Manual Year by Year in the Rock Era

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These bands began to be labelled punk rock and are now often seen as proto-punk or proto- hard rock. Rock Music from its Beginnings to the mids Abingdon: Brewer, "Bass Guitar", in Shepherd, , p. Mattingly, "Drum Set", in Shepherd, , p.

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Number One Song of the Year:

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End of a rock era: The year when legends took an exit

Running with the Devil: Find more about Rock music at Wikipedia's sister projects. Alternative rock Rap rock Trop rock. Stoner rock Sufi rock Viking rock. Active rock Adult album alternative Album-oriented rock Classic rock Mainstream rock Modern rock Progressive rock radio format. Rock music by country.

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Electronics in rock music. Electronic music Rock music. Lyrics National Socialist black metal Poseur Unblack metal. Poseur Punk ideologies Punk subculture includes section on hardcore Straight edge Youth crew. Funk metal Nu metal Nu metalcore List of rap rock bands.

Rock music

Prince and Bowie both became well-known for their collaborations. Kanye West may be the closest contemporary parallel, Cateforis said, with the rapper pursuing his vision by bringing in other musicians. Among their most lasting legacies, Bowie and Prince were both fluid in their conceptions of masculinity. Each at least suggested an openness to gay relationships and designed outlandish outfits that smashed through gender barriers. End of a rock era: The year when legends took an exit The past year -- so momentous on the political front -- also marks a symbolic turning point for rock, with a generation of musical elders starting to exit the stage.

Dec 23, British pop star David Bowie passed away on January 10, Canadian singer and poet Leonard Cohen passed away on November 7, Prince died on April 21, Nepal, China begin joint military exercises.