her since she is destined to bring on the end of the world. In this not so classic tale of Good v. Evil the battle lines are drawn and definitely blurred. On one side there is the Saint On the other side, there is Sorrow Enter the White Order..

Add in a perverted co-worker, and an employer who knows a tad more than he lets on and you've got all the makings for the start of a great adventure. This book definitely was over too soon and I am on pins an needles waiting for the next instalment.

I trust you will be too. Oct 20, Su Ann rated it it was amazing. Forgot how the really good ones could scare the bejeezus out of me. This one is really good! I have always maintained that anyone can write "fantasy" novels, but a good writer can make you believe what he has written.